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Revelation from The Lord – Sunday Church Service

The Lord commanded me to record today’s message to bless you with. Recorded 01-14-2018.

Be blessed!

Meeting with the IRS

On July 18, 2017 we have received an official summons to appear before the IRS in Missoula, Montana. They have threatened me as the Senior Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and with one year in Federal Prison if I did not turn over to them the names, telephone numbers, address information and social security information from each tithing member of the Church and those Churches that we have freely blessed with our ministry support here at On August 1st, 2017 at 9am I met the IRS at the specified location. Here is an audio of the entire exchange, listen very carefully to the message the Lord commanded me to deliver to them…

I praise the Lord that he commanded me to record my encounter with the Government. He told me that they would lie during this process and that this recording would reveal the truth. Now that Agent Young has spoken under oath to the Court and says, “Joshua Kenny-Greenwood appeared at a meeting with the IRS on August 1, 2017, as required by the summons, but he failed to produce any documents or give meaningful testimony”. In context of our previous communications with the IRS, this recording proves his words otherwise. Also, the Court ruling of Richard Fields vCity of Philadelphia, No. 16-1650 (3d Cir. 2017) which gives us the First Amendment right to record law enforcement entities (such as the IRS) so long as we are doing so for the purpose of criticizing. In this, the Lord commanded that his criticism of them be made publicly known. Simply read below.

Here is the message the Lord commanded me to deliver to the IRS at this meeting:

The Lord holds The Internal Revenue Service in Contempt. Though you have been told on multiple occasions that The Empowerment Center is a Church and it’s office of Overseer is a legally recognized religious Corporation Sole, you have willfully decided to ignore the rule of law and instead are attempting to usurp authority over the Church in claiming that you have authority over the biblical tithes and offerings that solely belong to God himself as described in the foundation of the Christian faith which was founded thousands of years prior to the institution of this nations laws. Though The Establishment Clause of the Constitution of the United States acknowledges the Separation of Church and State, the State has willfully decided to violate the peace of this separation in favor of terrorizing outspoken Christian Leaders with threats of intimidation, blackmail, extortion, audit, potential imprisonment and even death. Therefore, the Lord commands and the United States Constitution allows for me to obey and express that not even a single holy article, holy paper(s), holy effect(s) or holy relics will be given from the Church to the State for any reasons whatsoever.

I greatly fear the Lord and in this situation he has spoken a word and has granted me victory.

—end of message—

Mind you that this is after we have already sent the IRS two previous letters regarding their attempts that they have completely ignored with our first letter here and our second letter here.

Here is video evidence of their summons, its threats against me as the Sr. Pastor and how they intend to attempt to go through me to get to the items belonging to the Church.

If you desire to learn why the work of our Church is so important and the effect that both the Church Establishment Affidavit and Corporation Sole have regarding the Church as a whole here in America, listen to our latest recorded Testimony Tuesday call here.


Discipleship Training


Minister, when will you wake up?!

Fellow Pastors, 
            When will you WAKE UP?! Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was just sent to jail for standing up Jesus Christ. She refused a court order to issue same sex marriage licenses and she has paid the penalty: Jail time. It is now a legal precedent in this country that if you refuse this satanic Government in disobeying The Lord, you are sent to jail. This is in addition to Pastors being sent to jail in Arizona for holding Church in their home without a “state sponsored” permit. In Idaho, Pastors that refuse to conduct same sex marriage will face 90 days in jail. Pastors around the country are being thrown in jail and fined for feeding the helpless. You think that this does not effect you? You are a leader of God!! Why in the world are you preaching the Gospel on Sunday without marshaling the congregation to stand up against this evil darkness?! Why have good men stood by and let a WOMAN go to jail while you sit comfortably behind a pulpit relaxed doing everything you can to avoid this? WHY?! I pray the Lord brings conviction to EVERY SINGLE minister of the Gospel that reads this today that has stood idly by and has done nothing. I pray that every Pastor that has accepted gays, bi-sexuals and transgendered persons into their congregation and condoned their lifestyles that a spirit of complete conviction and unsettledness comes to you and your ministry. That you physically feel unsettled in your spirit, that you find no rest in your sleep at night. That you remain restless and full of conviction until you repent to the Lord for the inaction and condoning of this satanic behavior. I loose this upon you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:18-19). To those ministers that are walking by faith and love and are unyielding in letting your light shine, I speak peace and protection over you during this time of persecution. Continue to stand firm in your faith man or woman of God! DO NOT WAIVER! Fear the one that has the power to destroy both the body and soul in hell. Do not fear this corrupted satanic anti-christ Governmentthat would threaten your life with imprisonment and death. They cannot harm you, your reputation will be GREAT in the Kingdom! For this is how they treated the prophets of old. This Church utterly refuses to let this darkness take another single inch of territory from the Lord. We represent the plumb line of Zerubbabel!! Let them in their ignorance BREAK themselves against this plumb line! Let them feel despair as the Lord removes their food supplies. Let them feel thirst when he removes their water sources. Let them feel restless and not at peace as plagues torment them in their rebellion! Let them repent when calamity comes upon them like a flood. Those that rebel and do not turn their hearts to the Great King, let them break themselves upon that rock. To the others that repent in the days ahead, let them be saved and stand in their convictions until the very end! GOD BLESS IT! GOD BLESS IT!

Marshall you forces Pastors, the great day of our Lord approaches.

The King is making his way KNOWN and his return is imminent! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!


Pastor Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.


Same Sex Marriage Proposal in the Church!

You are about to witness an abomination to the Lord. Jesus did not come to bring the kind of peace that glosses over deep divisions for the sake of building a superficial harmony. He came to divide and he IS the dividing line. Homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (1st Corinthians 6:9). Please stand together in agreement with us and support our mission here at to rid the Church of this Jezebel spirit of rebellion. May the Lord soon cast it into the abyss where it belongs in Jesus name!

Volunteer Support Needed

Can Churches Influence Politics?

Only if they have been properly established with a Church Establishment Affidavit and a Corporation Sole! If you have a calling on your life to serve in the Body of Christ, I want you to apply below using our application form and let us help establish or reorganize your ministry with a Corporation Sole at absolutely no cost whatsoever (we only accept the payment of love and mutual edification here at The Empowerment Center Church 1st John 3:17, Romans 14:19 and Acts 2:42-47).

Faith and the Direction of the Body of Christ

This is a teaching that is specifically directed toward Pastors and ministry leaders across the United States. We discuss whether or not faith is a verb or a noun, the meaning of faith as a leader in the Body, the coming great revival of the Lord and the direction of our ministry here at The Empowerment Center. This is a great word for ANY aspiring leader in the Body of Christ. Listen and share this with every leader you know!


By Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church


Between the IRS targeting evangelical groups, President Obama announcing a national Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Pride Month, Pastors losing their housing salary allowance, Christian businesses being shuttered due to their beliefs and democrats introducing legislation that forces Christian Churches to officiate Gay Marriage, this has NOT been a great season for Christians across this country.


What is our saving grace? It’s called, The Corporation Sole. In this article, I will break down 501c3 line-by-line and show you how Christians with the proper use of a Corporation Sole can begin to instantly TAKE BACK their Godly authority here in America. First, let me explain how current 501c3 laws restrict Churches from influencing Government policy. It has to deal with the specific way the law was written. 501c3 states,

“Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, or to foster national or international amateur sports competition (but only if no part of its activities involve the provision of athletic facilities or equipment), or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided in subsection (h)), and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” from here.


Notice that the 501c3 law ONLY has jurisdiction over, ‘Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundations’ being used by religious organizations and that the word ‘Church’ is mysteriously absent from this list? In fact, the word Church doesn’t even come up in the law itself! If Churches are automatically considered tax exempted pursuant to 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a) and not required to have a 501c3 status then how in the world are Churches STILL CONSIDERED under the law of 501c3 even without them seeking any official recognition of their 501c3 status?! The answer deals with HOW Churches incorporate and set up their banking to receive donations. Currently, 99% of ALL Churches in the United States incorporate themselves in order to open up a bank account to accept and receive donations from congregation members. In fact, without being incorporated, it is near impossible for a Church to open a bank account. As soon as the Church organizes itself and it’s Pastor sits down with a banking representative, the bank rep is going to ask the Church for proof of both it’s state registered articles of incorporation and it’s IRS registered “EIN” number. The bank WILL NOT allow the Church to open up an account without these two items. This is why 99% of Churches incorporate when organizing themselves! As soon as the Church incorporates, it now falls under the jurisdiction of 501c3, because remember that the very first sentence of 501c3 covers, “Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundations” (with emphasis on the word ‘corporation’). Even if the Church tries to get creative and institutes an unincorporated express or certified trust from either a CPA or Tax Attorney, since the name of trust is implicitly held in the name of the Church itself, the IRS will still counter that the Trust itself is a, “community chest, fund, or foundation” for use on behalf of a religious organization. This leaves almost no room for a Church to organize itself without coming under this completely satanic law.


Glad you asked! Here in America, its been unfortunate that tax scam peddlers encouraging individuals to not file lawful taxes owed to the Government have notoriously used the Corporation Sole for its unintended purposes. The Corporation Sole has also NOT been taught about in ANY (I repeat ANY) Bible College, University, Theology School and Law School here in America. In fact, the Corporation Sole is so grossly under taught here in America that as of today, I am still currently the only author in American history that has written and published the Book on the Corporation Sole and modern tax law. What makes the Corporation Sole so unique is that it is an incorporated office held WITHIN a Church and NOT the Church itself. This means, an unincorporated Church that is neither considered a Corporation, community chest, fund or foundation MUST be formed FIRST before you’re Church can incorporate a SOLE office position that holds all of the Churches finances. This means the Corporation Sole is neither your Church nor your ministry. It is only an individual office within the Church (typically an Overseer, Bishop, Pastor or Teacher) that incorporates their position for the banking purposes of the Church. Without getting as technical as my book does, the Corp Sole acts as the bank account on behalf of the Church while leaving the Church completely outside of 501c3’s jurisdiction.

Does this mean that the Corporation Sole is considered a 501c3 since it’s incorporated?

Yes, it does. However, with great emphasis: THE CHURCH and the Corporation Sole ARE TWO SEPARATE LEGAL CREATURES with TWO SEPARATE LEGAL JURISDICTIONS. Since the Corporation Sole is just an office held within the Church and not the Church itself, the Church itself becomes immune to the current 501c3 law. Again, my book HERE explains this in much greater detail.


We have found that the most lawful way to organize a Church before setting up it’s subsequent Corporation Sole is to establish it through a legal document called a, “Church Establishment Affidavit”. This affidavit serves to lawfully DECLARE and FULFILL ALL 14 points to the IRS’s own definitions and standards to be considered a Church. You see, in order for a Church to meet the IRS’s 14-point standards for being considered a Church, a Church must meet the following conditions:

  1. Distinct legal existence
  2. Recognized creed and form of worship
  3. Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
  4. Formal code of doctrine and discipline
  5. Distinct religious history
  6. Membership not associated with any other church or denomination
  7. Organization of ordained ministers
  8. Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of studies
  9. Literature of its own
  10. Established places of worship
  11. Regular congregations
  12. Regular religious services
  13. Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young
  14. Schools for preparation of its ministers

Our custom Church Establishment affidavit lawfully fulfills ALL of these various 14 points. In fact, one Federal criminal defense attorney called our affidavit a work of pure genius because it leaves no room for doubt that your Church has lawfully fulfilled ALL 14 points from the IRS’s own standards and literature. The language of this affidavit was carefully crafted over a period of 6 months just to make absolutely sure that it meets ALL of the IRS’s requirements. I cannot emphasis enough how absolutely critical it is for a Church to organize and manifest itself through this custom affidavit.


You see, when a Church organizes itself under a Church Establishment affidavit, the affidavit (which is the Church itself) IS NOT considered a Corporation, Community Chest, Fund or Foundation! 501c3 ONLY has jurisdiction over those entities and NOT Churches that are formed and recognized by law through an affidavit. Since the Church’s subsequent Corporation Sole is nothing more than an isolated office held within the Church and not the Church itself, then when the Pastor preaches on Sunday morning he is not preaching from the power and authority of the Churches Corporation Sole (the bank account) but rather from the power and authority of both the Holyspirit and his lawful Church Establishment affidavit! It would be IMPOSSIBLE for the IRS to prove in a Federal Courtroom that this affidavit was either incorporated or was a financial vehicle to be used as a community chest fund or foundation. In this instance, they ONLY have jurisdiction over the Corporation Sole itself WHICH IS NEITHER THE CHURCH NOR THE MESSAGE BEING DELIVERED ON SUNDAY MORNING.

This specific method makes the Church itself completely immune to the 501c3 restrictions preventing a minister from being able to influence public policy and opens the doors for Christian Churches around this country to rise up and TAKE BACK this country from certain destruction. Can anyone with a straight face honestly say that our country is better off since 1969 with 501c3’s creation? We currently have a Christian divorce rate of 75%, our Christian morals are being completely eroded from this country and we have somehow managed to rack up over $127 TRILLION DOLLARS in Government unfunded liabilities! Suffice to say, the current system is NOT working, its broken and we as Christians are the solution. If we were not the solution then why does it say in Romans 8:20-21, “For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.” The Children of God ARE the very thing that will liberate creation itself! It is time for Churches and Christians to WAKE UP and restore this world back into Godly order through righteous preaching from the pulpit!


At this time, our Church, The Empowerment Center is beginning the process of working with both the Alliance Defending Freedom and Pulpit Freedom Sunday. We feel that with both our Church and the thousands Churches we’ve helped FREE here in America teaming up with these organizations, represents the best defense for both raising awareness for this critical issue of Church freedom of speech as well as creating a coalition of Christian ministries that can successfully repel ANY legal attack by the enemies of Church freedom. -Update: The Alliance Defending Freedom has done abandon us…click here to watch.

We would humbly ask that you both lift us up in your prayers for the days ahead as well as support our mission here for us to help raise up the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ and to FREE America’s pulpits from the restrictive 501c3 law. To support us, please consider tithing to our Church. If you’re a Christian wanting to create a ministry or if you’re a Church currently organized and under the 501c3 law and would like to reorganize everything with a Corporation Sole, then please APPLY HERE.

Another way to support us is to SHARE our website with your friends on twitter, email and Facebook. Make sure you do whatever it takes to help us spread the message of Church Freedom!

Sincerely, By Joshua Kenny-Greenwood, Overseer of The Empowerment Center Church Google

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