Prophecy Fulfilled Regarding the False Prophet Jonathan Cahn

On September 8th, 2016 at 12:48pm I sent the following email out to thousands of Pastors here in America. Here is the content of that email:

So that you know in whom the Spirit of the Lord rests and to give you evidence of his truth, I will deliver to you a prophetic word that will come to pass very soon. As many of you are familiar with a man named Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (he is the author of, ‘The Harbinger’). He is a man that along with Pastor John Hagee taught a spirit of divination and false prophesied for the last several years and said that with the 4 blood moons and the Shemitah that there would be a “great shaking”. You were told that none of the words they speak would come to pass (which it didn’t – nothing they spoke bore fruit). Instead you were told that only when I am called by the Lord to leave my home to prophecy is the moments when calamity would come. No blood moons would be your sign, the Lord would use ME as your sign. Well, now Jonathan Cahn is at it again and has prophesied that on September 29th, 2016 (this month) that the United States dollar will collapse and with it, the economy. Here is an image from google of him claiming this word: 


Now, so that you know in whom the Spirit of the Lord rests and who speaks from his sword of truth, let me prophecy to you:

What Jonathan Cahn has declared for September 29th, 2016 SHALL NOT COME TO PASS. You are NOT to concern yourself with this man’s words. He spreads false prophecy and mixes truth with lies simply to gain more glory, popularity and financial resources for himself (which is the very heart of the spirit of divination). In doing so, he has led many astray from knowing or hearing the truth. Those he has led astray, millions of them will be led to death during the season of calamity. Therefore, the United States dollar NOR all hell breaking loose will take place on September 29th or 30th of 2016 (this month). Once again, calamity will only come when I am called to leave my home to prophecy. Many will try to dishonor me in the days ahead. Many Pastors will challenge me yet not a single one will prevail, not a single one that attempts to attack me will be allowed to touch or harm me (this includes this Government), not a single one will be able to stop the words of prophecy that will be spoken through me and in the end when all is said and done…you will know that the prophet of the Lord has spoken to you. Mark these words and remember them carefully.

Wooo! Only to the Glory of your name Jesus!


Here is physical proof that this email was sent (which includes email headers): Click here for header information.

PROPHECY FULFILLED: On the date of September 30th, 2016 neither a US dollar or American Economic collapse took place. This evidence is given once again to show that Jonathan Cahn is both a false prophet and a false teacher. He speaks from a spirit of divination and mixes truth with lies to further his own career. True prophecy comes directly from the Holy Spirit and bears testimony to Jesus Christ. It speaks with command authority, leaves no room for doubt, speaks in regards to the future and ALWAYS comes to pass. What you read here is an example of what true authentic prophecy looks and sounds like. It is spoken only for the Glory of the name of Jesus Christ and not my own (I reserve no glory for myself whatsoever, but all the glory goes directly to Christ Jesus, the great King, the Lord of all the Earth in whom I represent). Now, take note of these prophetic words! Do not disregard them! The time of great calamity is soon approaching this nation and he delivers this evidence to you so that you maybe warned, heed his instructions and live!

Let this prophetic word and its fulfillment be considered the 21st prophetic evidence given to you and the Church. Here is a complete list of each prophecy given and fulfilled in this season.

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