President Obama Caught Lying (AGAIN)

More Lies! Today, our Church has contacted our local congressman here in Montana to inquire about the following impeachable offenses. First, Obama lied 16 times when he said there will be no American boots on the ground in Syria (here is physical evidence). Then Lie #2 is when the administration and Department of Defense lied and claimed that Special Forces operators will only be given a noncombat “advisory” role – this video and evidence below clearly debunks that assertion! Then, issue #3: The President does not have the Constitutional authority to wage such a war in Syria! He has failed to receive any kind of congressional war powers authority and therefor is acting outside of Constitutional rule of law! Saint’s, these are impeachable offenses! Will this congressman do a single thing? We both know the answer to that question. This is disgusting and satanic on every level. American people, we are being lied to at the highest level of the Government. We’ve been lied to and as a consequence of Obama’s original support of ISIS, he has been directly complicit in the murder and slaughter of our Christian brothers and sisters. Be warned against this man of lawlessness and his contempt for the Lord. President Obama means to bring death and harm to all of Christianity and this nation. Take a look at the evidence below:

Here is pictures of American Soldiers in Syria (operating without American insignia):


Picture Evidence #2:


Picture Evidence #3:


Picture Evidence #4:



These are not the actions of a nobel peace prize winner. These pictures represent the truth of this man of lawlessness and his satanic agenda that does nothing but promote war and chaos in every corner of the world. You have been warned saints. Prepare yourselves for war. Brace yourselves for conflict on American soil and be prepared at a moments notice to go to the designated places of refuge. You have been warned…



The Empowerment Center Church

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