Autonomous Navy Swarm Drone Project: LOCUST

Here is the Navy’s debut of their brand new autonomous swarm drone technology, the “LOCUST” (LOw-Cost Unmannded aerial vehicle Swarming Technology). The Church has legitimate security concerns and questions regarding this program and it’s proposed technology that need to be answered. Please watch this video below and forward our Churches question(s) to your local Congressional and Senate Representative.

We need to immediately begin asking: First, is the program in any way shape or form related to the artificial machine intelligence built by the IARPA called AQUAINT? What algorithm is the Navy using to identify and justify targeted killings? Who wrote the algorithm variables for targeted justifiable killings that controls the management functions for these machines? Was the code developer a believer or an atheist that wrote this program? Does the onboard machine intelligence identify a target based on real time data, if so, then how is that real time data coordinated and assimilated and whom makes the final decision on the kill order? Is the automated kill order given or executed by a machine? If so, then by which machine/algorithm is it given by and how does it come to a final conclusion to justify the kill order? Does the swarm use IFF (identify friend from foe) during a mission to identify potential friendly soldiers, if so, then is a friendly confirmed by a transponder signal or how will the machines be able to identify peaceful law-abiding citizens holding a gun from enemy combatants? Is the artificial machine intelligence that coordinates these machines connected to the United States, “Continuity of Government” plan? If so, who controls the functions of such autonomous machines during a devastating attack on our leadership? Will humans be in control of the swarm and will each drone have a human operator being able to control the functions of the drone? Will each drone have a human operator or will only one human be able to manage the entire drone swarm? These are just a few of the simple questions we should ask Congress. Here at The Empowerment Center and, we represent a significant number of our Nations Churches. The Lord tells us not to trust this technology nor the intentions of those that are currently using this to justify completing an objective (no matter what that objective is). Therefor, we need these questions answered immediately and without delay. Please share these questions with your Congressional or Senate Representative and demand whatever hearings are necessary to get to the bottom of this before you wake up one day and this technology is being used AGAINST YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CHILDREN. These are fair questions we must be asking right now before we continue to fund these projects.

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