Advanced Discipleship Training and Prophetic Instructions

Pastors, Watch these important training videos. These discipleship training videos will equip you with sound instruction for how to evade or take dominion in this season of warfare and persecution that God’s Holy People are experiencing. Please take the time to listen to each video as they will bring you sound instruction for how to draw out the maximum potential in each gift the Lord has given you and will help each person you encounter at your Church. You can take these videos and use them to help identify the spiritual gifts and talents within each Church member. When you identify those gifts, it will then be appropriate that you ask the question, “What environment can we place those gifts and talents into, that will bring multiplication and increase to the gift and the talents?”. When you do this, be expectant that your ministry impact will EXPLODE now that the people underneath your spiritual covering will properly be walking in their spiritual gifts and talents. We have also included important prophetic videos as well that will share with you how to strategically react to upcoming events as they unfold here on the Earth. Also, to attend weekly Church services here at The Empowerment Center, please join us each Tuesday at 1pm PST (which is 2pm MST, 3pm CST and 4pm EST) by calling our Church conference line of 541-525-9473. Sunday Church services are held locally here in Victor, Montana at 11:00am across the street from the Victor Community Church. Please email in advance if you need directions or help getting to our service. These services are typically uploaded each week at:

Testimony Training Video #1: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith and Healing Explained.

Testimony Training Video #2: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Manifestation of Miracles, Signs and Wonders Explained.

Here is an even better example of signs and wonders – LISTEN TO THIS:

Testimony Training Video #3: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Gift of Prophecy Explained.

Testimony Training Video #4: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Gift of Discernment (proper uses and implementations).

Testimony Training Video #5: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Speaking in Tongues Explained (includes the importance of speaking in tongues in relationship to the prophetic testimony given on our website here).

Testimony Training Video #6: Love and Spiritual Gifts – Gift of Interpretation Explained (includes important applicable uses for receiving and deciphering important messages given to the Body of Christ during times of persecution and hardship).

Testimony Training Video #7: How to Give a Man Vision. Great training video for Pastors to use for helping men (Husbands and Fathers) learn step by step how to gain Godly vision and walk out their God given destiny. Take a look!

Testimony Training Video #7: Love and Spiritual Gifts – How to command angels and intercede to speak protection and take spiritual dominion over a region.

ADVANCED TRAINING #1: How to Put a Demand on God: We serve a God that can make the impossible POSSIBLE! This is an advanced teaching session meant to equip the saints for how to supernaturally wield their faith in such a manner as to produce miracles, signs and wonders. This lesson literally teaches the science of faith and how it interacts with three dimensional atomic mass.This lesson will help teach how exactly how to put a demand on the living God to produce miraculous results for you here on Earth according to your faith.

ADVANCED TRAINING #2: The Zeno Effect: The Zeno Effect is one of the oddest predictions of quantum theory – that a system can’t change while you’re watching it – has been confirmed in an experiment by Cornell physicists. This effect however can change through faith and the power of Jesus Christ’s anointed Holy Spirit. Learn how faith can directly effect electron superposition and how you as a believer in Jesus Christ can take dominion over three dimensional sub atomic mass by watching this video

ADVANCED TRAINING #3 HOW TO GIVE A MAN GODLY VISION: This video will help every man that watches this to understand how to successfully walk out Godly vision from the Lord. 

IMPORTANT PROPHETIC VIDEO #1 – This is one of the most important prophetic videos of instruction to date. Listen to all of it as it will give you proper instructions for what to expect and how to prepare for the days ahead. 

IMPORTANT PROPHETIC VIDEO #2 – This was a very important prophetic word given on March 19th. Many of the events spoken through these prophecies have come to pass as the Lord promised. They are further confirmation of what to expect in the days ahead. 

IMPORTANT PROPHETIC TESTIMONY regarding an IMMEDIATE Threat to the Body of Christ: Click both HERE and HERE to read about a very important prophetic word regarding Artificial Machine Intelligence and how it poses a grave tactical military threat against every believer worldwide. When finished reading, please watch this important training video for proper instructions for exactly what to do when this machine threat arises. Watch this so that you and your family can survive the days ahead:

Important Prophetic Testimony Regarding The Lord removing nearly all sustainable organic life from the Earth: It is important that in this season you pray as the Lord allows for you to either invest in life or for him to guide your footsteps to designated places of shelter and security so that you may live through an impending famine. Please take the time to review this prophetic word HERE and to see its weekly effects HERE

This ministry training is for the proper instruction and equipping of the saints.  Ephesians 4:12-16


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church, and

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