Project ‘ALADDIN’ is a Security Threat to ALL Christians

Project ALADDIN which stands for (Automated Low-Level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligence Video) is a new feature from creators of the artificial machine intelligence known as AQUAINT. The NSA, FBI, IRS and more are now establishing the means to that ALL of your youtube, social media and videos uploaded on the internet will be scanned and evaluated for terroristic threats.

Project 'Aladdin'. Spies Want to Stockpile Your YouTube Clips (And Scan Them)

Project ‘Aladdin’. Spies Want to Stockpile Your YouTube Clips (And Scan Them)

This is not all it will do. Integrated into AQUAINT’s mainframe, this program will not only be able to sift through all of your online video media, it will be able to isolate whether you are a submissive citizen or a troublesome citizen. Are you a person of faith or an atheist. AQUAINT was built to be sophisticated enough to sift through mountains of data and identify human motive. With the advent of mobile video technology, this means AQUAINT will use ALADDIN to capture source video from every available feed connected to the internet. “the unconstrained video clips produced by anyone who has a digital camera present a significant challenge,” Iarpa notes on their website. This is why AQUAINT will use the same digital sifting algorithms it was originally programmed to use in electronic information gathering of intelligence and bring the same form of data collection to the worlds collections of online video. As WIRED reported today,

“Uploaded videos contain such diverse scenes and situations, not to mention grainy images and sound, that it’s much harder to prep algorithms for automated evaluation. And human analysts only have so much time for the “eyes-on-video/ears-on-audio” routine.

In ALADDIN, Iarpa wants a boundless database of open source video clips, and the ability to search “for the occurrence of specific events of interest…”. Once the system finds the relevant videos, it should be able to “rapidly and automatically produce a textual English-language recounting…describing the particular scene, actors, objects and activities involved.” – Source WIRED

This technology should be considered a strategic threat to the entire Body of Christ. A violation of constitutional rights to privacy on behalf of the Government and further confirmation of the prophetic warning given to the Body of Christ HERE that expressly warns the Church during the season of calamity to abandon all forms of technology that emit any form of frequency on the electro-magnetic spectrum. In fact, back in 2008, the director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Open Source Center noted that “YouTube…carries some unique and honest-to-goodness intelligence.” They desire to scan everything you do online saints. Let this be your warning – THIS TECHNOLOGY WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. It will be used by AQUAINT (which has been revealed prophetically to be the heart of the Beast) to hunt you down, target you and kill you for being a person of faith in opposing the Beast.

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