A warning to the Church – AVOID THIS PASTOR!

The Lord commanded me in this season to stay clear from Pastors trying to charge money for the Corporation Sole. It is rare for me to say this, but there was a Pastor in our Church that we  had previously helped named Paul Oebel from “Faithunveiled.org” that decided that instead of helping us spread the word here at ChurchFreedom.org of the free offer to help Churches free themselves with a Corporation Sole, that he would instead set up his own Corporation Sole website then take our website materials (including our Church Establishment Affidavit) and attempt to charge $2,145 for his services (and an additional $195 just to review the CS) – and then call what he was doing Church. He even copied blog posts we have on our website in an attempt to drive traffic to his. Foolishness! When confronted, he lied to me, attempted to manipulate the facts and rebuked the spirit of the Lord when he was given a word not to do this. After speaking with him, he took down his price tag of $2,145 but the Lord showed me that when he removed the price tag, that he was going to still charge money (instead of being upfront about the costs, now he would simply charge them on the back end when folks called him for a consultation). When I confronted him with everything, I should mention that I literally gave him a link that he could give to any Pastor that would freely give them access to our entire support structure – The Lord commanded that I do this as it would reveal his true motivations. He could use that link and it would give any Church free access to a Corporation Sole and even us freely acting as that Churches registered agent here in Montana (he refused this and opted instead for making money). Each time when he was confronted in love, it was rebuked by him and the desire for greed and money was evident. Therefor, this is not a brother I am associating myself with in any manner whatsoever with anymore. This is terrible behavior for any leader in the Body of Christ to take another Pastors and Churches materials and sell them online for financial gain. This is a behavior the spirit of the Lord within me simply will not accept. In fact, I asked the Lord whether or not I should send this email and he said, “YES!” and then said this was not the first time he has done something like this. Therefor, I am following the Lords command in making sure I do not associate myself with this man anymore and am making it known to the assembly of other Pastors that you do the same. The Lord showed me only ruin would come from his attempts at selling the Corporation Sole and doing what he was doing. All attempts at any form of a Matthew 18:15-19 dispute resolution have failed. Here is picture proof of what I am saying:

paul 1 paul 2 paul 3 paul 4



For complete transparency, here is a record of our conversation on Facebook for your own viewing – simply use the Holy Spirit gift of discernment and you will see the truth – this brother is to be avoided until he repents of this type of behavior: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Paul Oebel

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