What is a Corporation Sole?


The Corporation Sole is the least talked about yet most powerful way a Church can organize their finances uder current Federal Law. Even though the History of the Corporation Sole shows that it is Christianity’s oldest form of a Church organizing its finances and is fully recognized in both Federal and State law, it is unfortuntely not taught about in a single solitary law school, theology school or bible college here in America. This extreme lack of knowledge of the Corporation Sole’s proper uses has led to both widespread misinformation about its intended purpose and has influenced unscrupulous individuals to peddle it as a tax shelter to hide a persons individual income tax liability.


Before we discuss what the Corporation Sole is, lets first discuss what it isn’t. A Corporation Sole is NEITHER YOUR CHURCH NOR YOUR MINISTRY. It is nothing more than incorporated office position within a Church that manages ALL of the Churches financial assets and acts as a natural person in all Church business related transactions. It literally acts as the Treasurer and Trustee for the Churches financial activities.

Notice that we said that the Corporation Sole is an incorporated office WITHIN a Church and NOT the Church itself. This is a very small but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT technical legal detail that allows for the Church itself to remain immune to the dreadful 501c3 law and restrictions.

How is this possible you ask? Its because before we help a ministry establish a Corporation Sole, we first make sure that ministry have lawfully established its Church through the use of a Church Establishment Affidavit. We DO NOT advise ANY Church to get itself either incorporated or seek the assistance of a so called, ’508 religious trust’. If a Church either incorporates itself or ends up getting a ‘religious trust’, the Church ENTIRELY comes underneath the jurisdiction of 501c3. This is due to the fact that 501c3’s legal jurisdiction is only limited to: Certain Trusts, Incorporations, Community Chests, Funds and Foundations for religious organizations NOT CHURCHES. A Church that has been established properly through an unincorporated Church Establishment Affidavit is NOT underneath 501c3’s jurisdiction, it is rather under a much better MANDATORILY tax exempted Federal law called 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a). This law of  26 USC 508(c)(1)(a) provides a mandatory tax exemption to the Church itself without any political restrictions or pre-conditions whatsoever. Only the Corporation Sole itself is underneath the law of 501c3 (because it is incorporated) and NOT the Church. This allows the Church itself (which is organized under the Church Establishment Affidavit) to have the religious freedom of speech it needs to influence any form of public policy. This means that a Church properly established with this affidavit CAN influence politics, put out political propaganda, lobby congress and tell their congregation members who to vote for or against ANY candidate running for political office. It also allows the Church to become immune to both city permit requirements for feeding the homeless and recently introduced Gender Identity Laws that are solely limited to incorporated entities. Since the Church itself as a whole is not incorporated, the Church is now immune to ALL of the restrictions that currently plague every other incorporated religious organization.

If every Church had a Corporation Sole, we Christians could easily tip the political scales in our favor overnight here in America. It would be a Kingdom Shift from darkness to light.

This is also just the beginning, now lets discuss the Benefits of the Corporation Sole!

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