Minister, when will you wake up?!

Fellow Pastors, 
            When will you WAKE UP?! Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was just sent to jail for standing up Jesus Christ. She refused a court order to issue same sex marriage licenses and she has paid the penalty: Jail time. It is now a legal precedent in this country that if you refuse this satanic Government in disobeying The Lord, you are sent to jail. This is in addition to Pastors being sent to jail in Arizona for holding Church in their home without a “state sponsored” permit. In Idaho, Pastors that refuse to conduct same sex marriage will face 90 days in jail. Pastors around the country are being thrown in jail and fined for feeding the helpless. You think that this does not effect you? You are a leader of God!! Why in the world are you preaching the Gospel on Sunday without marshaling the congregation to stand up against this evil darkness?! Why have good men stood by and let a WOMAN go to jail while you sit comfortably behind a pulpit relaxed doing everything you can to avoid this? WHY?! I pray the Lord brings conviction to EVERY SINGLE minister of the Gospel that reads this today that has stood idly by and has done nothing. I pray that every Pastor that has accepted gays, bi-sexuals and transgendered persons into their congregation and condoned their lifestyles that a spirit of complete conviction and unsettledness comes to you and your ministry. That you physically feel unsettled in your spirit, that you find no rest in your sleep at night. That you remain restless and full of conviction until you repent to the Lord for the inaction and condoning of this satanic behavior. I loose this upon you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:18-19). To those ministers that are walking by faith and love and are unyielding in letting your light shine, I speak peace and protection over you during this time of persecution. Continue to stand firm in your faith man or woman of God! DO NOT WAIVER! Fear the one that has the power to destroy both the body and soul in hell. Do not fear this corrupted satanic anti-christ Governmentthat would threaten your life with imprisonment and death. They cannot harm you, your reputation will be GREAT in the Kingdom! For this is how they treated the prophets of old. This Church utterly refuses to let this darkness take another single inch of territory from the Lord. We represent the plumb line of Zerubbabel!! Let them in their ignorance BREAK themselves against this plumb line! Let them feel despair as the Lord removes their food supplies. Let them feel thirst when he removes their water sources. Let them feel restless and not at peace as plagues torment them in their rebellion! Let them repent when calamity comes upon them like a flood. Those that rebel and do not turn their hearts to the Great King, let them break themselves upon that rock. To the others that repent in the days ahead, let them be saved and stand in their convictions until the very end! GOD BLESS IT! GOD BLESS IT!

Marshall you forces Pastors, the great day of our Lord approaches.

The King is making his way KNOWN and his return is imminent! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!


Pastor Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.


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