General that Warns of Military Conflict Between the United States, Russia and China is correct

On Saturday, May the 23rd at 10:00pm at night, The Lord called me to the wilderness to speak with me. I told my wife the Holy Spirit was drawing me out and she agreed that I must go. As soon as I opened the front gate of the property, the Holy Spirit came upon me in power with prophecy. He led me to the base of a mountain and as I prayed in the darkness he gave me an ultra specific prophetic vision. He showed me a series of events that would take place that would lead to an imminent war between the United States, Russia and China combined. The Holy Spirit commanded me that I was to write down this explicit vision in every detail and that I was not to share it with anyone electronically (through email, phone calls, the internet, social media and etc) but rather that I was to write it down on plain paper in my prayer journal. The Lord then commanded me that I was to hand deliver those pages of written testimony to a man that I had met at a Pastors conference one year prior while I was speaking at a Pastors leadership conference in Beverly Hills, California. As many of you know, I live 100% on faith and this was only a few weeks before my lease was up at my old house in Oregon and I had very little funds. I spoke to the Lord and said, “Lord, if you want me to go to Los Angeles, you are going to have to provide the means and make the way for me to get there” – as I was financially not able to make this trip on my own financial means at that time. The very next day I was invited to speak at a five fold ministers gathering in Los Angeles that was taking place on May 30th (only seven days after the initial revelation). So, on May 30th I spoke at the conference (which is the video that is on our homepage here). After this event, I drove across Los Angeles to meet the man I was to hand deliver the message too. I met the brother whom immediately informed me that he had just returned from a trip to the White House in meeting with Senators and Congressmen. We sat down and I explained to this man the vision and how everything the Lord has been showing me for the last several years has come to pass and how my real reason for being in LA was NOT to speak at this Pastors conference but rather to meet him to hand deliver this important message to him as the Lord had commanded me too. The Holy Spirit was released as I was speaking to him and he received my message with earnest. Two weeks later, I was informed by this brother that the message was translated into Chinese and it was hand delivered to the President of China. Saints, only because the Holy Spirit has released me to say this will I write to you of the first event that was to take place that caused a series of events to unfold (I am not released by The Lord to divulge the nature of the other events) – the first event that would take place would be that our American Navy would sail a missile destroyer to the South China Sea. This exact event took place exactly five months and 3 days AFTER the prophetic word was given (here is proof). You need to know that there are events taking place right now that are EXACTLY what was written about in my prayer journal that are leading our nations to war. Now Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley testifying before the House Armed Services Committee in Washington DC warns that that there is a high risk of war between the United States, Russia and China (here is proof). In this testimony and based on what the Lord has shown me far in advance, I can tell you that his statements are very accurate. I physically saw in the spirit an attack on the mainland of the United States with catastrophic loss of life and specific cities that were targeted and where the outside attacks originated from and why they attacked (all of which was written down in these pages that were delivered). 

Now, please allow me to be truthfully frank with you for a moment. It seems that no matter how many prophetic words are given here, even with showing you as Pastors empirical proof of prophecy being spoken and fulfilled like this – it seems absolutely no one besides my prayer team and those closest to me receive or act upon any prophetic word that is given. Like, it goes in one ear and literally right out the other. But, I am obedient in the face of this obstinate behavior from the majority of those Pastors that will read our emails and I write this today because the Lord has commanded that I do so. Therefor, this testimony will act as a record from the Lord that you were warned in advanced (whether you receive this and act upon it or not – he commands I publish this today for the record). Saints, if you knew how accurate this word was that was given to the President of China and the contents of what was written, you would have done everything in your power to avert what I saw. As it is, the Lord said calamity was coming. Therefor, I am being obedient in writing this to you today. Lord, let your name alone be glorified and let the anointed prophetic prayers of the saints be effective!


Pastor Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Church Overseer.


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