Faith, Testimony, Corporation Sole Repeal and Transition Processes

Fellow Pastors,
On 05/20/2015, with less than $204.18 to our name, I felt led by The Holy Spirit to make a public display of my faith for the entire world to see. Facing absolutely insurmountable odds, I wanted those Pastors that still had faith to believe in miracles to agree with us in prayer for breakthrough. I also wanted the world to see the mighty hand of Jesus at work in our lives. When I emailed that message to 10,000 Church Leaders, I was ridiculed by MANY that said I was a false prophet, that I was leading my family to homelessness and that I was crazy for not selling the option on my home for the remaining limited time I had left.

Well saints of God, I have a testimony! I am moving and the Lord has increased my territory! As you read this, I will be moving to a MUCH larger house, (the downstairs alone has 1,500 sq. feet of space in the living room to hold Church in), it has an additional cabin/guest house, it has double the acreage for cattle (we went from 10 acres to now 20 acres), we have even been blessed with seed money for more cattle (remember, the Lord commanded us to invest in life – that he was removing 90% of organic life from the Earth. With a lack of food imminent, these cattle will be more valuable than diamonds and Gold), we now have grass for the livestock on all 20 acres, the property has 3 workshops, 3 deep wells, a pond for the animals (that never freezes over because there is a hot spring next to it which is perfect for the livestock in the winter time), views of snow capped mountains and our rent has been paid VERY far in advanced. Don’t tell me after only a few weeks ago of only have a few hundred dollars that we do not serve a God that can make the impossible possible! This new home is in a completely different state than Oregon but it is within a State that still has an active Corporation Sole law that has not been repealed! Praise the Lord too, because as of June 8th, Oregon has just fully repealed the Corporation Sole law!

I read recently from one Pastor, “I would like to see how God delivers Elijah so I can learn from this experience.” Jesus only you can deliver! Saints, truthfully I have been faithful in following his commands and The King has delivered me in my moment of incredible need before he sends me out to travel and prophecy. He promised me that he would take care of my housing situation before he sends me out and he has fulfilled his promises (even in the face of impossible odds). He has answered every prayer I have prayed in full measure and beyond.

Now, because the Corporation Sole law has been repealed here in Oregon and because I am moving (and thus ending my tenure as acting as a registered agent for those Churches we represented here), it is important that you know that I will be making time in the next couple of weeks or so to perform a review of those Churches that have partnered with us through love and mutual edification. To those Churches that have shown us love and mutual edification, I will be making arrangements with them to make sure everything with their Corporation Sole is in perfect accord for the transition to the new State. This is because I will be leaving Oregon and currently in Oregon there are no known reliable registered agents within that State to represent those other Corporation Soles. I currently  have no confidence that any business or registered agent in Oregon with outside political pressures would not drop any Churches Corporation Sole at the first sign of pressure (as the enemy against the Church is absolutely ruthless in doing so right now). 

Praise the Lord for the ram in the bush he has promised us! Because we are permanently moving to another State that still has an active Corporation Sole law, we will be making arrangements for the permanent transfer and representation of those Churches that mutually edified us. It did not take much for any Church to mutually edify us. It could have been that they shared our posts (that really mutually edifies us), it could have been that they invited us to their Churches to come and speak or even responded to our ministry with a kind word or agreed with us in prayer (with proof) when we requested it. To those Churches that that stood with us, we will continue to freely bless your ministries with the freedom of representing your Churches Corporation Sole.

To those Churches that freely took from our Church and did not bother to love or mutually edify us. To those Churches that did not bother covenant with us on any basis, to those Churches that barely donated anything to us and treated us worse than some cheap business and ignored or forgot about us in our times of need (even though we gave you something of extraordinary value), to those that never bothered to like or share any post or agree with us in prayer when we needed it, let the Lord deliver your ministry as he has ours in the days ahead! Because we are leaving Oregon and will no longer be able to represent those Corporation Sole’s as a registered agent there, they will be forced to find an alternative registered agent now. Perhaps the Lord will deliver your ministry as he has us and you will find that lone registered agent to represent you. When you do, pray that when the IRS investigates their organization and they will (as they have us for representing so many Churches) that they stand up for you as we have and continue to maintain your Corporation Sole! I pray you have more faith in that day than what I have seen thus far! Because any Church without a Corporation Sole is completely wide open to attacks from both political restrictions from 501c3 as well as gender discrimination laws (meaning, your Church is going to be forced to eventually accept gay marriage, gay members of the Church, gay clergy members, gay staff members and more)! Whereas, the Churches with love and faith will be basking in the freedom the Lord has reserved for them with help from the Church Establishment Affidavit and the Corporation Sole. To those Churches that are not approved for the new state transition process, you will have until July of 2016 to find a new registered agent. After that date, if you have not found a new permanent reliable registered agent to represent your Churches Corporation Sole, then expect your Corporation Sole’s to be administratively dissolved by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporation Division. To disarm any authority from saying our motives were fueled by the greed of money and this was not from the Holy Spirit, we will authorize any unapproved Churches for the transition to the new state that are facing potential dissolution of their Corporation Sole’s to change section 8 on your Corporation Sole’s articles of incorporation related to the distribution of assets upon dissolution. That was voluntarily placed there to build trust and a loving relationship with those Churches. If you do not get the approval email from me within the weeks ahead, there is no further relationship we desire to have with your ministry and you have our permission to change this section to any other 501c3 organization you desire. 

To those faithful Churches, you stood with us and you’re going to continue to be blessed, set apart, protected and have every need met. You’re the remnant within this country that have heeded the call to faith and righteousness. You’re the anointed men and women that we are honored to stand with in the days ahead. I personally consider you family. There is nothing in this world we will not agree with you in prayer for. Even with certain calamity facing this nation, the Lord has uniquely set you apart. Expect that your prayers are effective and your voice will be heard. As soon as everything with the new home is settled, I will soon shortly thereafter begin to travel across America to those ministries to deliver an important prophetic word of instruction for this next season. Rest in the peace saints that your victory is assured.


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.

Joshua at the Capitol

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