Message of Instruction for ALL Believers

Please carefully listen to this entire message. It contains Godly instructions for all believers. It is imperative that you listen to it in its entirety:


Here is the video referenced in the audio:

If anyone tries to question the legitimacy of the video above, simply look at the following very important articles to dispel any doubt:

From The Guardian, “DARPA invests $100 Million in Genetic Extinction Studies” – click here for proof.

BBC reports, “Russians’ DNA taken by foreign agents, Kremlin says” – proof #1 and Russian biological samples ‘collected for research’ – US Air Force – proof #2

From Scientific America, “Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA”  –click here for proof.

From The Telegraph, Bill Gates warns about the use of CRISPR technology being used by terrorists – click here for proof.

Genes linked to homosexuality discovered by scientists – click here for proof.

Here is only one of a myriad of different ways the spirit of anti-Christ can currently use the weapon system described in our audio above against God’s Holy people. For a list of others – click here.:

This was spoken during a recent Sunday Church service.



The Empowerment Center Church

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