Incorporate a Church in Georgia

Incorporate a Church in GeorgiaLooking to Incorporate a Church in Georgia?

Firstly, understand that it would be disastrous for you to physically incorporate your Church in Georgia. Mainly, this is because ANY incorporated Church in Georgia would now be considered a, “Creature of the State”. Here at, we firmly believe that the Body of Christ and it’s believers needs to be unshackled from the State and therefor would recommend you to rather establish your Church through our lawful affidavit called the, “Church Establishment Affidavit”. Because, by lawfully establishing you Church your status through our custom affidavit (rather then incorporating it directly), then your Church truly becomes a 26 USC § 508(c)(1)(a) Church. A USC § 508 Church has WAY more freedoms than that of a typical 501c3 Church does: It is not required to file Federal Income Taxes, Apply for recognition of tax exempt status, has complete freedom of speech and much more. Here at, we will help you through this entire process from beginning to end. First by lawfully establishing your Church in Georgia, then by helping to set up your incorporated Corporate Sole here in the State of Oregon (since Georgia has no Corporate Sole laws). We easily do this by becoming your Montana based, domiciled ‘registered agent’.

The entire process from beginning to end should take no longer then a week and a half at most.

To get started, simply fill out the form below!



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