Reoccurring Prophetic Dream

Under normal circumstances, I would not normally share dreams here on this website unless I felt absolutely compelled by the Holy Spirit to do so. In this case, I have had this dream now several times (4 times) over the period of the last several months. Each time I have the dream, I feel the power of the Holy Spirit within the dream. This last last time I had the dream, it was the same dream I keep having but this time it was WAY more detailed. Considering that the prophetic words we keep issuing here related to strategic military movements across the Planet by foreign Governments literally keep having EXACTLY as the Lord shows us, it is appropriate to share this today.

Here it is:

In the dream, I am always with the President of the United States Barack Obama (acting as a special advisor to him). We’re inside some sort of hardened military facility. Here is the thing though, the facility looks like a normal community! It looks like a normal everyday “All American” community (on the surface) but in reality it is a hardened military secured location (literally hidden in plain sight). The President is there and a huge amount of VIP’s and military personnel are there as well. I saw Generals and commanding officers surrounding the President (as well as his National Security Advisors).

This time when I had the dream I saw that there was a Chinese delegation there and something VERY IMPORTANT was being discussed that revolved around water. Water was a central theme in the discussions. Something about the lack of fresh water in China was of HUGE importance to these discussions. I remember speaking with the Chinese delegation and there was sincerity in their words and concerns. I remember speaking in the dream with a vice-premier of the Chinese delegation (I remembered him because in the dream he had a little white dog with him). As he was speaking with me, I could feel the sincerity in his voice (that he was being very honest in his words and convictions). But something happened. There was treachery within our American Government and one of President Obama’s senior military advisors was deceiving him for his own purposes (it was NOT good). Then all of a sudden, there was a great commotion within the secured facility and people started freaking out. Shortly after this commotion, I saw two nuclear detonations take place within the interior of America that were initiated by a foreign power (Russia). I saw that both Russia and China had joined their combined military forces. At that time I felt like I needed to GET OUT of that facility. All hell began to break loose around the United States (especially the East Coast). As soon as I began seeing the attack take place (which came from the coast and from the Northern part of the Arctic) I knew I needed to get out of there and that the secured location was compromised.

After I saw the nuclear detonations take place and witnessed all hell breaking loose, that was when I woke up. That was the end of the dream.

I have also had visions of a commanding officer in the military sitting inside of a small round room with a round table with other senior military leaders plotting my death (which they SHOULD NOT BE DOING). I keep seeing the face of a man that keeps reappearing each time I have this vision. He is always the same man each time I have this vision. What is completely crazy is that I began to physically look up President Obama’s commanding generals to see if I could recognize him and I DID!

Here is his picture:

Admiral_Michael_S._Rogers,_USNNow, I speak truth when I tell you that prior to seeing this man on the internet, I had no clue who Admiral Michael Rogers even was! Even with our testimony regarding on the machine intelligence AQUAINT, I never did research on who was in charge of the NSA. God only gave me a word regarding the technology at that time and showed me it’s destructive capabilities and never showed me any specific men. Only when I keep having this visions have I seen his face come up time and time again. God showed me that he was extremely analytical, scientifically thoughtful and ruthless and efficient in completing his objectives.

It is important that this is posted for full view of the Body of Christ. It is not every day that a Prophet of God speaks to you through the Holy Spirit and gives you a warning on March 19th that there was going to be a war in the middle east involving Saudi Arabia and that Russia would begin re-positioning its military forces down in the middle east and BOTH events end up happening EXACTLY as you have been warned days/weeks later HERE and HERE.

I clearly saw both China and Russia in a joint military alliance and fighting within the interior of the United States. This is a season where Americans should be preparing for war but instead are being left completely in the dark. The words being spoken here should never be looked at as a threat against our National Security. These are words being commanded by the Holy Spirit to be spoken for the warning and preparation of the saints for an extreme time of hardship they currently do not understand they are about to go through. Between the unbeatable war machine being built HERE and the extreme loss of organic food across the planet HERE, listening and obeying instructions from the Holy Spirit given through love should be immediately be heeded. This is a season where the only way to survive what is about to take place is to surrender to a heart of love. No attempt should be made by Christians to pick up a weapon and fight. On the contrary, we need to do everything in love. This is a season when husbands and Fathers need to bring their families together. Families that have been separated need to united by the head of the household. Fathers need to teach their sons in the ways of the Lord and how to stand on faith.

Lord, I thank you for protection, being set apart and having every need we have here met and for granting us victory in the MIGHTY name of Jesus! Some how, some way, let this post bring your name glory in Jesus name!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority of the Holy Spirit as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.




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