Testimony Regarding a Place of Refuge

I have a quick testimony regarding the recent prayer request I sent to members of my prayer team. There are events surrounding this prayer request that make it exceptionally important in nature. Let me testify:

Nearly a year or so ago my wife Mandy prophesied to a fellow member of our prayer team named Scott Cavin. The prophesy spoke of him handing out boxes of food to the survivors of a great moment of calamity. For him to expect the unexpected. Brother Scott Cavin lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is a brother in Christ I have personally known for nearly 12 years. Recently within the last several months, The Holy Spirit prophetically revealed to me that brother Scott Cavin was chosen by The Lord to lead a place of refuge in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is only one of six places of refuge that the Lord has designated thus far. He showed me that this particular place of refuge would be extremely important in the days ahead. That it would house a revival that would touch millions of people on the East Coast of The United States during the time of great calamity. The Lord also showed Scott a vision of this revival and place of refuge several years ago. He called it, “The Big Ten Revival”. The Lord even showed Scott the physical location of this revival. During a recent prayer gathering of fellow men of God praying over the future facility, Scott was shown a vision from the Holy Spirit of him distributing food and while distributing boxes of food, the food miraculously reconstituted itself (like Jesus with the loaves and the fishes). Part of my message to brother Scott is that while the season remains during this time of calamity, the food they have at these places of refuge will NEVER run dry. They will constantly have food and water during this season for all that come. God then gives brother Scott a word, that every breakthrough that takes place will come through him living on faith in walking in the direction of this Big Ten Revival. As I can testify myself, living 100% off of faith in a direction The Lord gives you is NOT easy in this day and age we live in. Brother Scott needs constant encouragement and to be lifted up in the spirit because the assignment he has been given and the gravity of the millions it will touch.

Now, comes a man named Michael Adcock. He is a former associate I have known for nearly as long as I have known brother Scott Cavin. He too is a Christian brother and nearly 2 years ago he received a similar prophetic word. The Lord showed me that before he leaves this Earth that he too will be passing out boxes of food to the survivors of the great calamity that is coming to our nation. Michael Adcock just so happens to live in South Carolina as well (he lives in Greenville, SC). During the past year brother Adcock has been listening the Holy Spirit prophetic words being spoken here at The Empowerment Center. Like yourself, he has first hand heard the words and like you seen them come to pass. This has given him great faith.

Here comes Scott Edwards (whom we all prayed about). Brother Scott Edwards is Michael Adcocks pastor. They have a small home Church in Greenville, South Carolina. For nearly two years, the Holy Spirit has led brother Edwards to fill up the Churches storehouse. To that end, they have gathered nearly $50,000 worth of food and supplies. Boxes upon boxes of food. Then the Holy Spirit gives Scott a command, to stay in his home and continue ministering (even while the Lord shows him that his personal business will dry up). This places brother Edwards in a direct path of foreclosure. instead of using a variety of legal remedies to stall the impending sale of the home, the Holy Spirit orders him not too. Still faithful, he stands his ground. I have been ministering privately to all three of these men for the last several months with encouragement and testifying to them. Apart of my message to brother Edwards was that the Lord showed me that the boxes of food and supplies needed to make their way to brother Scott Cavin to fill up the storehouse for the designated place of refuge there in South Carolina. Now, nearly two weeks ago a private investor buys brother Scott Edwards home in a foreclosure sale and gives brother Edwards less than 2 weeks to vacate the home. With less than 24 hours left in order to be out of the home, this is when I called upon the prayer team to pray and deliver a prophetic word. I was on a mountain top praying for this when I wrote you and emailed you. I absolutely believed the Lord would deliver a much needed message of faith to brother Edwards during this critical moment (because as of that moment, brother Edwards was still faithful and had not packed a single box of food yet – even with less than 24 hours to go).

When I sent that message, The Holy Spirit used fellow Overseer and prophetess sister Anita Charles to deliver the critical prophetic word of instruction to brother Edwards (it should be noted that Anita and her husband Dennis Charles are one of the Bishops the Lord has chosen to house a place of refuge as well).  The word spoken by sister Charles immediately brought order, clarity and instruction to Scott Edwards. Through that word, he immediately began to box everything up. Now, a second email came across from another prophetic member of the prayer team named Riley Brown. He heard the Lord speak and say that the food and storehouse needed to be placed into storage. This word also proved to be directly from the Holy Spirit.

During these moments, I had been unable to reach brother Scott Cavin (the brother in charge of the place of refuge). I had previously (and unsuccessfully up to that point) tried to get both Scotts to come together. Last night, night I was unsettled about them not getting together. I went out and walked my property to pray. The Lord told me that he was working with Scott Cavin and to not be unsettled about the situation. I come back from praying and sit down on my front porch and I receive a Facebook message from brother Michael Adcock that simply reads: “We are moving everything right now, and Scott, my son, and Me are going to Myrtle Beach.” I replied, with “call me”. After speaking with Michael Adcock on the phone, I learned that right after sister Anita Charles released the word of instruction to brother Scott Edwards, that unbeknownst to me that Scott Cavin had contacted brother Edwards and had arranged for a storage facility for the food and supplies to be delivered to brother Cavin for the place of refuge! Literally, RIGHT NOW brother Scott Edwards, Michael Adcock and his son Michael Stanley are in route to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to meet up with brother Scott Cavin to deliver that necessary food to brother Scott Cavin! This is GOOD! It cannot be overstated how immensely important this is. The Lord himself showed me the great calamity in detail. This place of refuge on the East Coast is one of great importance because the sheer number of souls that will be touched in those days ahead. This is a testimony to the providence of our great King. These men, faithful to the end, that had spent years and spent huge amounts of financial resources showed their obedience to the Lord during the most difficult moments of their lives. Risking all and without compromising they are obedient to the end. For this, I ask you cover all these men with prayers of protection, favor, encouragement and breakthrough. I believe in the fullness of the Lord. That The Lord WILL supernaturally provide for brother Scott Edwards and his family for their faithfulness during this time of transition. I tell you truthfully, that even among the majority of our Pastors, I have rarely seen another man truly walk out on faith as brother Scott Edwards has in these moments. Lord, reward that faithfulness and agree with me and believe the Lord WILL increase his territory and provide the PERFECT home for brother Edwards and his wife Norma. Lord, set them apart, protect them, and give them every need they could have! The Lord rewards the diligent! Hebrews 11:6

Let us also lift up brother Scott Cavin. For the immense privilege of being trusted but the Lord to lead a place of refuge such as this. The responsibility of Overseeing the sacred food that is being delivered to him today. That the Lord does everything that he has spoken. Cover brother Cavin’s family in prayer for protection and an increase of faith and prophecy. They are protected, set apart and have every need met during this season.

Then, I would like us to pray for brother Michael Adcock, his family and his son Michael Stanley. The Lord showed me that young Michael Stanley was anointed to become a Leader within the Body of Christ and will soon be an Elder within the House of God during the days of calamity. That is a word!

Cover these men in prayer saints. There are untold millions of people that will come to the Lord because of the events that are transpiring right now. We rebuke and bind any and every assignment of the enemy. The Lord rebukes all plans the enemy would have to seek to delay or destroy the sovereign work of the Lord during these moments and the moments in the future concerning this place of refuge.

Saints, it was important that you knew how critical these events are and WHY I earnestly ask everyone to pray for brother Edwards. 

The King is making his way known! Praise solely be to the name Jesus alone, let his name be praised forever and ever! He alone is WORTHY! 


Pastor Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and ChurchFreedom.org and TestimonyToday.org and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Church Overseer.


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