What will it take for you to receive?

North Korea has successfully detonated a hydrogen nuclear bomb. What will it take for you to listen and receive? For years the Lord has prophetically warned you of unparalleled calamity coming to the Earth. A time when all believers will experience great tribulation. He allowed you to be warned of the threat of artificial machine intelligence and gave you proof of its destructive capabilities – hardly any Church Leaders wanted to listen. He warned you that he was removing organic life from the planet Earth and gave you proof – hardly anyone wanted to listen nor shared the warning. He warned you of our Government destroying our religious freedom and accepting Gay marriage – the majority did not care. He gives you prophetic direction to designated places of refuge – most Pastors would reject this message. He provided you with empirical proof of prophetic words being given and fulfilled – not a single pastor shared the message when it originally posted. As it is, he gives you a message of instruction today regarding the greatest of all gifts he has given you: Love and how to hone it perfectly so you may live in the days of calamity. Listen to this instruction HERE!

To those saints that hear the voice, you know that calamity is coming. These are the birth pains of the first steps of calamity. It will get severely worse. Be reminded that Satan’s time is very short. His place among the heavens with his cursed angels are nearing it’s final conclusion. The moment of him being cast out by Michael for his insubordination, his lying divination Jezebel spirit is nearly upon us. When he is cast out, he will unleash his wrath upon the saints and those the Lord has chosen. This is why the evacuation orders are given to those places of refuge (listen to that recording to get that message). Be of a heart of courage fellow believer! The Day of the return of our Great King is nearly upon us! Those of you that stand by your testimony in the face of annihilation and death are promised resurrection and the power to reign with Christ as Holy Priests. This is true! Hold onto this word! The power of the second death has no power over you! To those that reject this message, I pray the Lord has mercy upon you in these moments. That he leads you to the place of revelation so you can live and cast the light of Christ in these dark moments. Do not harden your heart to this word. Listen to it and accept its instruction so that you may live in the time of calamity coming. 

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Lord send forth joy to your those that fear you today. Let them be at peace in their spirits as you prepare their households for the future.

Sincerely, Joshua Kenny-Greenwood as acting Sr. Pastor of the Empowerment Center Church


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