Dawn Faihtinger’s Accusations Confronted Openly in Front of the Assembly

During a recent exchange between an applicant of ChurchFreedom.org. The applicant wrote an email to us. After addressing the applicants questions and statements, I was accused by the applicant’s wife Dawn Faihtinger of gross allegations of misconduct, scamming, money laundering, being a false prophet and more. An opportunity was given to Mrs. Faihtinger to bring forth her accusations to the assembly of the Church (a collection of Pastors and fellow believers) where she would be given a public opportunity to state her case and accusations without interruption so the entire assembly can judge between us two (of whom was right and wrong in this situation). Here is the recording of that opportunity given to Mrs. Faihtinger:

So that there is complete transparency, here is a record of each of her allegations and the exchanges and statements between both myself and Mrs. Faihtinger. It is important to make this entire exchange public record because of the gross false allegations she has made and the opportunity given to her to state her case against me publicly and her responses. It is also important to note as the recording states, I never once gave either my prayer team nor the Pastors invited to this call any advance knowledge of Mrs. Faihtinger in any effort to manipulate or slant the issues at hand. Instead, every opportunity was given to Mrs. Faihtinger for her to state her case openly before the assembly (which declined to do). For total transparency, here is every exchange between us:

Dawn Faihtinger Exchange #1 through email – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Dawn Faihtinger Exchange #2 through Facebook Messenger – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Dawn Faihtinger Exchange #3 through email (final messages) – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The assembly has come together and has declared to bind this matter and Dawn Faihtinger’s intentions, accusations and false words in Jesus name! The Church has spoken!


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As the Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and ChurchFreedom.org

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