Vision from the Lord

I sent this email to the Pastors today and for acknowledging the Lord, I will send it to you as well. The Lord actually shows me everything. Even down to the schematics of things to see how each piece is engineered, put together and more. He is truly wondrous! Here is the message I just put out:

The Lord desires acknowledgment in all things – even rather than burnt offerings! Therefor, I will acknowledge him with a vision he gave me today regarding the future and technology. So that when this comes to pass, all acknowledgment will go to him and man will be incapable of retaining any glory for himself. For the Lord alone gets the credit for all innovation and inspiration.

Here is the vision: He showed me a vision of the future where people would upload BitTorrents of complex medicines for future 3D printers. That these torrents will be easily downloadable by the populace and contain the precise formulas for extremely important prescription drugs and medicines. When the person downloads the formulas for the drugs/medicines, they can simply upload them into specially engineered 3D printers that will create these medicines instantly for the end user. The 3D printers would be designed to fabricate these drugs by arranging the elements into their necessary molecular structures so that the pill or medicine would be both ingestible and potent as medicinally prescribed. Security firms will make money by creating firewalls on the printers so that when the data is uploaded into the printer, a special algorithm will be placed within the printer that reads the molecular structure of the drug you are trying to print, it will authenticate it so that it cannot be printed without the authorization of a valid prescription being verified by the machine and the licensed prescriber. He also showed me that companies will specialize in harvesting, packaging and distributing the basic materials and elements needed to construct the medicines for these printers. It will be a huge and extremely financially lucrative industry for those that secure their place in it first. Just like companies sell ink cartridges for current printers, these companies will ship cartridges filled with elements necessary to print these medicines from the specialized 3D printers. This has not been done before on any form of mass scale as the Lord showed me today, so know this in advance so that all acknowledgment will come to the Lord.

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