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Incorporate a ChurchLooking to Incorporate a Church?

Firstly, understand that pursuant to 26 USC § 508(c)(1)(a) that you were NEVER lawfully required to incorporate a Church nor file any documents with any Government agency seeking  ‘Official Recognition’ of your Tax Exempt Status.

My fellow Christians, It would be DISASTROUS for you to physically incorporate ANY Church, because ANY incorporated Church here in the United States would be considered a ‘Creature of Statute’ otherwise known as a “Creature of The State” and would then fall under the category of 26 USC § 501(c)(3) and thereby have it’s tax exempt status heavily scrutinized by the Federal Government and the IRS.

Those churches that have incorporated themselves, have voluntarily suspended their God given Constitutional rights of Tax Exemption from Federal Income Tax and to receive Tax Deductible Contributions for instead, the Treasury Departments “Conditional Privilege” of being considered Tax Exempt. Don’t believe me? Take a look here at Tax Exempt Status of a Corporation Sole. By never either incorporating your Church nor filing out the IRS Form 1023, your Church is EXEMPT from even having to FILE Federal Informational Tax Returns CLICK HERE FOR PROOF! Also, here at the IRS’s own site which states that if a Church fills out a form 1023, they are now contractually obligated to file their Federal Income Taxes once every three years or they automatically lose their Tax Exempt status! Folks, if you DO NOT incorporate your Church nor fill out the IRS form 1023 and opt instead to form a Corporation Sole, the differences are staggering:

Requirements of EITHER an “Incorporated Church” or a Church that has filled out an IRS Form 1023:

Requirements/Advantages of a 26 USC § 508(c)(1)(a) “FREE Church” and The Corporation Sole:

  • REQUIRED to File Taxes at least every three years or they loose their tax-exempt status.
  • REQUIRED to have a board of trustee’s (or board of Directors). This board must also have more voting rights than blood relatives that are on the board with you. For instance, if you and your wife were on the board, you would need 3 additional NON-BLOOD relatives to become board members (effectively now having 5 board members).
  • REQUIRED to have Church by-laws (which is in contradiction to why Jesus died for us on the cross, which was fulfill God’s Law and not have us as his followers add to them).
  • REQUIRED to have a Church Constitution.
  • Essentially you as the Pastor are nothing more than a common “hireling” and are subject to becoming terminated at the whim of the Board of Trustee’s. Attempting to write by-laws attempting to protect your position will also cause your IRS 1023 Application to be denied.
  • IRS Form 1023 Takes 6 Months to be reviewed and either approved or denied.
  • IRS Form 1023 costs a whopping $850 just to submit the form! (That’s not even a guarantee that you will even be approved!). This is in addition to the nearly $3,000-7,000 a Lawyer is going to charge you to completely set up everything.

Here at, we can help you lawfully establish your Church, then act as your domiciled residential “registered agent” here in the State of Montana.

Once your Oregon based Corporate Sole set up has been completed, you will be fully recognized as a religious non-profit and can open up all your subsequent banking accounts, PayPal accounts and etc.

The entire process from beginning to end should take no longer then a week and a half at most.

To get started, simply fill out the form below!

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