Washington Corporation Sole

Washington Corporation SoleThe Following is Washington’s Code of Laws regarding the formation of a Corporation Sole in the State of Washington.

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Pursuant too: RCW 24.12.005 Effective August 1, 2009, a corporation sole may not be formed or incorporated under this chapter.

RCW 24.12.010

Corporations sole — church and religious societies

Any person, being the bishop, overseer, or presiding elder of any church or religious denomination in this state, may, in conformity with the constitution, canons, rules, regulations, or discipline of such church or denomination, become a corporation sole, in the manner prescribed in this chapter, as nearly as may be; and, thereupon, said bishop, overseer, or presiding elder, as the case may be, together with his or her successors in office or position, by his or her official designation, shall be held and deemed to be a body corporate, with all the rights and powers prescribed in the case of corporations aggregate; and with all the privileges provided by law for religious corporations.

[2011 c 336 § 671; 1915 c 79 § 1; RRS § 3884.]

RCW 24.12.030
Filing articles — Property held in trust.

Articles of incorporation shall be filed in like manner as provided by law for corporations aggregate, and therein shall be set forth the facts authorizing such incorporation, and declare the manner in which any vacancy occurring in the incumbency of such bishop, overseer, or presiding elder, as the case may be, is required by the constitution, canons, rules, regulations, or discipline of such church or denomination to be filled, which statement shall be verified by affidavit, and for proof of the appointment or election of such bishop, overseer, or presiding elder, as the case may be, or any succeeding incumbent of such corporation, it shall be sufficient to file with the secretary of state the original or a copy of his or her commission, or certificate, or letters of election or appointment, duly attested: PROVIDED, All property held in such official capacity by such bishop, overseer, or presiding elder, as the case may be, shall be in trust for the use, purpose, benefit, and behoof of his or her religious denomination, society, or church.

[2011 c 336 § 672; 1981 c 302 § 10; 1915 c 79 § 3; RRS § 3886.]

RCW 24.12.051
Notice of annual report requirement — Rules.

(1) Not less than thirty days prior to a corporation sole’s renewal date, the secretary of state shall send to each corporation sole, by postal or electronic mail, as elected by the corporation sole, addressed to its registered office, or to an electronic address designated by the corporation sole, in a record retained by the secretary of state, a notice that its annual report must be filed as required by this chapter, and stating that if it fails to file its annual report it shall be dissolved or its certificate of authority revoked, as the case may be. Failure of the secretary of state to send the notice does not relieve a corporation sole from its obligation to file the annual reports required by this chapter. The option to receive the notice provided under this section by electronic mail may be selected only when the secretary of state makes the option available.

(2)(a) The report of a corporation sole shall be delivered to the secretary of state on an annual renewal date as the secretary of state may establish. The secretary of state may adopt rules to establish biennial reporting dates and to stagger reporting dates.

(b) If the secretary of state finds that the report substantially conforms to the requirements of this chapter, the secretary of state shall file that report.

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