Our Vision and Motivation

With God, NOTHING is impossible.

It is imperative that we report to the Body of Christ a list of the historic accomplishments that The Lord is performing right now. Including a list of our goals and everything we need to accomplish this incredible assignment. We give Christ Jesus 100% credit for everything.First, let’s report on the accomplishments being made here at ChurchFreedom.org:*History in the making: History was made on May 24th, 2014 in Los Angeles California with ChurchFreedom.org’s first ever live, “Empower Your Ministry” event. Nearly 50+ interdenominational Church Leaders stood together in complete unity to take a stand for Church Freedom and Religious Freedom of Speech (this is historic, because anyone preaching for years knows first hand how immensely difficult it is to get interdenominational Pastors under the same roof for anything). The Spirit of Revival swept the room and the Pastors were praising the Lord, singing together, praying together and for the first time, in my lifetime, I witnessed us (regardless of denominational affiliation) everyone standing in one accord with one another. Absolutely no Church Leader left that event without us freely blessing them with our complete Corporation Sole support. Those Churches now have the opportunity to free themselves from both 501c3’s political restrictions but also newly introduced (and highly restrictive) Gender laws that currently threaten the doctrines of the Church. From that event, God is now opening doors for holding Empower Your Ministry Events in Texas, Hawaii, Colorado and Central Oregon.

*Relationships and Mobilization: In the last 12 months, we’ve developed relationships with nearly 26,000+ Churches and Pastors. Of which, we’ve helped nearly 1,957 Churches across America free themselves from 501c3 and Gender Law restrictions. These 1,957 Churches are coming together in perfect unity based on our collective love for Christ and mutual edification. Each Church that stands with ChurchFreedom.org agrees to a simple set of principles: That we collectively develop and maintain relationships with one another and agree to mobilize at a moments notice for each other. This means, if their Church needs us to mobilize for them and stand in the gap for whatever need they have, that we will be there for them. In return, their Church also agrees to mobilize and stand with us as well. By us having each other’s backs, we can accomplish ANYTHING. Once a Church is apart of our network, we coordinate our messages with local leaders in your area for maximum effectiveness (political or otherwise). Each Church (regardless of their denominational affiliation) agrees that if it is within their power or authority to help a fellow Church in the collective, that they will and visa versa, all through love and mutual edification.

Here is a List of Our Goals and our Motivation:

It’s important that you know what we’re fighting for here at ChurchFreedom.org. We are solely motivated in raising up and protecting Gods people. You see, there is a sleeping giant here in America and its name is: The Church. It’s time we stood together, put aside our differences and focus on the common threat: Which is 501c3 and recently introduced Gender Laws. Here is our plans:

*Live Church Freedom “Empower Your Ministry Events”: One of our main goals is to hold a series of LIVE, “Empower Your Ministry” Church sermon event in every State across America.  We’re going to freely give each Holy Spirit led Church that attends these events access to our complete infrastructure and Corporation Sole support. Each Church we help will isolate their 501c3 status to the limited office of the Corporation Sole within their Church. Meaning, the Church itself will become immune to both 501c3 and Gender Law restrictions. Thus bringing incredible freedom back to the Church (a freedom it currently does not have without our Corporation Sole support). Without our support, most Churches will soon fall victim to the harsh realities and penalties of these recently introduced Gender Laws. With our support, they will enjoy all the benefits the Corporation Sole brings their ministry.

*Unity in the Body of Christ: Each Church that participates must agree to a simple principle: To love and mutually edify one another. That as EACH Church, Leader or member has a need, if it is within our collective authority (of the thousands of Churches already in our association), we will give to you regardless of your denominational affiliation. As Churches, we will support each other through absolute love and mutual edification. Now our goal is to bring the entire Body of Christ that is willing to stand together with us the same benefits, resources and strategic infrastructure.

*Mobilize: As a collection of free Churches across America, we need the ability to mobilize our congregations and communities at a moments notice. If there is important legislation that will affect the safety, security or integrity of Christian interests or values and we need 300+ Christians to gather in State Capitals around the country, then we are going to put out the call to your Church to stand with us. As we do this, we will coordinate clear instructions for Churches on exactly how to approach lawmakers. Our message to the Government is simple: The Christian Church is here to love and mutually edify the State. That as the State has a need and it’s within our authority to help as the Church, that we will! But this also needs to go both ways for the State as well. That as the Church has a need, if it’s within the State’s ability to help us, that they will be there for us as well. If we work together, then nothing will be impossible for us accomplish together. If lawmakers ignore us and try to impose restrictions on Christians and Churches, then we will unite, combine our vast resources of registered voters and use this wonderful Republic’s constitutional democratic process to our full advantage.

*An END to 501c3 and Gender Law Restrictions: Our goal is to unilaterally END 501c3 through either having it ruled unconstitutional or have it repealed by Congress. No religion should compromise its message nor its ability to have an impact on society for the conditional benefit of tax exemption. We would also see that Christian Churches and Business owners are protected from newly introduced and highly restrictive Gender Laws. These laws pose a clear and present danger to the integrity of the Church and they must be ended NOW. In addition, we seek to end what we feel is the unconstitutional authority Congress has given the IRS’s to conduct official Church inquiries and Church audits. We also seek an end to the 14-point standard test that the IRS conducts against Churches when conducting an official Church inquiry.

*It’s time to get our house ready for the Great Revival: It’s time for righteousness and Godly order to be brought back into the Church. That we lift up leaders that have a heart of love and spiritual maturity that is reflective of 1st Timothy 3:1-13. Churches where the Holy Spirit flows freely with evidence in love, miracles, signs, wonders, healings, wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, discerning of spirits, faith, speaking in tongues and interpreting of tongues. That we have Churches so full of Holy Spirit anointing, that super natural healings and miracles are a daily experience. God is separating his saints from the fakers. Those ‘seeker friendly’ Churches that have a form of Godliness but deny it’s power will be isolated and the people will testify about the great works of the Lord through the Churches that obeyed him and stood up for love and Righteousness. Every Church we help here at ChurchFreedom.org is another Church that will be apart of those that usher in the Great Revival of the Lord (the end time harvest). No more games with boards of trustee’s, no more adultery non-sense from Pastors that break faith with their spouses and go back on TV to preach, no more manipulation or injustice or a spirit of religion that has poisoned the Church. No, in this hour, the Body of Christ is being set apart and protected and all of our needs will be met for the coming time of hardship that is about to happen in this world.

Here is Everything We Need to Help Accomplish Our Goals:

The Holy Spirit. Thats it. We serve a God who makes the impossible POSSIBLE!



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Overseer, The Empowerment Center

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