Why are there so many women Prophets?

Have you wondered why there are so many females that are being gifted with the gift of prophecy instead of men right now? It is very prevalent right now in this season. There is a reason for this, pay attention men! Women naturally desire deep intimate relationships. They also crave men that bring forth Godly vision and order (through love) into the relationship.

The Lord LOVES this desire for a deep intimate relationship. Because women are seeking this deep intimate relationship earnestly, he is pouring out his spirit to them in abundance.

It is good for us as men to begin earnestly turning our hearts to have this same if not deeper relationship with the Lord. Not to study the word for mere context of the knowledge of God, but earnestly placing our desire in him to be the Lord of our lives. To literally recognize that even as a man, that you are the bride of Christ (Isaiah 54:5). That YOU as a man are not the provider of your home, that The Lord alone is the provider of your home. To humble yourself and submit yourself fully to his desire of mercy and acknowledgment (Hosea 6:6).

Do these things and see The Lord pour his spirit upon you man of God. See him pour out prophecy and reveal to you great and unknowable things (Jeremiah 33:3).


Pastor’s Joshua and Mandy Kenny-Greenwood


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