Church Religious Freedom of Speech and The Corporation Sole


In order for Donald Trump to be elected President of The United States, he made a campaign promise to evangelical Christians to repeal the highly manipulative Johnson Amendment from 501c3…a move that would have freed the Church to properly endorse (for or against) any political candidate running for office. Here is the physical evidence of this claim.

He has claimed a historic victory with the passage of his tax bill (which he has taken credit for). A Tax bill with NO provision to repeal the Johnson Amendment – here is the evidence. In doing so, Trump cannot blame the “Fake News” media, he cannot blame the Democrats, he cannot blame the “deep state”….on the contrary he can look himself in the mirror and solely blame himself. As Leader of the Republican Party (which has a current super majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House), he made a willful decision and chose not to fight for but rather to allow the exclusion of the Johnson Amendment from the final passage of the Bill.

What a betrayal! Why is this so important? Church congregations make up nearly 70% of the entire voting electorate…So, when (for instance) if the AntiChrist is running for office…leaders behind the pulpit can rightly tell their congregation…’DO NOT VOTE for THAT candidate’! Yet, under current 501c3 laws….if a single Pastor of a Church that does not have a Corporation Sole tries to do what I just wrote…the IRS will come in to audit the Church and remove that Churches tax exempt status (thus effectively allowing the Government to usurp authority over the Biblical tithes and offeringsjust like you seem them attempting to do to our very own Church here!)This is political manipulation by the State on a grand scale. Now with the Republican party turning their back on the Church, this manipulation will only grow…expect the majority of Churches here in America to make excuses for why we should all begin to accept homosexuality, same sex marriage and sin.

Now, the last and only choice left for any Church that desires to have the beautiful freedom to endorse ANY political candidate friendly to Christian values is to reorganize their incorporation to a more favorable Church Establishment Affidavit and Corporation Sole. The benefits are extreme compared to any other way a Church can organize itself…

Benefits Include: 

#1: The Sr. Pastor of the Church being able to freely endorse (for or against) any political candidate running for office and being able to instruct the Church congregation how to vote on election day.

#2: Being mandatorily exempted from filing ANY annual informational returns to the IRS – under USC 6033(a)(3)(c I-III) which define that Churches and the exclusively religious activities of any religious order (which in the Church Establishment Affidavit, the Corporation Sole is defined as the exclusively religious activities of the religious order within the Church which is the Corporation Sole itself). Click here to read an example from our own Church Establishment Affidavit.

#3: Free to totally oppose same sex marriage without the fear of retaliation under current gender discrimination laws.

#4: NO Church Boards OR By laws.


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Share this message, tell your Pastor to freely apply for our help below.

Any Church that does this will be one of the only few Churches in this nation that will enjoy true freedom…every other Church will continue to be shackled under the current law of 501c3.

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