FBI Ambushes American Patriots – THE TRUTH!

Last night the group of American patriots that stood up to a overbearing and oppressive Government that has acted without impunity in prosecuting ranchers for decades until they run them out of their businesses to take over their land were ambushed by the FBI on their way to a town hall meeting in Burns, Oregon. They were invited to the meeting under the guise of speaking with members of the community (a set up by the FBI to ambush them). From speaking with a fellow Church Overseer and a member of my personal prayer team on the ground in Burns last night, while in the process of surrendering to FBI agents (whom as a Federal Agency should have NEVER been involved with local traffic stop enforcement), with hands raised, the FBI murdered LaVoy Finicum in cold blood. Now saints of God, take very important note of the following and heed the instructions:

#1: Pay very close attention to how the FBI working with community leaders worked on inviting these men to a constructive town hall meeting and then along their way were ambushed. In the near future when you make your way to a place of refuge, they will use the same tactics to get leaders and fellow believers off the places of refuge. Some of you will be invited to “revivals” or important meetings by community leaders. Absolutely DO NOT leave those places of refuge. Those revivals you would be invited to are false revivals meant to lure you away, ambush you, and to either detain or murder you. Pay very close to attention to the FBI’s battle tactics here and follow these instructions. The FBI has now begun to set up check points around the wildlife refuge. Saints, when the time of calamity comes, they will attempt similar measures against some of the places of refuge. Do not take main roads – instead, know the lay of the land how to get across country on foot unseen and undetected to a waiting vehicle that is beyond the checkpoints of the FBI.

#2: Because the FBI murdered LaVoy Finicum, they will now induce fear and intimidation techniques. Show the FBI absolutely no fear whatsoever in these moments and continue to stand for righteousness. The Lord has decreed calamity is coming to this nation and there is absolutely nothing the FBI can do to stop it. They are powerless in the eyes of the Lord from stopping his sovereign plans – therefor, take up courage and peace in the moments ahead when calamity begins to unfold here. You DO NOT have a spirit of fear, but of peace power and sound mind! 2nd Timothy 1:7.

Learn from this and follow these instructions saints. These men are evil and full of wickedness. They uphold injustice and strike down good men that shine light on the truth of inequity. They lie, manipulate, steal and murder innocents without impunity. There is no justice in this land. Therefor, be as clever as a fox, as harmless as a dove and stand firm in your faith. For those Pastors reading this, you have an obligation to the Lord to stand up for righteousness and not take a back seat. Begin preparing your congregations for the time of calamity. When a prophet of the Lord shows you continued evidence that it is coming with proof HERE, do not cast it aside! Instead carefully listen and follow these instructions to find the places of refuge because this is coming! Better to prepare them now than in the time of calamity when chaos and fear begin to reign!


FBI, the Lord does not fear you.

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