Bacteria is unstoppable – the 20th Prophetic Confirmation Given to The Church

Sometime in 2013 I was taken in the spirit to Heaven and was allowed to observe and witness The Lord of all the Earth. Nearly 19 months ago I shared a part of my prophetic testimony regarding this event on youtube which you can listen to here. Apart of what I observed was the living cell (what you and I refer to as bacteria). The Lord showed me that the living cell (bacteria) were what the Lord referred to in Genesis 1:2 as,“Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”. I observed that the Spirit that was hovering over the waters was in fact bacteria – the living cell. Of all my questions I asked him during that time, nothing was withheld except one question. I asked him to observe the original design, engineering, manufacturing/construction and distribution of the original living cell in this universe. When I asked this question, the Lord had a very large angel stand in my way from observing that history. The Angel did not say anything to me, he merely looked at me. Though, when he looked at me, I felt his heart and felt this feeling. It was through the feeling I received that the angel communicated everything I needed to know (I pray that makes sense to you). He communicated (without speaking words but through the heart) that any attempt to war or alter the living cell (bacteria) would initiate an extinction level event. To war against the living cell is to war against the spirit of the Lord himself – to fight an invincible opponent that cannot be defeated. That the living cell would adapt and destroy once an initiated fight began against it. In that moment, the Lord spoke to me and told me that the living cell was the key to knowledge. As I have said, I have on multiple occasions shared this testimony in great detail on our soundcloud account here.

PROPHECY #20 CONFIRMED: I am going to show you physical proof that confirms my testimony is true. The following video was published today September 9th, 2016 from Harvard University’s Medical School. Click the video below to watch:

In the video you will witness bacteria adapting in less than 11 day’s to antibiotics that are 1,000 times the lethal doses that would normally kill bacteria in the wild. This confirms what the Lord showed me and my testimony. That bacteria (the living cell) is unstoppable. It can adapt to anything and no weapon can be used against it that will prevail. No poison, no antibiotic..nothing. In less than 11 days it mutated and adapted and overcame the most lethal of antibiotics. This evidence shall serve as the 20th prophetic confirmation given to you as the Church – here is the complete list of prophecies given.



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood 

Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Church Overseer.

Spiritual Fasting Explained

There is a unique and subtle difference between physical fasting and a spiritual fast. This audio will help explain to you the differences between the two. Listen to this testimony and be encouraged if you ever encounter a time in your life when it seems like the Lord has stopped talking to you. get ready to press on through because you are about to go to your next level! Click Here to Download This Message!

spiritual fasting

Remember these names…

Remember these names: Ashley Badcock, Ben Charles, Stephanie Bradley, Julie Blair, Ana Pearce, Anita Charles, Michael Stanley Adcock, Jenny Fisher, Pritti Stephens and Scott Edwards. Even with the knowledge that someday the Beast will threaten to use these testimonies of the works of Jesus Christ against them, they have not loved their lives so much as to shrink from the threat of death. They have publicly acknowledged Jesus as the Christ and have given testimony of the miraculous works of his Holy Spirit in their lives. Testimony of healing’s, miracles, sings, wonders, deliverance, supernatural provisions, restorations in relationships and more. Listen to these testimonies and let your faith be supernaturally increased!

Next time, I am believing in more MEN that will testify. Brother in Christ, I would like to grant you an invitation and audience among the assembly of believers and fellow Pastors so that you can testify of the works of the Holy Spirit in your life. If you are a Pastor, pick up the phone and call! Literally, what is the point of being a minister of the gospel if you have no testimony to share! Therefor, I greatly encourage you to SHARE your personal testimony of the miraculous works of Jesus Christ on our next testimony Tuesday call! As it is, listen to this recording and be greatly blessed!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood as Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church


Police officer to street Evangelist Preacher: ‘You’re going to get the concrete if you don’t shut up’

Here at, we have seen a dramatic increase in assaults and hostile behavior being directed toward evangelist street preachers. Here, Evangelist Adam LaCroix was using a sound amplifier to preach on the University of South Florida’s campus on November 19. He says he had not been there long when a USF police officer walked up and started putting handcuffs on him without warning. “Sorry to have to inform you that you’re being detained for an offense involving the, uh … ” the officer can be heard saying in a video of the incident posted on YouTube this week. “Hey, you have my arm here,” LaCroix says. As the officer starts walking, LaCroix complains the handcuffs are hurting him. The officer, Philip Eonda gives him a warning. “You’re going to get the concrete if you don’t shut up,” he’s heard saying in the video below:

LaCroix says he and his fellow street evangelists regularly record their preaching activities in case they are accused of illegal activity. USF does not have any policies on sound amplifiers being used by the public on campus and members of the public do not need permits to exercise free speech. Eonda’s police report tells a narrative that contradicts with what can be heard on the video. (source:

Saints, this type of destructive hostile behavior is going to increase. Remember, the Lord never contradicts himself and Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled. In the book of Revelation it describes on several occasions how simply standing by your testimony of Jesus Christ is enough to warrant a death sentence under the authority of the Beast. See Revelation 6:9, Revelation 11:7Revelation 12:11Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 17:6 for proof of this. We are entering a season fellow brothers and sisters where the Lord is going to be bringing calamity to this world because of the inequity being shown everywhere. This is a season where you must count the cost and boldly proclaim your testimony about Jesus Christ. That you stand by this testimony even in the face of certain death. The Lord has promised those that stand by their testimony in these hours will receive their just reward. Therefor, remain steadfast against such darkness and abuses of the law. For those that are ready to share their testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit through their relationship with Jesus Christ, please join us this Tuesday at 1pm PST (which is 2pm MST, 3pm CST and 4pm EST) by calling 541-525-9473 and be ready to share your testimony LIVE to the assembly of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood As Sr. Pastor, the Empowerment Center Church

police officer hurts Preacher

How To Behave During The Time Of Calamity

What a wonderful call! There was testimonies of breakthrough. Stage 4 Cancer healed through the power of prayer! Instructions for how believers are to conduct themselves during the season of calamity that will bring peace and life. Words of encouragement and prophecy abound. Listen to this recording, be richly blessed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit and share with those you love so that they can be blessed with proper instruction. Glory to the name Jesus Christ alone! He is worthy to be praised!!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church


Families Turning Their Hearts to one Another

This is from our recent Pastors Testimony Tuesday call. This audio starts out with an incredible testimony of financial breakthrough and then leads into a very important word of instruction being given this season for parents and children. That Parents and Children begin to turn their hearts to one another in love so that there will be a remnant left in the days ahead. Glory be to Jesus in the highest for this incredible testimony call.


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church


There are Consequences to Inaction When Good Men Do Nothing

Cowards have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven (Revelation 21:8). Listen to this very powerful prophetic word of instruction concerning the consequences of the Churches inaction these last few years with a Bold call to action for those saints that still have faith in Jesus Christ. It contains encouragement, a warning and more encouragement at the end. Praise you Jesus, let your name be glorified and not my own!

If you are a fellow BOLD Holy Spirit led believer that has a calling and assignment to serve either the Body of Christ or this world, then we would ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a Covenant Partner of ours and allow us the opportunity to freely bless you with our complete Corporation Sole Ministry Support (for the preparation of ministers) and help us in our mission to set ALL of America’s Churches FREE from 501c3. If you are looking for Corporation Sole support, please apply here.

Thank you for listening and God Bless!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church

Joshua at the Capitol


Love and Mutual Edification Follow Up Testimony

I would like to testify and encourage others how implementing the policy of both love and mutual edification here at has brought forth a tidal wave of support from across the Nation. Listen to exactly how we set everything up here to freely help fellow Christians and how it can help your ministry as well.

Testimony Defeats Atheism!

This message is for struggling Pastors that are frustrated with declining Church members in attendance and would like to know how to bring forth Revival, multiplication, healing, miracles, wonders and increase to their ministries. Listen to this short message. I pray that it helps kindle a fire in your calling!

If you have benefited at all from this message, I pray that the Lord leads you to help mutually edify us here at The Empowerment Center! Please consider donating today!


By Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church

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