Legitimate Security Concerns to the Body of Christ

Fellow Pastors,
Here at ChurchFreedom.org, The Lord has begun to identify several areas of significant security concerns related to the well being and safety of Christian saints and people of faith across the globe. These legitimate security threats are not to be overlooked or dismissed. Please share these threats with your elders and community leaders in preparation for extreme hardship, tribulation and for the intercession of prayer. The more saints know these threats exist and can pray about them, the more will be able to adjust their lifestyles and living patterns so that they may have an advantage on the day of God’s wrath.

LEGITIMATE SECURITY THREAT #1: Military Autonomous Artificial Machine Intelligence:

By far, autonomous artificial machine intelligence is the greatest military threat the Body of Christ and people of faith across the Earth. We have warned the saints about the artificial intelligence code named AQUAINT/SKYNET. How it is has become incorporated into every facet of our Governments offensive and defense military posture. From autonomous artificial intelligence based LOCUST swarm drones to autonomous artificial intelligence based submarine based missiles, to autonomous artificial intelligence based 3D printed warships, fighter jets, long term surveillance craft, missiles, space based military shuttles, tanks, future robotic killing machines, micro-drones, internet surveillance apparatuses and long term strategic bombers. Autonomous artificial machine intelligence has been incorporated into nearly every level of our defense structure without any meaningful Congressional oversight. No one ever bothered to ask the question of whether or not this artificial machine intelligence was incorporated into our Governments “continuity of Government plan”. Meaning, what would happen in the event of a devastating attack on our Nations leadership? Who would assume command if these autonomous drones were not being controlled by a human operator? It should be noted that multiple attempts have been made by the Church to address this concern with representatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz (because he claimed to be a friend of the Church) and all attempts at communication have been ignored (but we do however receive plenty of spam email from their offices in return asking us for donations)!


To give you insight as to how deadly this threat of artificial intelligence is and how it is attempting to infiltrate Christianity, I will give you a personal testimony of a recent call I received from the Alliance Defending Freedom. When I initially received the phone call, I was speaking to a white man and I noticed a slight delay with the person on the other end of the line (it almost felt like a robocall). I asked if I was speaking with a real person and he said to me, “Oh, do I sound that bad! Yes, you are speaking with a real person” he used real human emotions when speaking with me. When he proceeded to tell me he was from the ADF, I proceeded to talk to hum for ten minutes and explain to him that Oregon was in the process of repealing the Corporation Sole law and I would like to speak with the President of the Alliance Defending Freedom. I noticed that when I was done speaking the caller seemed very cold and asked if I would like to give a donation. I thought perhaps he just totally ignored me. I said yes and he immediately switched me over to their credit card processing person (which was now a black man I was speaking with, whereas the first was a white person). I asked the man on the other end of the phone, am I speaking with a real person? He said, “Yes, we’re trying out a new calling system and your listening to a collection of audio files, but yes you are speaking with a real person”. Fellow Pastors, I can confirm for you that both of these men I was speaking with were artificial machine intelligence based telemarketers. They were not human! You see, they did not understand how to process the emotion of favor. When I spoke for ten minutes the machine AI did not know how to respond. Other than that, the caller was absolutely indistinguishable from a human being. It literally sounded like I was speaking to another person on the phone. This means, that artificial military intelligence can now mimic a human being on the other end of the line. This poses a SIGNIFICANT security threat to the body of Christ and the human species as a whole. I spoke to several Pastors about this and finally contacted the Alliance Defending Freedom to confirm if I was indeed speaking with a human or machine based operator and they confirmed for me that I was speaking with a machine. This means, the artificial military based machine intelligence has already begun to infiltrate Christianity’s largest legal platform and begun to filter through all their donors and members. Combined with new facial recognition based software programs, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that this technology will be used to fulfill end time Biblical prophecy for offensive military purposes against the saints. This threat must NOT be overlooked or cast aside.

How to defend against this machine intelligence threat: Please listen to this entire audio for how to circumvent this enemy. When the day comes, you will need to completely remove yourself from all forms of electronic equipment and everything related to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This included hand held walky talkies, radios, wifi, cell phones, gps and everything. Nothing that emits a EMS (Electro magnetic spectrum) signal can be used. If used, this beast will be able to triangulate your position and be able to call in a drone swarm to take out your position.

LEGITIMATE SECURITY THREAT #2 – Loss of Organic Life: 

Military threats are only one security concern Christians have in this season. The next is the loss of 90% of the organic life here on Earth. A recent testimony was given to Pastors that detailed how the Lord was in the process of removing most of the organic life here on Earth. Here is a detailed list of the massive amount of death that is occurring on a daily basis around the globe. Conditions are so bad around the globe that the river Euphrates is dry enough to cross as foretold in Revelation 16:12. It cannot be understated that fellow believers need to begin investing in life. Use whatever Church resources are available to begin buying dairy cows, sheep, horses, rabbits and livestock. Learn how to plant a garden and begin understanding the seasons. The Lord has shown me that only those places of refuge that he designates will be set apart in such a manner that their storehouses will never run dry. Those places of refuge will be given precise instructions when I travel across the world that will explain to them exactly how to facilitate and maintain peaceful worship in those centers. Places of refuge will be kept an absolute secret within the body of believers and only spoken about person to person by the leaders within the Church and not just to random outsiders. No form of electronic communication to reveal their locations will be permitted in this season. At the end of  specific period of time, the elders within that place of refuge will be given specific instructions for how to evacuate and premises for the continuity of life with the believers in that area. This will come at a time of tribulation that will call for great patience endurance on behalf of the saints.

LEGITIMATE THREAT #3 – The United States Government

Besides our Government building what will become known as the abomination that causes desolation CLICK HERE FOR PROOF, nearly everything being told by our Government right now is either based upon a spirit of manipulation, injustice, a lie or complete deception. Here is a Secret Pentagon Report obtained by Judicial Watch that reveals that the United States “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad. CLICK HERE FOR PROOF! This means that our Government was instrumental in funding an organization that is directly tied with beheading our Christian brothers and sisters!

Manipulation and Lie #1: Russia started the war with Ukraine:

This is a lie. The Holy Spirit reveals truth when he says that The United States Government was the primary initiator of the Ukraine conflict. Here is an exchange between State Department Representative Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Kiev, Geoff Pyatt discussing regime change within Ukraine before the ouster of then ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych:

The Holy Spirit would also mention how the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders and that there is recorded evidence from top EU representatives helping to collaborate this. If you didn’t hear about it then listen to their recorded phone call below:

Not to mention how the President has admitted to brokering the transition of power in Ukraine with proof here. Saints, we are being fed a LIE from this administration. This lie is leading to all out war with Russia. Russia has shown itself as a Nation that still adheres to traditional marriage and Christian rights. Something this Nation has done everything in its power to destroy with gender dissemination laws and the recent legalization of Gay marriage here in America.

This is in addition to Edward Snowden’s revelations that our Government has illegally spied on its citizens, openly manipulates online discussions and promotes discourse, tracks its citizens every phone call, email, keystroke and electronic communications. The FBI admits to illegally spying on its citizens using “STINGRAY” technology and even uses surveillance aircraft to eavesdrop on our phone calls.

not freedom

Here is a picture of you NOT retaining your freedom over American soil.

The FBI has also arrested all the major players of the hacker group “Anonymous” and have completely taken over their identity online. They then perpetrate hacking attacks under the guise of “Anonymous”. Just like the truth of what took place in Sudan, the truth is, is that the Executive branch now owns the brand, “Anonymous” and will use it in any shape they wish to discredit fellow believers in the days ahead.

This Government has consistently promoted a spirit of anti-christ across the world. Take a look below how our President, the man of lawlessness, has celebrated sin here in this country! In a clear violation of the separation of Church and State, he has taken the very life giving code of God, a symbol of his promise not to flood the world after the great abominations of times past and uses it’s colors to celebrate abomination and sin:

Gay white house

He finds all three branches in contempt. The United States Congress for their contemptible acts in violating the separation of Church and State with their introduction of both 501c3 restrictions, IRS audits for Churches, establishing official state marriage licensing and the Defense of marriage act (which should have never been made a law in the first place – that was the singular cause of Gay marriage being made into the law of the land), The Executive Branch because of their violations of the separation of the Church in State in insisting that the abomination of Gay marriage be made into the law of the land and for illegally spying on Americans in violation of their oaths of office and for creating a war machine of unparalleled might by a group of atheists that seek the murder and destruction of Christians worldwide and the Judicial Branch for now establishing the abomination and sin of Gay marriage into the law of this land. The Lord of Heaven finds ALL THREE branches of our Government in contempt and a clear and present danger to safety and security of Christians worldwide.

Saints, our Government is on a path of war with both China and Russia. This administration believes it can militarily defeat or oppose these nations (and with its unparalleled war machine, it may actually have the chance). It should not be upon this path. There are more Christians living in China than there are here in America! And there are many righteous men and women in Russia as well. Wisdom, love and mutual edification should be the way for our great nations to come together. The Holy Spirit has shown me that without a complete repentance by this Government from all three branches, that war was inevitable here in America. Therefor, we have placed our Government on this list. In the days ahead, expect no justice whatsoever from this Government (from local, state or Federal Authorities). They simply have consolidated to much power and are using it for satanic purposes against the saints.

If there are those out there that still intercede in prayer for the body of believers, please intercede on our behalf against these 3 major threats. They pose a significant risk of lose of life and property to the Christian community and the purpose of this letter is to both inform you of the threat as well as call you to pray intercession in prayer on behalf of the saints in the face of these threats.

Lord we pray for your perfect outcome! In the end, love will be the thing that saves us.

In Jesus name, AMEN!
Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and ChurchFreedom.org and TestimonyToday.org and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.

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