Prophetic word Regarding Ted Cruz Given and Fulfilled

This is the 15th prophetic word to come to pass that deals with geopolitical matters, political matters or matters of state – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMPLETE LIST OF PROPHECIES GIVEN AND FULFILLED.

Here is the latest: 

PROPHECY #15 – Well over six months ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that Ted Cruz would be his designated voice within the Senate. When the Lord said this to me, he made no mention of him becoming President but only that he would continue to be his voice in the Senate. On February 10th, 2016 (prior to the first ‘Super Tuesday’) I posted this prophetic declaration on Facebook – click here for physical proof and make sure to note the time the time date stamps of the post and note that is has not been edited in anyway – I actually received this word well over six months ago and even mentioned it in a prayer team and Tuesday conference call (I just cannot remember which one it was) so instead, I am posting this physical proof posted on my public Facebook wall that is available for everyone to see. Here is a screenshot of the prophetic word:

ted cruz

PROPHECY #15 – FULFILLED: On May 3rd, 2016 Ted Cruz has officially suspended his campaign run for the office of the Presidency of the United States (Click here for physical proof). Leaving Donald Trump the official presumptive Republican nominee for the President. Now, there were plenty of opportunities for this prophetic word to NOT have come to pass. Many chances and many ‘Super Tuesdays’ took place where Ted Cruz could have won. However, the Lord was very specific in saying to me that he will use Senator Cruz to be his voice in the Senate. Therefor, as Christian brothers and sisters, we must recognize the will of the Lord and pay careful attention to what the Lord says through Senator Cruz in these moments and heed whatever words of instruction the Lord places on his heart as the Lord’s voice within the Senate. The Lord did not mention a single other Senator as being his voice, only that of Ted Cruz, therefor pay close attention to his words and not those of others in the days ahead. Here is further proof:


There are literally countless prophetic words given on our Tuesday Testimony Calls but I do not include those as they are not prophetic words related to important matters of state. It is more important that you receive these important prophetic words so you knew with empirical proof the words and intentions of the Lord and him getting ready to bring forth a season of calamity. Here is the latest prophetic word given today that gives clear instructions for believers in how to survive the days ahead: Click here to listen

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