Corporation Sole Book

This page is dedicated to those who desire to free their Churches from the tyranny of the Federal Government. So that Pastors will no longer be underneath the oppression of 501c3 restrictions nor Churches underneath satanic gender discrimination laws – which force 501c3 ‘incorporated’ Churches into accepting same sex marriage and LGBTQ employment laws. Take this material that is freely being given to you and use it. Share it with other Pastors and let them know time is of the essence. Very soon these laws will be repealed in all fifty states and they will no longer have an opportunity to secure their freedom as they do right now in this moment.

Though you are not obligated to do so whatsoever, through love and mutual edification (romans 14:19), please consider donating to our Church. As this material is of such extraordinary value to the Church. To give a free will donation, click here.

Click Here to Download and Read our Corporation Sole Book.

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