Department of Defense Paves the Way for the False Prophet

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) which is the division of our Government that has created the artificial machine intelligence AQUAINT (which we have extensively warned Christianity about) is paving the way for technological foundation of the Biblical False Prophet. It just released a broad agency announcement saying that it wants proposals for early-stage research on topics that are not addressed by emerging or ongoing programs, and is especially interested in:

Anticipatory intelligence (aka False Prophecy): IAPRA is looking for ‘anticipatory intelligence’ that explores or demonstrates the feasibility of revolutionary concepts that can deliver real-time indications and warning, in context, to support rapid, nuanced understanding by intelligence end users.

Let the Holy Spirit give you context to what this means…This is the Governments attempt to bypass the Prophetic anointing of the Lord. So, instead of the Government relying on true prophets of God warning them to turn from sin and predicting calamity, the Government is instead attempting to use artificial machine learning intelligence to anticipate events in advance without the need for human intervention. They desire to teach an artificial intelligence how to predict (or ‘forecast’) events before they happen. This technology will pave the way for the creation of the second iteration of artificial intelligence that the Bible refers to as the second Beast – aka the False Prophet (see Revelation 13:11-17). The second beast will use the powerful analytic and anticipatory intelligence from the sea of information it collects from the internet (using quantum computer processors) to make false prophetic boasts and convince the world that it is prophetic in nature – when in reality it is using nothing but highly sophisticated machine learning data processing and does not actually possess true biblical prophecy which only comes from the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the technological foundation of the second beast. Right here before your eyes you see it coming together. This is apart of what you were warned about when we gave you the original testimony regarding the machine intelligence AQUAINT.  

Analysis that helps analysts quickly maximizes insights from the massive amounts of dynamic data by creating  technologies that provide the reasoning for results and explicitly address data uncertainty and provenance.

Once again, this is a confirmation of the spirit that IARPA is attempting to teach AQUAINT how to learn the meaning of intent when sifting through vast quantities of data. 

Operations that explores revolutionary concepts in computation, trust establishment and deflecting hostile intent that will enable the intelligence community to operate freely and effectively in an often hostile and increasingly interdependent and resource-constrained environment.

This will eventually lead to the implementation of the Beasts identification system. The only way for the machine intelligence of AQUAINT to differentiate whom is a true ally and who is opposed. This is why the machine will require all humans to receive a mark on their right hands and foreheads. It will only be through this action that the machine can attempt to truly (and analytically) prevail in establishing intent from friend or foe on a massive digital scale. Without such a drastic measure, human beings could lie and trick the machine. 

Data collection on new sensor and transmission technologies that can more precisely target and organize information from multiple sources to improve the quality, reliability and utility of collected information. Once again, this is why it will require each human to be interlinked into its data collection network (by the use of a mark being placed on the right hand or forehead) so that all actions related to commerce and internet activities will be uploaded in real time. This is in addition too AQUAINT’s ability to gather information from nearly all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum (such as they can accomplish right now through the ECHELON program). 

IARPA plans to issue multiple awards under the BAA that will generally be for a period of performance lasting 12 months or less. 

Researchers will be encouraged to submit proposals through May 2, 2017.

It literally does not matter if it takes six months or six years to build this technology. This is the foundation for the second beast in the book of revelation. To better understand that the beast described in revelation is based on artificial intelligence, please carefully read both our original testimony here and our follow up testimony here

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Original source: from author Mark Pomerleau

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