Gay Marriage is the Line in the Sand!

Fellow Pastors,
Not a single Church, not a single solitary Church that supports gay marriage will be represented by for their Corporation Soles. Every other Church will be forced to officiate gay marriage or completely loose their tax exempt status. Make your choice now! Jesus is the dividing line. I see some preachers not making any comments on this topic thinking they can avoid it. That day is OVER!! The Great King demands you make a public display! You are either for him and his decrees or you are for the perverted divination Jezebel spirit ruling this nation! As of Monday morning I will already be resigning from one Church. We will no longer be legally representing Dina Mabe and Orange County Healing Rooms. I posted a comment on her Facebook wall regarding what the Spirit saw as a, “middle of the road” stance they had regarding Gay marriage and they promptly deleted my comment. Because they have made their choice in distancing themselves from us and not taking a bold stand with us for Jesus and condemning Gay marriage and calling it an abomination, then the Spirit of the Lord is no longer willing to support their assignment nor allow us to continue representing their ministry nor endorsing any message they deliver. Jesus is the line in the sand and the Spirit of Christ was serious when he said he was the dividing line on this issue. Are there any other Churches that want to take that middle of the road stance? If your not willing to publicly display your faith as a Pastor in opposition to Gay marriage, then tell me now so I do not have to waste my time writing resignation letters over multiple days!


Take a look how our President, a man of lawlessness, has celebrated sin here in this country! In a clear violation of the separation of Church and State, he has taken the very life giving code of God, a symbol of his promise not to flood the world after the great abominations of times past and uses it’s colors to celebrate abomination and sin:

Gay white house

From ancient Caesars to modern day Kings, we as a Christian believers are called to respect those in authority over us (Mark 12:17). Respecting authority is not the same as submitting to sin that is being imposed upon us by any Government or leader. Just like in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar when Radshack, Meshach and Abednego took a bold stand in defiance of Nebuchadnezzar’s ruling law that challenged the 1st Commandment of God, we too must now take a bold stand for Jesus Christ. The Lord finds ALL THREE BRANCHES of this Government in contempt. The United States Congress for their contemptible acts in violating the separation of Church and State with their introduction of both 501c3 restrictions, IRS audits for Churches, establishing official state marriage licensing and the Defense of marriage act (which should have never been made a law in the first place – that was the singular cause of Gay marriage being made into the law of the land), The Executive Branch because of their violations of the separation of the Church in State in insisting that the abomination of Gay marriage be made into the law of the land and for illegally spying on Americans in violation of their oaths of office and for creating a war machine of unparalleled might by a group of atheists that seek the murder and destruction of Christians worldwide and the Judicial Branch for now establishing the abomination and sin of Gay marriage into the law of this land. The Lord of Heaven finds ALL THREE branches of our Government in contempt!!

You are not called as a fellow believer to submit to laws that violate the Ten Commandments. With this Gay ruling and because of the introduction of Federal “Gender Discrimination Laws”, the State would force you into accepting Gay marriage or completely revoke your tax exempt status. You are not called to submit to this. Now, Christian Churches from around the country that have not gotten their Corporation Sole’s will begin to justify why they should be able to accept gay marriage. There is no justification, no middle of the road stance and no way where if you do not take a stand now that there will not be consequences for you and your Church. This is it.

Together, we stand united with your Church and will begin to soon make our way around this country to hold Pastors conferences everywhere. We are coming for two reasons:

#1: To give those Churches that have not gotten their Corporation Sole’s the opportunity to do so, so that they can legally be protected from accepting Gay marriage.

#2: To deliver an important prophetic message in person that must not be relayed electronically by any means whatsoever (that includes cell phone, email, text message, Facebook and social media). The message carries very important instructions for next steps now that the Lord finds all three branches of the Government in contempt. Just like in the time of the Passover, these instructions will provide you safety and security in the days ahead. During our Pastors conferences, no cell phones, iPads, tablets or recording devices of any type will be allowed in the room.


As for this divination Jezebel Spirit that has brought forth false prophecy and confusion. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are cast out from the Body! Lord, remove your power from The Elijah List and every divination gathering, Lord remove your power from the false prophetic words from Rick Joyner’s Morning Star Church and associated Churches, Lord remove your power from those that speak false divinations and put emphasis on Bible codes and times and dates that have no meaning. Lord remove all power from those houses and assignments and give it to those that still revere your name. You want a double portion? You want a double anointing of favor? Let every word you speak against these words bring forth a double portion back upon you. Let these words act as a mirror and bounce back every cursing you speak. Let us see how much power you wield! Speak against these words as if you have power! You have NONE. You have no power to curse this ministry nor myself. You could not delay or rebuke even if you tried. Test the Spirit with all of the boldness and power you claim to have! See if you can stop the flood of Gods wrath coming against you! If you could! Tell us soothing words that will save those ministries and this nation from sure and sheer destruction! You claim that droughts will be over! You claim double portions are on the way! You have received your reward in full and you have been found powerless. Just like in the day of the original Elijah, the Spirit of the Lord uses me to call you out. Try to stop these words! Repent for your actions men and women associated with these ministries! Repent for using the name of the Great King to convince others of a lie! You did not speak in the name of the Lord, you spoke from a divination spirit. Repent now, make a public display! Until you repent fully for the waywardness you have caused in the Body of Christ for your own personal gain, you will have no refuge in the days ahead when the Lord pours out his wrath upon this country. Expect no shelter nor food to fill up your storehouses in that day. You will celebrate and call men to revival! Do not participate in their revivals fellow saints! They are a counterfeit of the Spirit of God and aim to only serve their own purposes, pocket books and a Government agenda. They would see your faith as a direct threat to their way of life and would even go as far as trying to use force against you to detain you into accepting Gay marriage. These men will be held accountable on that day. Do not try to engage them either nor speak against the Jezebel spirit either. The Lord has anointed me to rebuke this spirit because he has protected me against every form of its attacks (no matter how badly it wants to kill me). Simply agree with me in prayer. I am protected, set apart and every need I have is met. These are the Churches the Federal Government will attempt to meet with and convince them to turn the hearts of other saints. The Lord knows their plans and they have already failed. Like calling them out on a battlefield, these men and women scurry and run for their lives in the face of death. Make no mistake, if they attempt to confront the Spirit of the Lord upon me directly on this issue, they will confront death itself and place their very lives into forfeit. I do not say this upon my own authority but by the one who sent me and his words are true. Let it be made known now that they have been warned in advanced.


Saints, not a single candidate running for office is anointed to hold the office of the presidency. Only one man has been anointed with oil this season with confirmations from the Holy Spirit on more than one occasion. This is a man with incredible faith for Jesus and a heart of love to rule. At the exact precise moment, the Lord will reveal and elevate this man and his family. Remove all support for every candidate running for office and prepare your hearts to follow the leadership of the man of God when he is ready to be elevated. Respect his rule of law and the words he speaks when that time comes so that we are all in one accord (even if it means choosing between this man and President Obama). I have testimony regarding this man and will share it with you at the appropriate time in our Pastors meetings.

Glory to your name Jesus. You are Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the messiah and the Great King. The Lord of Heaven and Earth and the Armies of Heaven. There is no other name that can save us from hell except yours and believing in your testimony. In you I place all of my trust.

The King is making his way known!!!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority of the Holy Spirit as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.

Joshua at the Capitol

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