Incorporate a Church in California

Incorporate a Church in CaliforniaIn order to incorporate a church in California, you have to go through a few more steps than you would if you were living in any other state.  With our expert help though, instead of you trying to incorporate a church in California, you will rather opt to form a Corporation Sole in its place. California is one of the last States in America to offer a true Corporate Sole law. So, instead of wanting to incorporate a Church in California (which would classify your Church as a Creature of The State), we are offering you a chance to easily form the far superior Corporation Sole in its place.

Take a look here at just a few of the differences between a “traditional” 501c3 Church and a Corporation Sole.

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Joshua and his wife Mandy have been in ministry for 13 years. Years ago they both founded The Empowerment Center Church here in Sun River, Oregon with the vision of FREEING The Church from todays restrictive 501c3 laws and helping to RAISE UP the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ. As of 2014, Joshua has helped teach over 23,000+ Pastors, he has personally helped establish over 2,000+ Churches here in North America Free Themselves from 501c3 and he also enjoys the distinction of having written & published the first book in American history related to the Corporation Sole and modern day tax law. Joshua also enjoys being able to preach daily to The Empowerment Center's 35,000+ fans and listeners on Facebook. When he is not ministering to Pastors, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and his awesome three Children (Jacob Alexander, Justin David and Faith Victoria).
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