Church Religious Freedom of Speech and The Corporation Sole

OUR MISSION: Here at, our Church is being led by the Holy Spirit to help set America’s Churches FREE from both 501c3 and highly restrictive, “Gender Discrimination Laws” and to raise up the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ. To raise up Christian Leaders that will boldly preach 100% Biblical Truth. No wavering. No fear of backlash, IRS codes, or threats from the government. Just Pure Unfiltered Holy Spirit Empowered God-given fortitude.

We accomplish this by freely helping fellow Christian leaders properly establish or financially reorganize their ministries with both a Church Establishment Affidavit and a Corporation Sole. With these two resources, a Church becomes lawfully immune to both 501c3 political restrictions and current gender identity laws. Click Here to DOWNLOAD our Corporation Sole Book called, “The Corporation Sole – Freeing America’s Pulpits from the Restrictive 501c3 Laws for Churches” This is the roadmap and ministry guide used for the preparation of ministers that will help us accomplish our goals. Make sure you read this and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: Take a look at the recent political effects of what happens when Christian Churches are barred from influencing public policy because of restrictive 501c3 laws:

Elections are coming in 2016 and they WILL have consequences if we do not mutually act together NOW. For every Christian leader we help FREE FROM 501c3, there will potentially be an average of 200 to 2,000+ congregation members that Christian leader ends up reaching on a weekly basis. That is ALLOT of registered voters that could impact the next important election.

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Joshua and his wife Mandy have been in ministry for 13 years. Years ago they both founded The Empowerment Center Church here in Sun River, Oregon with the vision of FREEING The Church from todays restrictive 501c3 laws and helping to RAISE UP the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ. As of 2014, Joshua has helped teach over 23,000+ Pastors, he has personally helped establish over 2,000+ Churches here in North America Free Themselves from 501c3 and he also enjoys the distinction of having written & published the first book in American history related to the Corporation Sole and modern day tax law. Joshua also enjoys being able to preach daily to The Empowerment Center's 35,000+ fans and listeners on Facebook. When he is not ministering to Pastors, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and his awesome three Children (Jacob Alexander, Justin David and Faith Victoria).
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