Bacteria is unstoppable – the 20th Prophetic Confirmation Given to The Church

Sometime in 2013 I was taken in the spirit to Heaven and was allowed to observe and witness The Lord of all the Earth. Nearly 19 months ago I shared a part of my prophetic testimony regarding this event on youtube which you can listen to here. Apart of what I observed was the living cell (what you and I refer to as bacteria). The Lord showed me that the living cell (bacteria) were what the Lord referred to in Genesis 1:2 as,“Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”. I observed that the Spirit that was hovering over the waters was in fact bacteria – the living cell. Of all my questions I asked him during that time, nothing was withheld except one question. I asked him to observe the original design, engineering, manufacturing/construction and distribution of the original living cell in this universe. When I asked this question, the Lord had a very large angel stand in my way from observing that history. The Angel did not say anything to me, he merely looked at me. Though, when he looked at me, I felt his heart and felt this feeling. It was through the feeling I received that the angel communicated everything I needed to know (I pray that makes sense to you). He communicated (without speaking words but through the heart) that any attempt to war or alter the living cell (bacteria) would initiate an extinction level event. To war against the living cell is to war against the spirit of the Lord himself – to fight an invincible opponent that cannot be defeated. That the living cell would adapt and destroy once an initiated fight began against it. In that moment, the Lord spoke to me and told me that the living cell was the key to knowledge. As I have said, I have on multiple occasions shared this testimony in great detail on our soundcloud account here.

PROPHECY #20 CONFIRMED: I am going to show you physical proof that confirms my testimony is true. The following video was published today September 9th, 2016 from Harvard University’s Medical School. Click the video below to watch:

In the video you will witness bacteria adapting in less than 11 day’s to antibiotics that are 1,000 times the lethal doses that would normally kill bacteria in the wild. This confirms what the Lord showed me and my testimony. That bacteria (the living cell) is unstoppable. It can adapt to anything and no weapon can be used against it that will prevail. No poison, no antibiotic..nothing. In less than 11 days it mutated and adapted and overcame the most lethal of antibiotics. This evidence shall serve as the 20th prophetic confirmation given to you as the Church – here is the complete list of prophecies given.



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood 

Acting under the Authority as Sr. Pastor of The Empowerment Center Church and and and not under the authority as The Empowerment Center Church Overseer.

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