Empirical Proof of Prophecy Being Delivered and Fulfilled

It is exceptionally rare in the year 2016 to physically witness genuine prophecy. It is only through the power of the precious Holy Spirit that has come to us as a promise upon the death and resurrection of our Great King Jesus that I can testify these prophecies spoken first and fulfilled today. There is no other name, no other power and no other authority than through Jesus that this is possible. Let his name alone be glorified! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus. – Revelation 19:10

This testimony is not for those that already believe the prophetic words they witness here continually come to pass, this testimony is for those that have not believed. So they may see physical proof in an age where the spirit of anti-christ would discount that such gifts still exist and religious leaders that would claim that the gifts of the spirit no longer manifest. This testimony is in direct conflict with both as it proves that the gift still remains and perfectly manifests to the Glory of his name. That they will read this, listen to this and receive the word of instructions. That you knew with physical proof that the words being spoken were directly from the Holy Spirit. 

Prophetic Testimony #1: On January 5th, 2014 I prophesied on my personal Facebook Page through the Holy Spirit the following message:

Prophecy #1 Fulfilled: On January 23th (only 18 days after this prophecy was given) the King of Saudi Arabia died from a life threatening illness (click here for proof). The legion of fighters being sent forth officially declared themselves the Islamic State in June, 2014 (6 months after this prophetic word was given). The current King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud WAS the man that I saw that was releasing these fighters.

Prophecy #2 – On September 10th, 2014 The Lord prophetically reveals that Russia would mobilize and protect the warm water port of Tartus in Syria.
Obama using ISIS pic
Again on July 23rd, 2015 the Lord prophetically spoke and said:

On September 8th, 2015 this prophecy was fulfilled as Russia sends the 336th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Russian Baltic Fleet from The Ukrainian border to the Tartus naval base in Syria. As you can read from any headline now, Russia has mobilized its military and is now fully engaged in Syria. 

Prophecy #3 – On March 19th, 2015 it was prophesied on a regular Testimony Today conference call that there would be a war in the Middle East instigated with Saudi Arabia. Also that Russia and China would join their Naval Fleets together in the Mediterranean. CLICK HERE FOR PROOF. *Note the time date stamp on the video is March 19th, 2015 prior to the dates of the events being fulfilled.

PROPHECY #3 FULFILLED: Only 6 days later on March the 25th, Saudi Arabia declares war and invades the country of Yemen (click here for proof). Then on May 12, 2015 (65 days after the initial prophetic word was given) both Russia and China sailed their Naval Fleets for the first time in Human History in the Mediterranean (click here for physical proof). 

Prophecy #4: You were told that the Government would begin to audit sermons for their stance in defending God’s institution of marriage being solely between a man and a woman. 

Prophecy #4 Fulfilled: Here is proof that this has already begun to happen (also understand that this prophecy hasn’t even come to its full fruition yet, because the Spirit has shown me it will get ALLOT worse than what happened in Huston. Huston was only a test milk run for the main event coming in the very near future. It’s going to get ALLOT worse for non-Corporation Sole Churches).

Prophecy #5: You were warned that the atheist/LGBT lobby would use the satanic inspired, “Gender Laws” to legally force the Church to change it’s doctrinal stances on homosexuality and begin accepting the homosexual lifestyle (in direct contradiction of the Holy Spirit commanding the Church through the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:3 that within the Church, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people”)

Prophecy #5 Fulfilled: There are SEVERAL ways this has been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled to this very moment. First, there is the millionaire gay couple suing the Church to legally force the Church into Gay marriage. Then in New Jersey, the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights issued a complaint against the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the United Methodist Church for not allowing a “civil union” ceremony at their worship pavilion for people practicing homosexual behavior. This was a major victory for ‘Gender Laws”. Then there is the Catholic Church that is being sued by a former homosexual Choir Director for being fired by the Church after the Church found out that he was Gay. This case has the potential to inalterably change the way the Church is even able to hire or even fire non-believers! This means, that a Church would be prohibited from discriminating against ANY gay, bi-sexual or transgendered man/women that comes to your Church wanting to be hired. This is a violation of every principle of the separation of Church and State, with the State violating and infringing upon the Church! I would keep going on too but there are simply too many examples to give! This Prophecy CONTINUES to be fulfilled on a regular basis ever since it was given years ago.

I have countless other Prophecies as well. Like that it was prophesied years in advanced that the IRS would target and come after outspoken Churches and then they did. Prophetic warning to the Churches that the enemy would use “gender discrimination laws” to sue the Church on every front to legally bind the Church into accepting LGBT individuals (this prophecy is being fulfilled daily). I have eye witness testimony from several Pastors from various ministry events in California that will be willing to testify on my behalf that they heard me speak these prophetic words at those events and that are all later coming to pass. If anyone is willing to challenge this word, I will provide contact details for these Pastors upon request. 

Prophecy #6 – On March 7th, 2015 it was prophesied to over 10,000+ fellow Church Pastors that the United States Supreme Court would officially accept Same Sex Marriage. Here is physical proof of the email sent from our archives (click here for physical proof). The message specifically said, “So that you continue to know that there are still prophets among you that speak from his power and authority, understand in advance that the US Supreme court is going to rule in favor of Gay marriage. Understand this was given to you in advance so that you know before it takes place what would happen!” The subject line of the email was, “Jesus is going to divide this country.” Here is a screen shot of the time and date from our mailchimp account:

PROPHECY #6 FULFILLED: On June 27th, 2015 (nearly four months after the prophetic word was given) this prophecy was fulfilled. The United States Supreme Court decided to fully accept same sex marriage as the ruling law of the land. Click here for physical proof.

Prophecy #7 – It was prophesied on numerous Testimony Today conference calls months prior to the fulfillment of the Blood Moons and Shemitah (here is one in particular) that nothing would occur in contrast to other false prophets such as Rabbi Jonathan Khan and others that false prophesied and spoke that there would be great shaking events during the final blood moon and Shemitah event on September 27th, 2015. I have numerous witness Pastors that will be willing to testify on my behalf that I said this through the power of the Holy Spirit prior to these dates passing. Pastors such as Jenny Fisher or Anita Charles can verify this testimony accurate. 

Prophecy Fulfilled #7 Fulfilled: No events occurred during the final blood moon or Shemitah. Neither in September nor October to prove that those speaking were false prophets and for the Lord to show you with proof whom he was using as his messenger to the Church during this season (I do not say this on my behalf, he commanded me to say this). He has however promised that calamity would begin when I leave my home to go forth and prophesy. This event has not happened yet, but will very soon!

Prophecy #8 – On Tuesday December 15th, 2015 during one of our regular Testimony Tuesday calls (click here for physical proof) it was spoken that the Saudi Arabian mutual “anti-terrorist” defense coalition would begin to label shia’s in Iran and the middle east as “terrorists”.

Prophecy #8 Fulfilled: On December the 16th, the day after our recording this word was fulfilled:

prophecy 8

Prophecy #9 – On December 4th, there was prophetic proof given to you that Turkey would move it’s illegal oil sales to Iraq from Syria. The prophetic word spoke that, “Turkey will now plan a ground operation to open up the sale of illegal oil from ISIS from Syria to now Iraq. Iraq is now where the war will heat up – with Americas help (as this money goes directly into the pockets of the ruling family of Turkey and the CIA).” 

Prophecy 9

PROPHECY #9 FULFILLED: Within 24 hours of this prophetic word being given, Turkey invaded Iraq with a small invasion force. Here is an article from the Washington Times on December 7th, 2015 (3 days later) that can confirm this (click here for proof). In addition, today (December 25th, 2015) Russian reconnaissance aircraft have spotted nearly 12,000 oil trucks operated by ISIS leaving Iraq and going into Turkey (click here for proof). This further confirms the truth that Turkey is funneling the illegal sales of oil from ISIS into their country.

PROPHECY #10 – On December 26th, 2015 it was prophesied that the deadly “Zika Virus” that is responsible for 2,700 babies being born with brain damage – so deadly that Government officials began telling citizens to stop getting pregnant. It was prophesied that this virus was caused by genetically modified mosquitos that had been modified through the use of the CRISPR-CAS9 gene editor tool and that the virus would begin to spread far beyond Brazil. Here is proof of the post with time date stamps: CLICK HERE FOR PROOF

zika virus

PROPHECY #10 FULFILLED: Within 13 days of publishing the prophetic warning that the deadly “Zika Virus” would begin to spread, it was confirmed that it has begun to spread to other countries outside of brazil (click here for proof). Now only 22 days later it has now been confirmed by Hawaii health officials to have reached the United States (click here for proof). The CDC has also placed a travel warning for latin America for all pregnant women to avoid those countries now infected. Saints, this virus will continue to spread and have catastrophic effects on the human population.The Lord showed me that the use of the CRISPR-CAS9 to modify the gene sequence in these mosquitos has caused an undesired side effect by putting a strain upon the DNA of the mosquito. This side effect is mutating the gene sequence of the mosquitos in such a manner as it is making the lethality of the ‘Zika Virus’ extraordinary deadly upon the local human population.The Lord says that the gene editor CRISPR-CAS9 is NOT to be used and that any attempts to alter the gene sequence will result in unintended extinction events.

In a second confirmation to this message, it was said to you that the cause of the Zika Virus was due to genetically modified Mosquitos from the use of the CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing tool. Here is proof from Zerohedge.com that conducted a study that proves that the Zika Outbreak Epicenter is in the Same Area Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes were Released In 2015. CLICK HERE FOR PROOF.

Juazeiro, Brazil — the location where genetically-modified mosquitoes were first released into the wild.

Juazeiro, Brazil — the location where genetically-modified mosquitoes were first released into the wild.

Here is correlated data from the EXACT location of Zika infections to the exact same place where the genetically modified Mosquitoes were released.

Here is correlated data from the EXACT location of Zika infections to the exact same place where the genetically modified Mosquitoes were released. This acts as a confirmation to the original prophecy.

PROPHECY #11 – Over 342 days ago on May 5th, 2015, I posted on HERE on our website ChurchFreedom.org a reoccurring prophetic dream I had about related to China and their water supply. That the lack of drinkable water in China would be a topic of major discussions in the near future with the leadership here in the United States. Click here to read the entire dream.

PROPHECY #11 BEING FULFILLED: Today on April 11th, 2016 the New York Times has reported that a major study has been conducted by China where they have just found that 80% of ALL water wells in the country are so polluted and poisoned that the water has become totally undrinkable. This scientific revelation given today further confirms the prophetic revelation I had nearly a year ago that was mostly overlooked. Click here for proof.

China's water has become undrinkable.

China’s water has become undrinkable.

PROPHECY #12 – Prophecy that big denominations such as the Lutheran Church would end up accepting same sex marriage: On May 7th, 2015 you were given a prophetic word here: (Click here to listen) and on numerous Testimony Tuesday calls – you were promised that the Lutherans would eventually accept same sex marriage.

Here are Lutherans voting to accept both Apostasy and Same Sex Marriage.

Here are Lutherans voting to accept both Apostasy and Same Sex Marriage.

PROPHECY #12 – FULFILLED: Today on April 11th, 2016, the Lutheran Church in Norway has voted to fully accept same sex marriage. Click here for proof. This denomination is now included with the big three that I mentioned above while prophesying: Presbyterians, Methodists and now the Lutherans that have ALL now chosen apostasy and have completely fallen into rebellion against God by accepting the abomination of same sex marriage. Is there any left that have faith?

PROPHECY #13 – On November 8, 2014 the Lord allowed me to post online a prophetic revelation regarding snow melting from our polar region that would cause our Earth to wobble. Here is the post below:

Weather Prophecy

PROPHECY #13 – CONFIRMED: Here is a headline today from NASA that confirms that the prophetic word given 2 years ago in indeed true CLICK HERE FOR PROOF. Will anyone give credit or acknowledgement to the Lord for such wonderful revelations?

PROPHECY #14 – On October 30th, 2015 the Lord prompted me to write the following blog post titled, “Autonomous Weapons that directly threaten Christianity – THE TRUTH!HERE. In the blog post, the Lord commanded that I write a prophetic warning of the Beast’s future autonomous weapons capabilities and how someday Aircraft carries would be retrofitted to become command centers for drone fleets. That the Navy would install military industrial 3D printers onboard the ships, fabricate the drones and become mobile launching centers. In fact, I also spoke very specifically about this also on numerous Testimony Tuesday and Private prayer team calls. Here is the article to read for proof. See blog post date to confirm the time and date and accuracy of this prophetic word!

Introducing the NAVY's first mobile autonomous artificial machine intellegent drone Command Center

Introducing the NAVY’s first mobile autonomous artificial machine intellegent drone Command Center

PROPHECY #14 – CONFIRMED: 5 Months and 22 days later on April 21st, 2016, this prophetic word has just been confirmed. In a story published by UPI, it has been confirmed that a drone command center has just been activated on a US NAVY Aircraft Carrier just as the Lord warned you about.  Click here for proof.

PROPHECY #15 – Well over six months ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that Ted Cruz would be his designated voice within the Senate. When the Lord said this to me, he made no mention of him becoming President but only that he would continue to be his voice in the Senate. On February 10th, 2016 (prior to the first ‘Super Tuesday’) I posted this prophetic declaration on Facebook – I actually received this word well over six months ago and even mentioned it in a prayer team and Tuesday conference call (I just cannot remember which one it was) so instead, I am posting this physical proof posted on my public Facebook wall that is available for everyone to see. Here is a screenshot of the prophetic word:
ted cruz
PROPHECY #15 – FULFILLED: On May 3rd, 2016 Ted Cruz has officially suspended his campaign run for the office of the Presidency of the United States (Click here for physical proof). Leaving Donald Trump the official presumptive Republican nominee for the President. Now, there were plenty of opportunities for this prophetic word to NOT have come to pass. Many chances and many ‘Super Tuesdays’ took place where Ted Cruz could have won. However, the Lord was very specific in saying to me that he will use Senator Cruz to be his voice in the Senate. Therefor, as Christian brothers and sisters, we must recognize the will of the Lord and pay careful attention to what the Lord says through Senator Cruz in these moments and heed whatever words of instruction the Lord places on his heart as the Lord’s voice within the Senate. The Lord did not mention a single other Senator as being his voice, only that of Ted Cruz, therefor pay close attention to his words and not those of others in the days ahead. Here is further proof:

PROPHECY #16 – Back in late 2013 and early 2014 the Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic vision of the future. He showed me what would eventually become to be known as what the Bible refers to as the Beast (or as Jesus refers to it as an, ‘abomination’). He showed me that our Government had secretly built a artificial machine intelligence which would become the heart of this Beast. This was later confirmed in the PBS/NOVA report published by acclaimed intelligence reporter James Bamford whom I found out had published a story back in 2009 detailing the Governments secret artificial intelligence program code named: AQUAINT (here is the original published article). I shared this testimony prior to publishing publicly with several people – My wife, my father and several close relatives in 2013 and early 2014. I testified to them that the Lord showed me that the Beast (the unstoppable war machine mentioned in the Book of Revelation) would be a combination of three things: Artificial machine intelligence, quantum computing and the living cell. I was not released by the Lord to publicly announce this prophetic word to the rest of the entire Church until January 15th, 2015. My full testimony was given here.

PROPHECY #16 – CONFIRMATIONS OF PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED: Because there was no physical proof of this prophetic word being given (other than word of mouth) prior to January 15th, 2015, I will only mention those very important prophetic fulfillments that confirm the message. In this case there are two major confirmations that have taken place:
Major Confirmation #1: On July 29th, 2015 (195 days after the date of the original prophecy being publicly posted) the President of the United States Barak Obama signed an Executive Order that orders to construction of the nations first super conducting supercomputer (Click here for proof and here is an article to help explain everything). This new computer will be able to process at unheard of speeds of Exaflops per second. To give you an idea of how fast an exaflop is, to do what a 1 exaFLOP/s system can do in one second, one would have to make one calculation per second for about 31.7 billion years on a normal computer. This computer is essential to the foundation of AQUAINT and the Beast. All that is left is the artificial machine intelligences full comprehension of the living cell…
Major Confirmation #2: On April 9th, 2015 (84 days after the original prophetic post) DARPA, the agency in control of the artificial machine intelligence AQUAINT began the creation of a software program that mimics the living cell – CLICK HERE FOR PROOF. The program is code named BRASS and it is meant to mimic the living cell for use in artificial intelligent computer systems. The second major part of the full comprehension of the living cell just took place when President Obama on May 12, 2016 (483 days after the date of the original publicly posted testimony) announced a “moonshot” Federal, “National Microbiome Initiative” which is intended to discover the origins, functions and full comprehension of the living cell – CLICK HERE FOR PROOF. This research is final essential key to the development of the Beast. It will be why the Second Beast (the False prophet) which will be the second iteration of Artificial Machine Intelligence will order humans to build an ‘image’ of the first beast and breath life into it as described in Revelation 13:14-17. This research will pave the way for the construction of both beasts and this image that will be given life. Know that you have been warned in advanced.

PROPHECY #17: Back in April 21st, 2016 you were prophetically told that even though many Christians have adopted Donald Trump as their new ‘King Cyrus’ and defender of Christianity, that once his nomination was secured you would see his true colors, that he is in fact a pro LGBT candidate. Here is proof of the prophetic word given- CLICK HERE FOR PROOF.

PROPHECY #17 FULFILLMENT: And here is proof of this prophetic word’s fulfillment:


PROPHECY #18: Back on Wednesday November 11, 2015 I put out this specific email to my prayer team regarding a man within our Government that was committing acts of treason – CLICK HERE FOR PROOF. This email includes a detailed prophetic word of the vision the Lord showed me in relationship to this very important matter. To date, I have made sure this email was marked “confidential” until now. Due to the actions being revealed (that line up with what the Lord showed me and the severity of the catastrophic results, I have decided to show you the email today above. Here is a screenshot below proving the delivery and time-date stamps (which can be further verified upon request with server logs): 

email proof

PROPHECY #18 BEING FULFILLED AS WE SPEAK: Yesterday the news outlet The Intercept put out this article titled, “Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy” – CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE. So that you understand, this is apart of the prophetic vision I had (though Gen. Breedlove is only receiving orders from the person I saw in my vision – he is not primary person orchestrating everything behind the scenes). The Intercepts story proves that Gen. Breedlove attempted to act without President Directives or authority in plotting against Russia. It is important to note that the General is NOT acting alone nor is this treasonous plot over with. The person the Lord showed me is still plotting evil and is still committing acts of treason without the Presidents knowledge or authority. Know that you have been warned in advance!

PROPHECY #19: On April 17, 2016 at 9:11pm I sent my personal prayer team a very important private email (these are emails that are not sent to every Pastor but rather a small group of highly prophetic and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ that personally lift me up in prayer). In the email (which was titled, “national security matter to pray about tonight. From, Pastor Joshua”) the content of the email regarded an urgent national security matter related to a CIA agent in Russia. Here is apart of the content of the email: “Tonight the Lord showed me a brief glimpse (in a short prophetic vision) of officials in Russia tracking an American foreign agent within Russia itself. That his life was in danger. The Lord showed me that the Russian FSB were onto his activities. Let us keep this matter lifted up in prayer as it was a brief glimpse of a vision from the Lord I had regarding this just now and his life was in danger. Our prayers are very effective so let us pray that this person evades capture in Jesus name and this situation does not become a issue in the media (meant to embarrass our nation). I was about to post this on Facebook tonight but the Holy Spirit commanded that I share it with you and the rest of the prayer team instead. Thank you.” Here is physical proof that the email was sent and archived within our Mailchimp account:

national security email proof

PROPHECY #19 FULFILLED: On June 17th, 2016 (61 days later) – Here is a video posted last night by the Russians of an alleged CIA spy barely evading capture from the Russian FSB – CLICK HERE FOR PHYSICAL PROOF

Screen grab from a video released by Ruptly on June 7, 2016 shows the moment when a Russian guard attacks an alleged CIA spy before entering the US embassy in Moscow.

Screen grab from a video released by Ruptly on June 7, 2016 shows the moment when a Russian guard attacks an alleged CIA spy before entering the US embassy in Moscow.

The spy barely made it into the American Embassy in Moscow to escape (but he did praise Jesus!). The Lord showed me that by coming together and agreeing in prayer, that we had the power to change the outcome of these events and it happened just as the Lord said. Lord, thank you for averting an unnecessary international crisis!

PROPHECY #20: Sometime in 2013 I was taken in the spirit to Heaven and was allowed to observe and witness The Lord of all the Earth. Nearly 19 months ago I shared a part of my prophetic testimony regarding this event on youtube which you can listen to here. Apart of what I observed was the living cell (what you and I refer to as bacteria). The Lord showed me that the living cell (bacteria) were what the Lord referred to in Genesis 1:2 as, “Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”. I observed that the Spirit that was hovering over the waters was in fact bacteria – the living cell. Of all my questions I asked him during that time, nothing was withheld except one question. I asked him to observe the original design, engineering, manufacturing/construction and distribution of the original living cell in this universe. When I asked this question, the Lord had a very large angel stand in my way from observing that history. The Angel did not say anything to me, he merely looked at me. Though, when he looked at me, I felt his heart and felt this feeling. It was through the feeling I received that the angel communicated everything I needed to know (I pray that makes sense to you). He communicated (without speaking words but through the heart) that any attempt to war or alter the living cell (bacteria) would initiate an extinction level event. To war against the living cell is to war against the spirit of the Lord himself – to fight an invincible opponent that cannot be defeated. That the living cell would adapt and destroy once an initiated fight began against it. In that moment, the Lord spoke to me and told me that the living cell was the key to knowledge. As I have said, I have on multiple occasions shared this testimony in great detail on our soundcloud account here.

PROPHECY #20 CONFIRMED: I am going to show you physical proof that confirms my testimony is true. The following video was published today September 9th, 2016 from Harvard University’s Medical School. Click the video below to watch:


In the video you will witness bacteria adapting in less than 11 day’s to antibiotics that are 1,000 times the lethal doses that would normally kill bacteria in the wild. This confirms what the Lord showed me and my testimony. That bacteria (the living cell) is unstoppable. It can adapt to anything and no weapon can be used against it that will prevail. No poison, no antibiotic..nothing. In less than 11 days it mutated and adapted and overcame the most lethal of antibiotics. This evidence shall serve as the 20th prophetic confirmation given to you as the Church.

PROPHECY #21: On September 8th, 2016 at 12:48pm I sent the following email out to thousands of Pastors here in America. Here is the content of that email:

So that you know in whom the Spirit of the Lord rests and to give you evidence of his truth, I will deliver to you a prophetic word that will come to pass very soon. As many of you are familiar with a man named Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (he is the author of, ‘The Harbinger’). He is a man that along with Pastor John Hagee taught a spirit of divination and false prophesied for the last several years and said that with the 4 blood moons and the Shemitah that there would be a “great shaking”. You were told that none of the words they speak would come to pass (which it didn’t – nothing they spoke bore fruit). Instead you were told that only when I am called by the Lord to leave my home to prophecy is the moments when calamity would come. No blood moons would be your sign, the Lord would use ME as your sign. Well, now Jonathan Cahn is at it again and has prophesied that on September 29th, 2016 (this month) that the United States dollar will collapse and with it, the economy. Here is an image from google of him claiming this word: 


 Now, so that you know in whom the Spirit of the Lord rests and who speaks from his sword of truth, let me prophecy to you: 

What Jonathan Cahn has declared for September 29th, 2016 SHALL NOT COME TO PASS. You are NOT to concern yourself with this man’s words. He spreads false prophecy and mixes truth with lies simply to gain more glory, popularity and financial resources for himself (which is the very heart of the spirit of divination). In doing so, he has led many astray from knowing or hearing the truth. Those he has led astray, millions of them will be led to death during the season of calamity. Therefore, the United States dollar NOR all hell breaking loose will take place on September 29th or 30th of 2016 (this month). Once again, calamity will only come when I am called to leave my home to prophecy. Many will try to dishonor me in the days ahead. Many Pastors will challenge me yet not a single one will prevail, not a single one that attempts to attack me will be allowed to touch or harm me (this includes this Government), not a single one will be able to stop the words of prophecy that will be spoken through me and in the end when all is said and done…you will know that the prophet of the Lord has spoken to you. Mark these words and remember them carefully.

Wooo! Only to the Glory of your name Jesus!


Here is physical proof that this email was sent (which includes email headers): Click here for header information.

PROPHECY 21 FULFILLED: On the date of September 30th, 2016 neither a US dollar or American Economic collapse took place. This evidence is given once again to show that Jonathan Cahn is both a false prophet and a false teacher. He speaks from a spirit of divination and mixes truth with lies to further his own career. True prophecy comes directly from the Holy Spirit and bears testimony to Jesus Christ. It speaks with command authority, leaves no room for doubt, speaks in regards to the future and ALWAYS comes to pass. What you read here is an example of what true authentic prophecy looks and sounds like. It is spoken only for the Glory of the name of Jesus Christ and not my own (I reserve no glory for myself whatsoever, but all the glory goes directly to Christ Jesus, the great King, the Lord of all the Earth in whom I represent). Now, take note of these prophetic words! Do not disregard them! The time of great calamity is soon approaching this nation and he delivers this evidence to you so that you maybe warned, heed his instructions and live!  

There are countless other prophetic words that have been spoken and personal testimonies of prophetic words if I brought forth witnesses and other Pastors. So many that I would be writing all day. This message is being given to you today as both a testament and a warning. Deuteronomy 18:22 states, “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message theLord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.”
Therefor, because you have seen that the words of the Lord have indeed been spoken prior and events HAVE come to pass time and time again, you are accountable to what you hear and it is good to show reverence for the words of the Lord when they are spoken. Those words are for YOUR protection. This article is not meant to increase my faith but rather yours! There is a time of calamity coming. There is no plan, no evasion, no escape from what the Lord has planned. Only those elect, that remnant that still honors his name will be set apart, protected and have every need they have met at the places of refuge he has designated (click here to hear where places of refuge are). Saints, this is serious and I do not speak out of turn. Listen to the words in these testimonies, hold onto this word and know that our King is arriving soon.
Joshua Kenny-Greenwood
As the Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church

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