Book Endorsements

It’s very important for us to have unbiased peer reviews from other Pastors and Overseers from Churches across America (from nearly every Christian denominational background). Here are some of the latest testimonial endorsements we’ve received from Pastors and Ministries from across the Nation: 

If knowledge is power then the knowledge acted upon that you will receive from this new dynamic eye-opening book will birth a new and fresh you in ministry.

The knowledge, information and existence of the corporation sole is not new it’s just not been taught. 
The Lord has called men like Joshua to bring forth this knowledge with facts and references for you to quickly learn and start to adapt to make the changes you need to do your job effectively and to prosper your ministry. 

For years I questioned why powerful men and women of God seemed to dodge the hard issues regarding the times we live in. One of the main reasons is due to the current restrictions and limitations imposed by 501c3. Churches all across our beloved country are bound by what can be said and done in the pulpit to further the cause of Christ and His people.

If you are ready to preach unleashed then setting your ministry free with the corporation sole is the answer you’ve been seeking. Change is inevitable and once you’ve tasted the information in this book you can’t go back to ministry business as usual.

I encourage you to study this book, pray as you study this book and desire to hear from the Spirit of God yourself as to what He would have you do. 

With a corporation sole and the proper set-up of your ministry I consider that as part of getting your house in order.

May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten you in all things and may you stay faithful to your call in these challenging times, these difficult times yet it’s always harvest time! 

Enjoy your blessings!

—Pastor Thomas Clark, Spirit of Truth Ministries, Gardena, California.

Overseer Joshua Kenny Greenwood has truly heard from Heaven in the creation of this book. Having been personally responsible for helping more than 50 churches qualify for 501(c)3 status, I was overjoyed to discover the truths that Joshua has placed within the pages of this book. This review is insufficient for the expression of my estimation of this book’s value to the Kingdom of God. I have no doubt that every Spiritual Leader called by God to start a ministry in this country, needs to get a copy of this book. I will be sowing copies into the lives of all of the ministry leaders in covenant with me in this country. This book signals a shift to true liberty for the Body of Christ in America. Grace to You Joshua.

—Bishop Walter Roberts, Heal the Nations, North Carolina

Pastor and Overseer, Joshua Greenwood has encapsulated GOD’s “Present Times” Shift giving blueprint, to every Pastor with ears to hear, on how to subdue that which JESUS the CHRIST of Nazareth has already redeemed via the Corporation Sole.

No longer can the church afford to continue its starring role in “Silence of the Lambs” fostering a People of GOD without power or authority to effectuate KINGDOM authority on earth.

Joshua has candidly released GOD’s TRUTH into the atmosphere, shedding a bright light on that which darkness for far too long perpetrated through 501(c)3 incorporated state churches; whereby, giving American churches a “form” of godliness-having no power to do the works of the KINGDOM, as purposed by GOD, in every sphere of influence in American society

Brilliantly written, Joshua takes the guess work out of “Getting Your Church House in Order” by giving step by step guide on how to come OUT from amongst them and give voice to GOD’s clarion call; for the trumpet has been blown in Zion. 

—Bridgette Chapman, Pastor, Christian Conservatory Prep Overseer and Successors, A Corporation Sole, Long Island, New York

Wow! Zam! Pow! Once again The Empowerment Center and Joshua Greenwood have exploded into the enemy’s camp and have taken no prisoners. The multi-layered, magnified and multiplied lies of the evil one have been laid bare for all to see while the path to freedom shines brighter and brighter for the righteous until the full day! (Prov. 4:18 NASB) Clear, concise, easy to read and understand, Mr. Greenwood takes a potentially complex issue and provides concrete steps to enable anyone to do what God has called them to do. This book will undoubtedly be included in the short list of books that produced a major paradigm shift in the modern day Body of Christ. I highly recommend that everyone who desires to impact the world, along with all those in their sphere of influence, obtain this book and put it into practice. It’s time to “render unto Caesar that what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”. Let’s come out from under the control and influence of the spirit of this world and take our stand beside our God as the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

—Gene Rayle, Overseer of Blue Skies Ministries in High Point, North Carolina

As Founding Church Pastor, I have been frustrated and concerned with the uninvolvement of the church, concerning the state of our nation. Where is the voice of this giant called ‘the church’? What intimidation was strong enough to silence US?

Many good men and woman, from different denominations or non-denominations, believers in- and disciples of- Christ, are not speaking out against ungodliness and immorality, against leaders and people placed in authority who have evil hearts and motives! Why are Christians and Churches not exposing corruption in government, the FDA, the IRS, the NSA etc. Why are we as Americans threatened to the extent of not exercising our freedom of speech? … THE ANSWER IS “FEAR”! Fear of imprisonment, fear of being targeted by for example the IRS, Fear of being dragged to court and sued with heavy fines, even imprisonment. That Fear is a spirit that’s not from God. As I read and continue to read this very informative, detailed and revelatory work, my own fears were exposed and defeated. Although it sounds new, I’m shocked to learn that it’s ‘old news’ that was withheld from the Church and the Christian believers. The moral ‘Christian Church’ backbone of this great nation have been lulled and deceived into silence, through Fear of persecution, convinced that we must submit to and obey government first and then God last. This highly informative and detailed work guide is giving the Christian Church and believer the knowledge we need to not be deceived nor destroyed any further! Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed (cut off) through a lack of knowledge. I believe that this manual is JUST IN TIME, to raise up the Christian believer and Church to preach the Gospel like never before. We can only do this as Free Moral and Loving followers of Christ. Invest whatever it takes immediately, to empower yourself and your Church and fellow Christian believers, and get this manual on your desk, next to your Bible. Sow a seed in more copies and share this with every Pastor and every believer in Christ whom you know. If you continue in the truth… then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! Thank you Overseer Joshua, for being an anointed and bold voice to this generation. I am one of millions to come, who is and will be forever grateful for what you stand for and teach. God will expand your territory of influence and the Gospel will be preached like never before.

—Pieter van Dyk, Pastor of New Creation Church in Houston, Texas 

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