Police officer to street Evangelist Preacher: ‘You’re going to get the concrete if you don’t shut up’

Here at ChurchFreedom.org, we have seen a dramatic increase in assaults and hostile behavior being directed toward evangelist street preachers. Here, Evangelist Adam LaCroix was using a sound amplifier to preach on the University of South Florida’s campus on November 19. He says he had not been there long when a USF police officer walked up and started putting handcuffs on him without warning. “Sorry to have to inform you that you’re being detained for an offense involving the, uh … ” the officer can be heard saying in a video of the incident posted on YouTube this week. “Hey, you have my arm here,” LaCroix says. As the officer starts walking, LaCroix complains the handcuffs are hurting him. The officer, Philip Eonda gives him a warning. “You’re going to get the concrete if you don’t shut up,” he’s heard saying in the video below:

LaCroix says he and his fellow street evangelists regularly record their preaching activities in case they are accused of illegal activity. USF does not have any policies on sound amplifiers being used by the public on campus and members of the public do not need permits to exercise free speech. Eonda’s police report tells a narrative that contradicts with what can be heard on the video. (source: http://www.fox13news.com/news/fox-13-investigates/71358383-story)

Saints, this type of destructive hostile behavior is going to increase. Remember, the Lord never contradicts himself and Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled. In the book of Revelation it describes on several occasions how simply standing by your testimony of Jesus Christ is enough to warrant a death sentence under the authority of the Beast. See Revelation 6:9, Revelation 11:7Revelation 12:11Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 17:6 for proof of this. We are entering a season fellow brothers and sisters where the Lord is going to be bringing calamity to this world because of the inequity being shown everywhere. This is a season where you must count the cost and boldly proclaim your testimony about Jesus Christ. That you stand by this testimony even in the face of certain death. The Lord has promised those that stand by their testimony in these hours will receive their just reward. Therefor, remain steadfast against such darkness and abuses of the law. For those that are ready to share their testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit through their relationship with Jesus Christ, please join us this Tuesday at 1pm PST (which is 2pm MST, 3pm CST and 4pm EST) by calling 541-525-9473 and be ready to share your testimony LIVE to the assembly of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood As Sr. Pastor, the Empowerment Center Church

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