The Great Revival

God has begun the process of separating his saints from the fakers. He is setting apart the righteous remnant of Christian leaders that still revere and call upon his name. He is going to unleash his spirit of revival into those Churches. Prepare to see full measures of healing’s, miracles, signs, wonders, prophecy being spoken and fulfilled, faith and every gift of the spirit unleashed. It will be such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that it will supersede the day of Pentecost in it’s intensity. And the people will clearly see and witness the differences between the traditional, ‘seeker friendly churches’, that are nothing more than adult day care centers that have a form of Godliness but deny its power (2nd Timothy 3:5). In this message, we demonstrate the differences between these two types of Churches, the Great Revival and the coming Great Time of Hardship (that is VERY soon upon us).

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By, The Empowerment Center and Google

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