Resignation from ALL Oregon Corporation Sole’s

Dear Overseer: On Saturday, March 07, 2015 at 10:12 am (confirmed with time date stamps) The Spirit of the Lord was upon me to put my professional name on the line in the 21st century to give you and 10,000+ other Pastors a prophetic word. Here is a copy of that email *simply follow this link: His message was simple. The Holy Spirit compelled me to write,

“So that you continue to know that there are still prophets among you that speak from his power and authority, understand in advance that the US Supreme court is going to rule in favor of Gay marriage. Understand this was given to you in advance so that you know before it takes place what would happen! “

On June 28th, this word was fulfilled just as the Lord prophesied. Now, you need to understand some incredibly important developments that have happened since June:

  1. As of June 8th, 2015 the State of Oregon has fully repealed the Corporation Sole law. No new Corporation Soles can be filed within that state.
  2. The Lord has moved my family and me to the State of Montana (one of the very last States in America that still has an active Corporation Sole law).
  3. We have updated our Church Establishment Affidavit to reflect the Gay marriage ruling from the US Supreme Court. The new Affidavit has language that will protect your Church from being forced to perform same sex marriages, protect your from being required to hire homosexual, bi-sexual and transgendered individuals and from using Church owned facilities for the use of same-sex marriage weddings and etc. This affidavit is also available as an amendment to the Church Establishment Affidavit you have already signed. It is available ONLY to those Churches that are approved for the transition to the new state here in Montana.

Now, because I have moved from Oregon to Montana, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY I will be resigning as your Churches Oregon Corporation Sole based registered agent. This post (and the corresponding letter you will be receiving via mail) will serve as legal notice pursuant to ORS 60.117 that I am resigning the position of your registered agent in Oregon in favor of offering you the opportunity to transition your corporation sole to the new state of Montana.

Because everything we do here at The Empowerment Center Church and is based on love and mutual edification (Romans 14:19, 1st John 3:17 and Acts 2:42-47) we would like for you to consider edifying us by becoming an active tithing Church member. You can easily help us by tithing here.

If you cannot donate but would still like for us to legally represent your Corporation Sole here in the State of Montana, please consider becoming a volunteer by filling out our application here.

Now, it is important that you understand that because we are resigning, there are significant legal ramifications to this as you will need to immediately either become approved for the transition to the new state here in Montana or find a new registered agent in Oregon (which is HIGHLY unadvisable) within the next 31 days or risk your Corporation Sole becoming administratively dissolved by the State of Oregon. If your Corporation Sole is administratively dissolved, then you WILL NOT be able to reapply for a Corporation Sole in Oregon and you organization risks loosing its Federal tax exempt status. I have created a very important video that explain this in detail here:

WHAT TO DO NEXT: In this season, the Church Establishment Affidavit and the Corporation Sole working together acts as the last legal line of defense for Christianity. The Lord told me that it has been reserved for only a remnant of his people. I believe your Church is one of those remnants that we want to continue to stand beside in these dark times.

If you have any questions whatsoever, you may contact me directly at anytime.



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As acting Sr. Pastor and Overseer, The Empowerment Center Church, and

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