Millionaire Gay Couple Sues to Force Church Wedding

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-BarlowIn another salvo being launched against the Christian Church, Millionaire gay couple the Drewitt-Barlows have confirmed they have launched a legal challenge against a Churches right to opt out of gay weddings.

In fresh comments published by the Chelmsford Weekly News in the U.K. today, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow said legal action had started.

“We’ve launched a challenge to the government’s decision to allow some religious groups to opt out of marrying same-sex couples,” he said.

“We feel we have the right as parishioners in our village to utilize the church we attend to get married.

“It is no reflection on our local church, who have been nothing but supportive towards us. We understand their hands are tied by a higher group of people within the church.”

Earlier this month, Drewitt-Barlow said he and his civil partner, Tony, would go to court to force gay weddings on churches.

He said at the time, “The only way forward for us now is to make a challenge in the courts against the church.

“It is a shame that we are forced to take Christians into a court to get them to recognize us.”


Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow are exploiting a principle from the Churches current greatest weakness: Corporate Anti-Discriminitory Gender Identity Laws. Regardless if this couple is from England, Gender laws here in the United States have effectively outlawed Churches from discriminating against LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered and Questioning) individuals in any way shape or form. These laws are meant to legally force the Church to change it’s doctrinal stance on homosexuality or face severe legal repercussions.

These repercussions can include:

#1: Formal Civil Rights Complaints.

#2: Civil Action Against Your Church.

#3: Fines, Penalties and Potential Imprisonment.

#4: Forced Homosexual Sensitivity Training.

#5: Being Found Guilty of Committing a Hate Crime.


As a Pastor, you might be unaware that here in America, Gender Laws have already started having a dramatic legal effect on the Church. In fact, recently in New Jersey, the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights issued a complaint against the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the United Methodist Church for not allowing a “civil union” ceremony at their worship pavilion for people practicing homosexual behavior. This was another major victory for ‘Gender Identity Laws”.

Also, just like the Government is now sentencing Christian business owners into forced homosexual sensitivity training, we believe it is only a matter of time that Christian Pastors will also be subjected to this sort of harassment for our doctrinal stance in the defense of the sanctity of Marriage being between a man and a woman (as our Lord intended).

More than ever before, it’s imperative that Churches begin to isolate their 501c3 and incorporated status exposure through the proper use of both a Church Establishment Affidavit and a Corporation Sole. Most Churches are unaware that if they are either fully incorporated or have a bank account (to receive tithes and donations) that they are fully underneath the jurisdiction of both 501c3 and gender law restrictions.

What Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow will succeed in doing, is inspire other homosexual couples here in the United States to begin forcing Churches to perform Gay wedding ceremonies through similar litigation (under the jurisdiction of our current Gender Laws).  Churches that loose these legal fights will be forced to perform and recognize Gay marriage or risk every tax exempt benefit they have being erased (among other possible repercussions as mentioned above).

Can you begin to see why we minister that these laws are apart of the biggest legal threats facing the modern Church?

Here at, we freely help fellow Christian Churches (through both love and mutual edification) significantly reduce their potential liability to current Gender Laws and 501c3 restrictions. Use any of the links below to find out more and get started with positioning your Church to be FREE from these highly invasive and restrictive laws:

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Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

Overseer, The Empowerment Center and


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