Gay Marriage and the Church – a Dire Warning

Where you aware that if homosexual Democratic State Senator Ricardo Lara has his way in California with his Youth Equality Act (aka SB 323), that ALL Christian Churches organized under 501c3 will be forced, by law, to officiate Gay marriage and if they do not, they will AUTOMATICALLY LOSE their California State Tax Exemption Status? Also, that the Federal law of 501c3 is so satanic in nature, that Churches are prevented from even being able to officially protest these kind of bills? If they do, the IRS will say that the Church in question was attempting to, “influence the outcome of proposed legislation” and that Church WILL LOSE  the entirety of their tax exempted status!

Watch my video below as explain this further:

Fortunately my brothers and sisters in Christ, there is a solution to this Church crisis and it’s name is called the Corporation Sole! Let me explain, the Corporation Sole is the only known way that a Church can organize its finances whereas the Church itself will NOT be under the jurisdiction of 501c3 but rather the law of both 26 U.S.C § 508(c)(1)(a) and 26 U.S.C § 6033(3)(A)(1-3). Both of these laws not only mandatorily exempt the Church from taxation but also mandatorily exempt the Church and its subsequent Corporation Sole from being required to file annual returns to the IRS. This effectively places the Church itself (not its finances which are through the Corporation Sole) outside of the jurisdiction of 501c3 and therefor the main Church, its ministering Pastor and the Churches Polity body DO NOT have to adhere to the same restrictive 501c3 laws as other Churches!

Take a minute and fill out our form above and join the 13,000+ other Churches and Pastors that have found out how to protect themselves from these restrictive and manipulative 501c3 laws!

By Joshua Kenny-Greenwood



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