Explosions in Sudan – The Truth

This morning I read an article from theblaze.com here regarding, “Mystery Surrounds Overnight Explosions in Sudan”. In the article, the Sudanese Government immediately began to blame Israel for the unexpected drone attack. According to Colonel Alsoarmi Khaled Saad, he told Sky News in Arabic that Sudanese forces intercepted a “flying object similar in appearance to a plane or a missile.”

Immediately upon reading his words, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the truth of what took place (and it is nothing like what is being reported in the media). Military intelligence officials can confirm this privately among themselves that the Holy Spirit speaks truth when it is revealed that our country, The United States, was responsible for this attack. I am only being given permission by the Lord to write this today to both display his power and to give saints here in this country advanced instructions and warnings through love of an impending conflict that will eventually reach American shores

Here is what the Lord showed me:

He showed me that this was an attack by America as a shot across the bow to China. Yesterday, Two Chinese Warships entered the Black Sea. This is in addition to China, Russia holding their first-ever Mediterranean naval exercises mid-May this month.

The Lord showed me that the drone was launched from within Africa itself. He reminded me that we just built a massive drone military base in Niger HERE and HERE. *Our drone base in Africa is where this drone was launched from. It was NOT launched from Israel. In fact, Israel had absolutely NOTHING to do with this attack whatsoever (no matter what you hear in the media).

He showed me that this was a warning to China (a shot across the bow). It was not only meant to destroy the military equipment in Sudan, it was meant to send a message to China that we can strike Chinese interests anywhere and at anytime. This was meant to intimidate. The Holy Spirit then reminded me of the enormous petroleum investments made by China to the Government of Sudan here, here and here.

This revelation came from the Holy Spirit and is meant for the military intelligence officials that will read this page to confirm for them that there is still a prophet in the land who is a friend of God that the Lord reveals his absolute truth through. This is not meant to be considered a, “National Security Threat” because the Lord WANTS this Nations leaders to be given wise Holy Spirit led counsel. The Lord loves this Nation and has a plan for it too avoid unnecessary conflict with China and Russia’s combined military strength (and make no mistake, they have formed a military pact together in secrecy against us here in America).

To the few that will ever read this post, this is truth. Just as I wrote yesterday HERE, this is a season where the only way to survive what is about to take place is to surrender your heart to have the Love of Christ. No attempt should be made by Christians to pick up a weapon and fight against our Government (no matter how backwards we disagree with the current Administration). On the contrary, we need to do everything in love. This is a season when husbands and Fathers need to bring their families together. Families that have been separated need to united by the head of the household. Fathers need to teach their sons in the ways of the Lord and how to stand on faith (since this will be necessary for the days ahead).

Lord, turn the hearts of our leaders to listen to you!

Lord, I thank you for protection, being set apart and having every need we have here met and for granting us victory in the MIGHTY name of Jesus! Some how, some way, let this post bring your name glory in Jesus name!



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
Acting under the Authority of the Holy Spirit as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center and ChurchFreedom.org and TestimonyToday.org and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Overseer and Successors, a Corporation Sole.


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