Autonomous Weapons that directly threaten Christianity – THE TRUTH!

More than a year ago we published a testimony regarding an IMMEDIATE threat to the Body of Christ. This testimony (which went largely ignored by most Pastors) described in detail how the Holy Spirit gave me a message to deliver to you that the Beast, the seemingly unstoppable war machine from the Book of Revelation, was a form of artificial machine intelligence (code named by the NSA as AQUAINT). We gave an exhaustive testimony with revelations that were even disclosed 6 months prior to Edward Snowden’s pals at, Glenn Greenwald and James Bramford broke stories related to our report. Since that time, we have published prophecy after prophecy for you that continues to come to pass (with physical proof) TO THE LETTER. This was to warn you of an imminent danger to the Body of Christ. Now, it is important that you know the weapons systems that are in play since we have published our original testimony. These weapons will be used against you as a fellow believer in Jesus Christ. To date, the Lord has designated six places of refuge for Christians (there will be more in the days ahead). Those fellow stewards of the faith have been given explicit instructions by way of the Holy Spirit to immediately react and evacuate those places of refuge when certain events take place in the future. There will be those of us that stand and fight against these machines when they begin hunting down our fellow brothers and sisters. Those brave men and women that stand and fight to give those families and loved ones enough time to escape the calamity that is coming. Those fighting will have full knowledge that they will be overcome by the enemy (as to fulfill Revelation 13:2-47 which says, “It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”

Here are detailed Holy Spirit Instructions for how to survive the coming onslaught of this artificial machine intelligence. Listen both here and here.

To disarm every spirit of fear, this message is being sent to you today by the command of the Holy Spirit through love. We know from 1st John 4:18 that, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” and that according to 2nd Timothy 1:7 that, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Therefor, so that you can grasp and understand the depth of the threat against Christianity, here is a detailed analysis of a list of the autonomous weapons that will be used in this theater of war against us with instructions for how to evade these weapons:

#1 – AQUAINT (aka The Beast): This is the very heart of the Beast. It will eventually incorporate three primary things: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and the Living Cell. This is the central nerve center of the Beast and it controls all of the autonomous weaponry that will be used on the battlefield against us as believers. Click here for a detailed analysis of AQUAINT or click here for the original story about AQUAINT published by acclaimed intelligence reporter James Bramford.

#2 – NAVY’s Project LOCUST: These fully autonomous artificial machine intelligent drones attack in swarms to both identify targets as well as kill them using kinetic based explosive devices. From afar, they will look like a flock of birds, when they swarm, their attack will be nearly indefensible. As a believer, you will not be able to successfully repeal any attack coming this form of weaponry (you simply will not be able to reload fast enough). Make sure when evacuating to the wilderness that you disable ALL forms of electronic equipment that emit any form of a EMS (electro magnetic spectrum) frequency. This includes walkie talkies, baby monitors, CB radios, wifi enabled devices, GPS transmitters, cell phones and etc. Everything electronic must go. Immediately disperse upon seeing this enemy swarming in your direction. Here is a special page we have dedicated to this foe (click here or the video below to view):

#3 Marine Invasion War Balls: These newly declassified war machines represent a fully autonomous artificial machine intelligent invasion force. The Beast (AQUAINT) will use drop thousands of these balls miles offshore rigged with explosives and gyroscopic machine guns to destroy any enemies on any beach front or urban environment. Using industrial military 3D printers, the enemy will mass produce tens of thousands of these drone balls to devastate our Christian defenses during the coming season of calamity. Here is a detailed video below of one in action:

Watch the video below to see this war machine in action: 

#4 Autonomous Submarine Drones: These Artificial Machine Intelligent submarines will lie dormant underwater until given instructions by one of AQUAINT’sreconnaissance drones to attack a target. They have the potential to be nuclear equipped or be used as a smart guided missile. These submarines pose a significant risk to large gatherings of Christians or communication centers Christians will be using during the coming calamity. Make sure to constantly be listening to the Holy Spirit to ensure swift movement from place to place to avoid being detected and targeted by these machines. Click here or the picture below for a detailed summary of these machines:

and story #2

#5 3D Printed Fully Autonomous Artificial Machine Intelligent Drones: The Lord showed me an underground facility that was using industrial military grade 3D printers to manufacture legions (literally tens of thousands) of artificial intelligent drones that the Beast will use to dominate the armies of this planet. From Russia to China, no current standing army will be able to best the fighting power of AQUAINT. Even if attacked from Russia and China using devastating weapons such as Nuclear warheads, AQUAINT will simply print out new fleets of drones from facilities around the planet in a fraction of the time it takes to mass produce regular conventional fighter jets. In fact, the US Navy has found a way to turn sea water into fuel. The Lord showed me that they will be retrofitting Navy aircraft carriers to become mobile launching centers equipped with military 3D printers to mass produce fleets of drone fighters and launch them right from the flight deck (here is proof #1, proof #2 and proof #3). Once again, these weapons WILL BE used against us as Christians as to fulfill Revelation 13:7 (Click here or the picture below for further proof):

#6 He showed me fleets of 3D printed fully autonomous naval gunships: These gunships will severely hurt the abilities of Christians to fish waters (and know that the Lord has already commanded that 90% of organic life on the Earth is to be removed) so this weapon only adds more insult and injury upon an already distressing situation for our brothers. Saints will need to carefully follow the instructions from those men and women that are in charge of places of refuge and fish only in rivers where the Lord commands during the season of calamity (click here for proof or click the picture below):

#7 He showed me that AQUAINT (The Beast) would plan on using 3D printers to create Naval Warships: Even if a devastating attack occurs at sea and most our Naval fleets are destroyed by an outside aggressor such as Russia and China, AQUAINT (The Beast) has ensured that fully autonomous fleets of destroyers and warships can be printed and mass produced at will to protect its interests. Click here for a story related to this.

#8 Fully Autonomous Blackhawk Helicopters: These will be used by the Beast to direct ground forces to positions where Christians still remain during the season of calamity. These blackhawk helicopters will soon be replaced by more efficient means of mass produced 3D printed transport carriers. For now, the technology is being perfected by AQUAINT to manage every aspect of the flight path of the helicopter without the need of any human intervention. Click here for proof or click the picture below:

#9 Fully Autonomous delivery re-suppply vehicles: These autonomous trucks will carry troops, supplies and cargo into conflict zones. Saints are instructed to evade these caravans and go deep into the wilderness during the great time of calamity.  Click Here for Proof or click the picture below:

#10 Fully Autonomous Kill Bots: These artificial machine intelligent robots will be used by the beast to search and destroy any remaining pockets of resistance where Christians are still fully resisting the enemy militarily. When fellow believers are instructed to make their way into the wilderness to avoid detection during the season of war against the saints. They will need to make their way to regions of wilderness that will make it extremely difficult for these machines to travel (such as mountains and heavily wooded areas). This way, believers can operate with the upper hand in evading these war machines. Listen to the instructions given to those men and women in charge of the places of refuge as they will give you exact details for how to avoid these enemies that will be hunting us. To learn more about these weapons systems click here or the picture below: Here is the ATLAS killer robot (Click here to read more):

#11 The False Prophet: The false prophet will be the second iteration of artificial machine intelligence. It will harness the power of the electromagnetic spectrum to treat life into the image of the 1st Beast and give it life. It will use nano technology that harnesses the electromagnetic spectrum to literally rain lightening down on men as to fulfill Revelation 13:13. Do not be fooled by this machine nor the science it uses. It is nothing more than an illusion and engineered miracle in the sight of men to create a delusion for many to believe in. In fact, it will use the very terra forming technology we are creating right now by DARPA to accomplish this! Click here for proof that such technologies exist. Regarding false prophecy, it will use two scientific resources to distort prophecy and predict future events. It will convince humans of its mastery of its use of tachyons particles (tiny particles that travel faster than light to convince people it can see into the future) as well as use the analytic computing ability from quantum computing. Both these functions will help it lie to the people into thinking it has mastered prophecy, but you would know the truth..That it was all a lie on the enemies part. For all prophecy points to our King Jesus. In fact, right now IARPA (the agency in charge of AQUAINT) has been trying feebly to achieve what they call “super forecasting” through the work being done at the “Good Judgment Project” (click here for proof #1 and proof #2). This is nothing more than an attempt by our Government to scientifically reason prophecy to use for their own strategic purposes. Do not believe the lie when it is made public saints!

#12 – Updated: Micro Autonomous Artificial Intelligent Drone Swarms: The Lord has revealed that these type of weapons systems will be used by the Beast against members of the Body of Christ, please watch this important video below: 


Pastors, please show this email to the top elders and leaders within the congregations. Those Sr. Elders and heads of households that are above reproach need to study this email and with it our VERY IMPORTANT testimony HERE that explains everything regarding this coming season of calamity that includes Holy Spirit words of instructions for how to evade this terrible enemy that is against us. Make no mistake and mark these words: The Beast and the False Prophet will BOTH be iterations of Artificial Machine Intelligence. They are NOT to be underestimated in any way. Disregard these instructions at your peril. No matter how much a Pastor would like to bury their head in the sand, they will not be able to avoid the impending conflict that is coming VERY soon.

Before I leave, I would like to testify that nearly 2 dozen men and women from around the country agreed with my prayer request for Godly men on Wednesday! Praise Jesus! Thank you for agreeing with me for God to raise up a generation of Godly men!

The King is making his way known. Fear the one with the power to destroy both the body and the soul in hell!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood, Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church, and


Autonomous Navy Swarm Drone Project: LOCUST

Here is the Navy’s debut of their brand new autonomous swarm drone technology, the “LOCUST” (LOw-Cost Unmannded aerial vehicle Swarming Technology). The Church has legitimate security concerns and questions regarding this program and it’s proposed technology that need to be answered. Please watch this video below and forward our Churches question(s) to your local Congressional and Senate Representative.

We need to immediately begin asking: First, is the program in any way shape or form related to the artificial machine intelligence built by the IARPA called AQUAINT? What algorithm is the Navy using to identify and justify targeted killings? Who wrote the algorithm variables for targeted justifiable killings that controls the management functions for these machines? Was the code developer a believer or an atheist that wrote this program? Does the onboard machine intelligence identify a target based on real time data, if so, then how is that real time data coordinated and assimilated and whom makes the final decision on the kill order? Is the automated kill order given or executed by a machine? If so, then by which machine/algorithm is it given by and how does it come to a final conclusion to justify the kill order? Does the swarm use IFF (identify friend from foe) during a mission to identify potential friendly soldiers, if so, then is a friendly confirmed by a transponder signal or how will the machines be able to identify peaceful law-abiding citizens holding a gun from enemy combatants? Is the artificial machine intelligence that coordinates these machines connected to the United States, “Continuity of Government” plan? If so, who controls the functions of such autonomous machines during a devastating attack on our leadership? Will humans be in control of the swarm and will each drone have a human operator being able to control the functions of the drone? Will each drone have a human operator or will only one human be able to manage the entire drone swarm? These are just a few of the simple questions we should ask Congress. Here at The Empowerment Center and, we represent a significant number of our Nations Churches. The Lord tells us not to trust this technology nor the intentions of those that are currently using this to justify completing an objective (no matter what that objective is). Therefor, we need these questions answered immediately and without delay. Please share these questions with your Congressional or Senate Representative and demand whatever hearings are necessary to get to the bottom of this before you wake up one day and this technology is being used AGAINST YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CHILDREN. These are fair questions we must be asking right now before we continue to fund these projects.

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