Our Church Will Not Yield It’s Territory To The State

The Federal Government has grossly overstepped its bounds. In a clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and the Separation of Church and State, the State has requested that our Church, The Empowerment Center turn over all documents, records, donors and detailed information regarding each Church that we have helped establish here in America. By the command of the Lord, here is our Churches official response: Click here to read.

Day after day you have begun to see the Government oversteps it boundaries. This week, the FBI (in a clear violation of Constitutional rule of law regarding your privacy) has quietly changed its privacy rules to now access classified NSA PRISM and XKeyScore data on every American. Here is proof. Then, it is now reported that in another violation of the Constitution, the Pentagon – at the command of President Obama – has illegally deployed military spy drones over American soil to spy on American citizens. Here is proof. In addition, the President unconstitutionally acting without any Congressional War Powers authority, has launched an attack on a sovereign nation killing 150 people. Here is proofThese are just a few examples in an ever growing number of gross violations to the Constitutional Rule of Law here in this country.

Sadly, most of you are afraid and will not be outraged whatsoever – even with this proof. In fact, most of my closest Pastors have abandon me because they are afraid. Afraid of the Government, afraid of the consequences of being associated with us…they are just plain afraid. This was to be expected. Without the Lord giving me the command to walk this out and the assurance of victory to stand in this moment, I would also be terrified. I am a Husband, a Father of three wonderful children and a Pastor overseeing hundreds of Churches across America, facing what seems to be impossible odds. Yet, I serve a God that makes the impossible POSSIBLE. Instead, I deeply fear the Lord. For the Lord himself is with me and this is his will not mine. Therefor, it is not you nor me whom needs to be afraid in this moment. It is that Jezebel spirit that is trying to corner you saints that needs to fear! For that great harlot knows her time is short and coming to an end. She decided to engage the Lord in battle, therefor the Lord himself will meet her on the battlefield. She desires to lead you like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Do you not see it yet? It desires to murder you..but not yet. Instead, in this season I am being tasked by the Lord to leave the comfort of my home to travel and begin designating places of refuge and impart the power of the Holy Spirit to you saints in the form of miracles, signs and wonders and much more. These places of refuge will be places you will dwell when the Lord brings his great calamity upon this nation. There you will remain and be protected, provided for and have every need met. Though most of our nation we have both seen the love of many grown very cold – it will not be that way for you. Instead this will be a season of great revival in the midst of great calamity. Therefor, have hope! Have courage! Do not fear, do not doubt and stand firm in your testimony of Jesus Christ. Do not fear for me either, the Lord will allow me to evade this enemy to the Glory of his name. Watch this!! This was prophesied well in advance before any letter arrived from the Government! Instead of fear, turn your hearts to love. Fear the Lord and love him and your neighbor with all of your strength and live! Pray for me saints. Those that read this and have not succumbed to fear and doubt. Those that hold onto the truth and still have faith and have not entertained false thoughts. Pray. Lift me up as I begin my journey and pray that the maximum number of those that will be saved and come to know our Great King Jesus will be very great.

Have hope and fear the Lord. The King is returning very soon.


Pastor Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and ChurchFreedom.org and TestimonyToday and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Church Overseer.


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