Remember these names…

Remember these names: Ashley Badcock, Ben Charles, Stephanie Bradley, Julie Blair, Ana Pearce, Anita Charles, Michael Stanley Adcock, Jenny Fisher, Pritti Stephens and Scott Edwards. Even with the knowledge that someday the Beast will threaten to use these testimonies of the works of Jesus Christ against them, they have not loved their lives so much as to shrink from the threat of death. They have publicly acknowledged Jesus as the Christ and have given testimony of the miraculous works of his Holy Spirit in their lives. Testimony of healing’s, miracles, sings, wonders, deliverance, supernatural provisions, restorations in relationships and more. Listen to these testimonies and let your faith be supernaturally increased!

Next time, I am believing in more MEN that will testify. Brother in Christ, I would like to grant you an invitation and audience among the assembly of believers and fellow Pastors so that you can testify of the works of the Holy Spirit in your life. If you are a Pastor, pick up the phone and call! Literally, what is the point of being a minister of the gospel if you have no testimony to share! Therefor, I greatly encourage you to SHARE your personal testimony of the miraculous works of Jesus Christ on our next testimony Tuesday call! As it is, listen to this recording and be greatly blessed!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood as Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church


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