Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutionalIn another attack on Christian voters, a US federal judge reversed the state of Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday evening, citing a violation of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment of equal protection under the law. US District Judge Terence Kern countered Oklahoma’s stance on marriage and procreation, stating that “same-sex couples are being subjected to a ‘naturally procreative’ requirement to which no other Oklahoma citizens are subjected, including the infertile, the elderly, and those who simply do not wish to ever procreate.” The judge’s ruling is considered a major win for marriage equality proponents, but Oklahoma’s ban will remain in effect pending an appeal.

Once again, here at The Empowerment Center, we would like to reiterate for the record that Churches with Corporation Sole’s need to IMMEDIATELY STOP seeking state/government issued marriage licenses and instead create a marriage affidavit that can only be amended by the Church (thus taking the power of the marriage in question OUT from underneath Family Court’s jurisdiction). Then we need to teach the newlyweds how to change their respective last names. The only purpose for the state issued license is for the married couples in question to jointly file their income tax returns with the IRS and seek disability or medical benefits from a dying spouse.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we have been called more than conquers! Romans 8:37. If we are supposed to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13) then why in the world are we accepting a “conditionally privileged” marriage license issued by the state?! Folks, this is madness! When the Church enters the public domain of law for either marriage licenses, church creation or etc, we will wind-up loosing to secular atheists in Federal court EVERY SINGLE TIME because of the 14th Amendment or 5th Amendment in our Constitution. If a Church is organized under a Church Establishment Affidavit however, and they organize their finances with a Corporation Sole, then they are truly set free from these laws and regulations that plague other 501c3 Church institutions. I can only pray that more and more Churches will come forward and get rid of their 501c3 status in favor of organizing with a Corporation Sole!

By Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

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