Church Religious Freedom of Speech and The Corporation Sole


Dear person reading this,

I have served the Churches leadership here in America – the Pastors, Bishops and Overseers. To write this boldly is the distinct charge I have been given by the Lord. Years before there was a thought about “gender discrimination laws” or attacks on our collective Christian freedoms, I was sent by the Holy Spirit to our nations Churches to freely give them access to the benefits of the Corporation Sole. Literally traveling across the nation to give our Corporation Sole book away at no cost to those Churches that were willing to receive and still had faith….the Church here in America flatly rejected this blessing. When the Lord used me to openly prophecy to the Church and 10,000+ fellow Pastors in an email months before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage and they were told in advance they would do so…here is the proof (see prophecy #6)….the Church ignored every warning. Instead, what the leadership in the Body of Christ has done upon me, my family and the Church in general is unjust. They have taken from our something that was given to them in love and was of great value and were told that we only live by faith…they received this and gave in return so little that the Lord demands to call it unjust recompense!

When prophecies were given, the leadership flatly ignored them…choosing instead to believe in divination and false delusions. When spiritual instruction was given, it was ignored. When I told the Church leaders back in July that my family was homeless living in a tent and I asked for a donation, less than $150 was given – though I emailed this plea to thousands of Pastors I have faithfully served. When the IRS summoned our Church and demanded to know each tithing member and Church we minister to our Church refused and hid nothing of this from the public. Instead, when Christianity in this nation has been waiting decades to hear a Church stand up to the Federal Government, when it actually happened and the Lord used me to confront them and I recorded the entire exchange and made it available to everyone…no one cared. Person reading this, I am a reflection of the Body of Christ! Did the Lord hide that from you? When I went to Mississippi back on April the 28th, the Lord told me to go to a brother in the Lord named David and stay with him 7 days. The Lord acts as a witness when I write this and even David himself has recorded testimony about this on multiple occasions during both our testimony Tuesday calls and my daily prayer team calls. Before I stepped foot in his house, he called me over and said to me, “Joshua, before you stepped foot on this property, the Lord told me to give you my best red work truck. Here are the keys.” then three days later another man that came to David’s house (a man I have never met before) and he was prophesied too and was imparted with the Holy the end, that man blessed me with a brand new RV – an RV that the red truck can easily tow. Yet, without warning and without weeks of contact he shows up here in Montana and takes the truck that he gave to the Church back…as it is the only way we can haul the RV that my family is living in here on a neighbors empty lot. When the Lord cries out in regards to is utterly ignored. He gives me a word for you regarding me…Isaiah 50:4-11 this is the word that has been granted me by the Lord. Those who are led by the light of their own fires in this season will be led to lie down in torment. Like me, everything they have will be taken from them during this calamity. The Church here has given the last of its nothing away. Do you feel my heart when I write this? The Lord reveals to me that you can! This is what makes it exponentially worse! The very fact that the leadership in the Church COULD discern the truth, they discerned the heart, they saw the good fruit and the works of the spirit and even heard the testimonies but did NOTHING! What is the point of even holding a further Testimony Tuesday call when literally no one besides either my personal prayer team or those that have met me in person have any real supernatural testimony? Thousands of Pastors from around the nation are invited each week to share testimony regarding the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit…not to promote any one individual or anyones agenda…just to glorify Christ and increase the faith of many…week after week they are invited and many come to the call…yet none have any supernatural testimony to share. I have not condemned this nation…the Church has! It’s leadership has! If the Pastors and Overseers have allowed this to happen to me, then surely they have not heard a single warning from the Lord and they entertain nothing but delusions…even your local Churches and mega Churches. ALL OF THEM! Like blind guides, they sense the terror of the Lords prophesied calamity…but they do not know the ways to safety. They ignored my assignment when I left my home on April the 28th and travelled the nation.

Though our Church PayPal account has a negative account balance in it and I am STILL homeless as I sit here and write this message, The Lord will not dare to allow me to add even a single donation button to this letter so that it does not take away from the severity of this message.

Like when Jesus gave the parable of the ten virgins, he gave them a portion of oil. “The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’“

Therefore, ‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’



Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Acting Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center Church,



OUR CHURCHES MISSION: Here at, our Church is being led by the Holy Spirit to help set America’s Churches FREE from both 501c3 and highly restrictive, “Gender Discrimination Laws” and to raise up the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ. To raise up Christian Leaders that will boldly preach 100% Biblical Truth. No wavering. No fear of backlash, IRS codes, or threats from the government. Just Pure Unfiltered Holy Spirit Empowered God-given fortitude.

We accomplish this by freely helping fellow Christian leaders properly establish or financially reorganize their ministries with both a Church Establishment Affidavit and a Corporation Sole. With these two resources, a Church becomes lawfully immune to both 501c3 political restrictions and current gender identity laws. Click Here to DOWNLOAD our Corporation Sole Book called, “The Corporation Sole – Freeing America’s Pulpits from the Restrictive 501c3 Laws for Churches” This is the roadmap and ministry guide used for the preparation of ministers that will help us accomplish our goals. Make sure you read this and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: Take a look at the recent political effects of what happens when Christian Churches are barred from influencing public policy because of restrictive 501c3 laws:

Elections are coming in 2016 and they WILL have consequences if we do not mutually act together NOW. For every Christian leader we help FREE FROM 501c3, there will potentially be an average of 200 to 2,000+ congregation members that Christian leader ends up reaching on a weekly basis. That is ALLOT of registered voters that could impact the next important election.

By, The Empowerment Center and

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