Church Establishment Affidavit

This page includes three training videos that will quickly teach you everything you need to know about the Church Establishment Affidavit. Before we get started, Here is an example of our own Church Establishment Affidavit from The Empowerment Center Church:

Church Establishment Affidavit for The Empowerment Center Church

Understand the great significance of both the Church Establishment Affidavit and the Corporation Sole working together to help free your ministry from the newly introduced “Gender Discrimination Laws” and US Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling that will force your Church to accept gay marriage or be forced to revoke your tax exemption status or even potentially face fines and jail time. To apply for our help to legally represent your Church and Corporation Sole, please apply at to download a free copy of our Corporation Sole book, go to Enjoy!

Training VIDEO #1 – Introducing the Church Establishment Affidavit:

Training VIDEO #2 – Understanding the Prescribed 1st Amendment – Outlining the Responsibilities of the isolated office of the Corporation Sole.

Training VIDEO #3 – Understanding the Prescribed 2nd Amendment to the Church Establishment Affidavit – Selecting a Successor and Secretary for the Corporation Sole.

To apply for our Church to legally represent your Corporation Sole, please fill out the application form below:

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