Pastors are afraid of their Boards

Pastors around the country are literally terrified of their Boards. Most people have no understanding how an incorporated Church is established here in America. They are establish in a manner that resembles a fortune 500 company. Just like Coca Cola has a board of directors, a Church has a board of trustee’s (they can call them board of deacons, elders or whatever. It doesn’t matter, its the exact same concept). And just like how Coca Cola’s board can fire the CEO of the company, the board of a traditional 501c3 Church can also hire or fire a Pastor at will and without prior notice.

People need to understand what this has done to the Church. If you wanted to know why there are so many “seeker friendly” Churches in existence, those mega-churches that have a form of Godliness but deny its power? We like to call those type of Churches ‘adult day-care centers’ (and yes, we’re going there…sit tight, because we’re about to tell it like it is). We all know them, the ones that sing two fast and one slow, the Pastor/Motivational speaker talks for 30 minutes then everyone is off the buffet. Meanwhile, it ignores any focus on the peoples spiritual gifts and talents, nor teaches them how to plot a course of action to bring forth multiplication and increase to the gift and the talent (which would bring forth Godly vision to the person). No, its called pretend Church. Righteous saints despise them as much as we do.

Well, guess what? Those “seeker friendly” Churches are 100% a by-product of the Church adopting this false notion of incorporating and being governed by a board (when they never had to, to begin with..but we’ll get to that in a minute).

Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS why it is a terrible mistake for us to continue to allow boards of trustee’s into the Church (just remember that I tried to warn you this article was going to get pretty raw):

Reason #1 For starters, the Pastor is technically not a Pastor, he/she is nothing more than a hireling: That’s right, we said it. Pastor of a 501c3 Church, you’re nothing more than a hireling. You see, that Pastor can be fired and hired at will by the board. This leads too…

Reason #2 Manipulation by the Board: Just like a fortune 500 company, the job of a CEO and a board of directors is to increase the value of it’s companies stock price. The more money the corporation makes, the more bonuses are dolled out to each member of the board. Anyone that understand how Wall Street works, understands this basic principle. Well, just like a big wall street corporation, 501c3 Churches that have a board, operate literally the exact same way. The more money a Church makes, the more the board is able to salary themselves back in return (kinda like giving themselves bonuses on wall street). If a board is riding the gravy train because their Pastor does nothing but preach those feel-good messages (you know, the kind or powerless messages that seem to appeal to only justify people’s desire to continue to act unrighteous and NEVER feel any form of conviction for not listening to the creator) then that board will make sure that their future salaries are never in jeopardy. In fact, if a Pastor ever attempts to challenge the Board, he/she is quickly dispatched and replaced with a much more subservient and sub-par leader that has no vision and even if they did, would be unable to execute that vision because the board rules supreme in a traditional 501c3 Church.

Is this any real wonder though because…

Reason #3 Generally, The Boards to the Largest Churches are Masters of Financial Manipulation: Church Boards are generally comprised of the richest and wealthiest people within the community (this includes business men, large land owners or developers) basically, people that are experts at being able to manipulate others through wealth. We’ve put masters of market manipulation in positions to vote on both the budget and preaching status of the Pastor. The problem with this type of democratic process is….

Reason #4 God’s Kingdom is established by principalities, authorities and powers…NOT by democracy or a democratic committee: The last time I ever hear of democracy being introduced in heaven was when Satan tried to convince a third of the angels he was right and God was wrong. If I remember correctly, Jesus claims that soon after that, satan was cast out of heaven like lightening (Luke 10:18). God does NOT rule his kingdom through a popular vote. You cannot ‘vote’ God out of office with a 51% majority vote. He is sovereign, omnipotent, nothing is impossible for him and his kingdom is established by just that: Kingdom. Kingdom is ruled through principalities, powers and authorities (Ephesians 6:12). If The Sovereign Lord established eternity through this principle, then how in the world are we expecting democracy to work within the Church? Many would say the Corporation Sole gives to much power back to the Leader of the Church because it completely eliminates the need for a Board. These excuses lead right into….

Reason #5 If you can trust your Pastor with $5, then you cannot trust him with $5 Million: I recently had a dinner with the Mayor of a MAJOR American city. He happened to be a Trustee for the largest Church in that city. He informed me that the other board members we’re the wealthiest land owners in the city (and owned approximately 75% of the land mass of the city). As we began discussing the Corporation Sole and how it places the Pastor in a position of not only freeing the Church from the restrictions of both 501c3 and Gender laws, he rebuttaled that how can anyone ever truly trust their Pastor with the Churches finances. The Holy Spirit immediately came upon me in power and asked him a simple question, “Jesus says in Luke 16:10 that, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”, my question is this, can you trust your Pastor with the finances of the Church?”

You see, this was a trick question the Lord was gving him. If he said, “Yes, I can trust my Pastor with the finances”, then the Lord was prepared to say, “Then why can’t you trust him with a Corporation Sole and freeing your Church from the bondage of the Government”? If he answered, “No, I do not trust him with the finances.” Then the Lord was prepared to say, “Then why as a man of supposed sound judgement are you wasting two hours of your week sitting and receiving the instruction of the Lord from a man you can’t even trust $5 with?”

He froze and did not have anything to say.

You see, the Lord is going to give the Holy Spirit vision for the direction of the Church to the leader of that Church, NOT to a democratically elected board of directors. If the Lord trusts your Pastor with the spiritual vision of the Church, could you not also trust them with the finances to properly execute that vision? Now, if you cannot trust the Pastor with the finances, then WHY in the universe are you continuing to go to that Church every weekend?! Sorry, but making the argument that we cannot trust Pastors with Church finances because so many of them seem to hustle the Body of Christ for another buck is not going to fly with us because it does not address the systemic reason (the root of the problem) which are boards that voted to hire those incompetent pastors in the first place! They hire those guys because they are so easily manipulated and controlled!


Is it any wonder why Pastors are terrified of their boards?! I have had a Pastors that try to privately talk to me at our ‘Empower Your Ministry’ events that do everything they can to reorganize their churches without upsetting or confronting their board. I tell them, there is no way around it, that they’re going to have to confront them (because in order to re-organize and FREE their Church from 501c3 with a Corporation Sole, the board has to vote to dissolve the prior incorporated 501c3 Church entity and vote to strip themselves of having veto power within the Church). Unless the Pastor of a 501c3 Church with a board has instituted Kingdom order within that Church, then the board rarely ever wants to give up its voting rights and will most likely try to oust the Pastor for even mentioning the Corporation Sole.

This is why, when the Pastor/Leader is really confronting their board to free the Church, the Pastor is actually confronting both a spirit of fear and manipulation within the very heart of the Church. If they cannot uproot and overcome this evil themselves, then they will have compromised the integrity of the assignment in their lives and within the Church body itself. They are not only disenfranchising themselves, they are disenfranchising the congregation members of any sense of Kingdom order within the Church!

Why do you think that even though the Corporation Sole has been in existence since 353 AD and has been legally recognized within American law since the founding of our country, there are inexplicably no reference materials at any college or university level to explain the Corporation Sole? It is not a joke when we say that we published the first book in American history on the topic of the Corporation Sole and how it free’s the Church from modern day 501c3 and Gender Law restrictions.

Thats right. Even though the denominations have giant Bible colleges and accredited Universities, not a SINGLE SOLITARY Bible College, Theology School or even law school here in America teaches a single class on the Corporation Sole and modern day tax law. They only teach about 501c3 and why your Church needs a board. If you an ordained Pastor reading this that went through bible school, then you will completely understand what we’re saying. If I asked you, two simple questions:

When you went to Bible college or to Theology School, did your university teach you about one of the following two things: the Corporation Sole and 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a)?

The answer is the same with each Pastor: No and No.

It doesn’t matter if the Church being properly created with a Statutory Declaration Affidavit and a Corporation Sole completely FREE the Church from 501c3 restrictions, Gender Laws and all of the legal headaches that are soon going to doom the Church, they will still fight to keep the boards within Churches because to that religious spirit, it is all about two things: MANIPULATION AND CONTROL.

Understand that we say all of this out of love because we see the Church as a glorious institution that God intended to change the world with being reduced to nothing more than parlor tricks to get people to go to Church.

Churches we love you, Pastors we love you, board members, we urge you to do the right thing and re-organize and FREE your Churches from these highly restrictive laws.


There is a war against the Church right now. It is a war that we unfortunately brought upon ourselves because our Church forefathers decided to acquiesce to giving massive territory to the Government through marriage licensing, 501c3’s implementation and now Gender Laws.

Where 501c3 put the blindfold over the head of the Church, Gender Laws will be the hangman’s noose around our neck. Gender Laws unilaterally pose the greatest legal risk to the Church and will be our undoing within the next 3-5 years. Where before it was a Church doctrinal issue to deny membership or marriage to a homosexual couple, NOW it has become a civil rights issue through Federal and State law. Literally preaching against homosexuality now is the basis for a Pastor to be arrested for a Felony HATE CRIME.

Think this is just a fantasy? Did you know that Ocean Grove Camp Meeting of the United Methodist Church in New Jersey was recently approached by a lesbian couple that wanted the Church to perform a civil union? The Church refused and was promptly sued by the couple under New Jerseys Gender Law. Since the Church was an incorporated 501c3 entity, it fell underneath the Corporate Gender Law’s jurisdiction. Long story short, the Church LOST in court, was forced to pay sever penalties and had a formal complaint filed against it with the New Jersey department of civil rights.

This is just the beginning, now Christian business owners across America are being targeted through Gender Laws. Recently, a Christian business owner was forced by a Judge to undergo, ‘homosexual sensitivity training’ when he was found guilty of violating the ‘civil liberties’ of a gay couple that approached his bakery wanting the Christian baker to violate righteousness by using his gifts and talents to celebrate an act that God deems to be an abomination. This is what is VERY concerning. We see the enemy very soon doing the same thing to 501c3 Pastors and Christians everywhere. Pastors that did not get their Church reorganized with a Corporation Sole will very soon become class D and C felons, because they are preaching under the authority of a Corporate entity that is directly underneath the Jurisdiction of Gender Laws.

Very soon an earthquake is going to rock the Church. Churches across the country will begin loosing their exempt statuses, having their assets frozen and be under incredible scrutiny because of these Gender Laws. In fact, a millionaire Gay couple right now is suing to have the Churches rights of being able to opt out of officiating Gay marriage revoked in England! The worst part is, those 501c3 Churches cannot even protest these laws because if they did so, the IRS and the Federal Government will come in and claim that the Church is violating the provision of 501c3 that prevents the Church from attempting to influence the proposed outcome of political legislation and they will loose the entirety of their tax exempt status!

Basically, if you do not re-organize with a Corporation Sole VERY soon, your Church is going to be under incredibly significant legal risk (so much so, that as a Pastor you might be facing jail time for preaching the unfiltered Gospel).

Why face such extraordinary legal risk when you never had to in the first place? We offer everything we do here at for nothing more than love and mutual edification. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain with us helping you. We love the Church and our priority is to those nameless souls that will be sitting in those seats. We have an obligation to help lead those future saints to a path of absolute victory and protection. If we fail in this task, then have fundamentally given up on the very principle of being a leader in the Body of Christ, which is to: EQUIP THE SAINTS.

If we do not fix this catastrophe within the Church (that goes straight back to the Boards) then we will soon face legal annihilation here in the United States. That is not a theory, that is a fact because the enemies first salvo’s in this battle are being fired right NOW (not six months from now).

For the sake of righteousness and love, we ask that you take our gift of love to you and let us freely help you through love and mutual edification completely reorganize your ministry with the help of a Church Establishment Affidavit and a Corporation Sole. You no longer have need of your board. Have boldness and APPLY TODAY and let’s work together in bringing Godly order back into the Church.



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

Overseer, The Empowerment Center and

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