Prophetic Confirmation

Nearly two years ago on November 8th, 2014 the Lord led me by the power of the Holy Spirit to announce a scientific revelation. He commanded that I post the following on Facebook (please click here so that you know with empirical evidence that this is neither photoshopped nor has been edited in anyway – take careful note of the time date stamp on the post):

Note that the revelation specifically addressed that the warming and melting of the polar region ice cap is what is causing the earth to wobble.

PROPHECY CONFIRMED: Here is the headline from NASA today on April 14, 2016:“NASA: Global warming now changing how Earth wobbles” CLICK HERE FOR PHYSICAL PROOF.

Please take a moment and thoroughly look at this page here. I honestly have to ask, why after time and time again do men and women clearly see prophetic words given and fulfilled here do they neither acknowledge the Lord and his works? Why? I mean, atheists sit there and dog Christians every day saying we have no science insight, they say faith is not real and we as Christians are all delusional. Yet, here you see prophecy given and fulfilled time and again. Does this make headline news? NO. Does anyone invite me to speak in their Churches? NO. Does anyone bother to send these prophecies and their warnings to Government officials? NO. Literally folks just read this like it might as well be spam. Like this is no better than an email from amazon or something. For crying out loud, acknowledge the Lord and SHARE this a friend! Forward this to your family, let them know that there is still a prophet in this land of wickedness. Share it with your Christian friends and let them know that there is still good men that stand up to the darkness and acknowledge the Lord! If you doubt the accuracy of these prophetic words, then I openly challenge you to prove these prophecies wrong! Do your best to disprove it! For those that believe, be obedient and receive the reward today.

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