Prophecy being fulfilled (with physical proof)

Fellow Pastors,
In fulfillment of prophecy as heard here on Facebook and through our calls and various posts, it was said to you months ago by The Spirit of the Lord that Russia was going to protect the port of Tartus in Syria. Today that prophecy is being fulfilled. The 336th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Russian Baltic Fleet has been redeployed from The Ukrainian border to the Tartus naval base in Syria, as part of Russia’s increased involvement in Syria’s Civil War. Lord I give your son’s precious Holy Spirit all of the credit. Without your sacrifice and testimony it would not be possible to reveal this (as all prophecy leads to your victory). Here is physical photographic proof from previous Facebook posts (take a look at the time-date stamps for each post and notice they were from a previous date – not including that many of you on the prayer team can first hand testify to the word you have received about Tartus from our weekly Pastor calls):

Proof #1:
proof #1







and Proof #2: 

Proof #2










I give him all of the honor and the glory!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church


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