Oregon Governor Kate Brown Reacts to ChurchFreedom.org

The Oregon State Senate has introduced Senate resolution 77 calling for the repeal of the Corporation Sole. During Senate Testimony, Peter Threlkel, the director of the Corporations Division of the Oregon secretary of States Office said, 

“Of the 270 active Corporation Soles registered with the Secretary of State Corporation Division 175 (65%) have been filed in the last two years by tax scheme promoters as tax avoidance packages costing victims hundreds or thousands of dollars. Promoters frequently claim that people who form and transfer all their assets into a Corporation Sole are exempt from all taxes. In some cases, promoters market frivolous claims that the Corporation Sole exempts the person from federal State and local laws as well.” – Peter Threlkel, Director, Oregon SOS – Corporation Division

This statement by Peter Threlkel, at the request of our current and openly bi-sexual and LGBT rights supporter Governor Kate Brown, is a direct attack against our Church and the ministry work being done here at ChurchFreedom.org. Our Church is singularly responsible for freely helping the vast majority of the 175 new Churches that have filed their Corporation Soles here in the State of Oregon (a MANY more that have organized in other States besides Oregon). The Holy Spirit reveals truth when he says that this man was directed to say these things in an attempt to silence our Church here in Oregon. The Corporation Sole is not a tax scheme, it is a legitimate legal instrument a Church can depend on to shield them from current, “Gender Discrimination Laws” and even certain 501c3 political speech restrictions. Gender laws especially are currently wreaking havoc on both the Church but also Christian Business Owners all across america. The Church considers this resolution and misstatements an attack against ALL Christian Churches, not just here in Oregon, but also throughout America. If the repeal is successful, these Churches would be deprived of the unique opportunity that both the Church Establishment Affidavit and Corporation Sole working together provides them during a time in America where there is an ever increasing onslaught of attacks coming from the LGBTQ lobby. This LGBTQ lobby now uses the command authority of the supreme office representing the State, the Office of the Governor, through an openly bi-sexual pro-LGBT rights advocate, to interfere in legal matters that are of supreme importance to the Church (in a clear violation of the separation of Church and State, with the STATE violating the sovereignty of the Church). This matter will NOT be ignored nor will the Holy Spirit remain silent through our Church. This lobby would use these, “Gender Discrimination Laws” under the manipulated and perverted auspice of, “equal rights” as a means to legally force both Churches and Christian Business Owners, against their own faith, into accepting as “normal business practices” what our Faith describes as contrary to what The Lord is commanding us how to live and accept here on Earth. These words from the Spirit are TRUTH!

This pro-LGBT “anti-Christian” agenda is undeniable as well! It is even being promoted from the Office of the President that just approved using tax paying dollars to fund an adcouncil commercial that promotes a perverted definition of loveThis is also why the Catholic Church is being sued by a former Gay choir director under the auspice of a gender discrimination law. Do you realize that if the LGBTQ community wins this case, that it will force EVERY SINGLE Church in America that does not have a Corporation Sole to legally be forced to hire LGBTQ individuals and if they didn’t hire them that the Church can then be sued on the grounds of “Gender Discrimination”?! How many Churches do you think have the financial resources to overcome that onslaught? If you think there are many, you better think again! Fellow believers reading this, they are using these laws as a means to attempt to threaten the Church with legal force into modifying their doctrines into accepting Gay marriage. Then when a Church tries to speak out against these laws and influence Government to side with the Church, they are immediately threatened and audited by the IRS

The Lord Jesus Christ will not stand idly by and let his people face this storm without a means of protection. 1st Corinthians 13:7 says, “Love ALWAYS Protects”. Saints, the Lord wants to protect you legally in this hour against these relentless satanic legal attacks. Everything we have here is yours at no cost. Freely take this book the Holy Spirit commanded to be written for you called, “The Corporation Sole – Freeing Americas Pulpits from the Restrictive 501c3 Laws for Churches“. This is FREELY being given to you at no cost whatsoever. Over 290 Churches received it last week by freely downloading it from www.CorporationSoleBook.com. We need to help way more Churches this week! Just READ IT and you will understand how important and how much it will protect the Church in this hour.

As for Oregon Governor Kate Brown, if it is not her intentions to use her political position as the supreme representative of the State of Oregon as acting Governor, (and as the former Secretary of State), to further what the Church considers a direct attack against it’s religious ideals, then it would be appropriate to ask for a private audience with Governor Brown with accompanying Church Leaders that have Corporation Soles in the Capitol Building in Salem at her earliest convenience to discuss these matters in person and afford her the opportunity of clarifying her stance with the Church. As of this moment due to the fabricated misrepresentation and mistruths given by Peter Threlkel, it is imperative that the Church knows if Oregon Governor Kate Brown supports or is against the Christian Church in this hour.

Saints, please use whatever means of support the Lord lays on your heart and agree with us in prayer that this message reaches the right ears and that the Governor of Oregon would act favorably upon the Church. This Monday I will be attending a Oregon Family Council meeting in Salem, Oregon that will feature guest speaker Todd Starnes. Keep us lifted up in prayer that this message is received by the right individuals and thank the Lord for his continued protection, being set apart, giving us everything we need and granting us victory in the moments ahead.

In Jesus name, AMEN!
Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and ChurchFreedom.org and TestimonyToday.org and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.

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